Thermostat is Broke!

My own personal thermostat . . not the one on the heater . . seems to be malfunctioning.  This morning when I got up, it was freezing in this house.  63 or 64 which is warmer than we normally keep it during the night.  I cranked it up in 2 degree increments as instructed by my heat pump guru.  It took from about 6:30 til after 11:30 to get the upstairs up to 70 degrees.  We never ever have our house at 70 degrees but it was there and I was still freezing.   I was shivering; teeth were chattering!  I had on a short sleeved T-shirt, a long sleeved T-shirt on top of that and a sweatshirt on top of that!  I had on flannel pajama bottoms with sweatpants on top of that.  Two pairs of socks.  I finally put on my wool mittens and went to bed with 5 quilts about noon.  Got up about 1 and took three aspirins; went back to bed and now I’m up and my teeth aren’t chattering but I’m still cold.  Just took my temp . . 101.7.  None of the suspect parts hurt . . throat isn’t sore, nose isn’t stuffy, head don’t hurt . . don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I don’t feel terribly yucky but I don’t feel terribly good either.  No sewing is happening today . . nor is there going to be any dinner on the table tonight.  If I lived in Louisiana near my family and friends, someone would bring me homemade potato soup . . because I feel good enough to call and ask someone to make it for me!  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be back to normal . . no fever and my high energy level but for today . . no energy at all!

I have to tell you this story.  It’s off color.  It’s bad even if I leave off the bad word but it’s funny.  And I’m sick and I could be a bit delirious because of the fever so you can’t hold it against me, ok?

If you don’t want to read an off color story . . leave the room now!  Go ahead . . close the door behind you and please, please don’t hold this againt me.  All this begging means I probably shouldn’t be telling this story.

This is my nephew, Craig.  Craig is maybe 26 or 27 now.  Craig lived with my parents for a while.  My parents live in a very decent neighborhood.  It’s the same neighborhood where we had our purple house.  I still love that house, even though some goofball painted it blue!

I’m going to change all the names in this story except for Craig.  Poor Craig . . he’s family so he can’t stay mad at me long.

There was another family living in the subdivision.  I’ll call them the Streeters and they had a son about Craig’s age . . maybe 5 or 6 at the time.  We’ll call him Rick.  The Streeters were very, very religious people.  All of us (us, mom and dad and the Streeters, along with some others in the neighborhood) went to the same Baptist Church.  Some of us were average good but the Streeters were ultra good.  They were the kind of people who didn’t even think bad words.  They kinda whispered when they talked.  They weren’t fakes . . they really lived that kind of life.

There were several empty lots between mom and dad’s house and the closest house to them.  Everything has built up now but in that house that was their closest neighbor lived another family who had their grandson living with them.  These people were party animals!  They weren’t bad people (I don’t think!) but they lived a colorful life.  Their little grandson had seen more in his short years than had many adults my age.  We’ll call that little boy Mike.

The Streeters came down to mom and dad’s house one day and wanted to talk.  Craig wasn’t a bad kid but he wasn’t an angel either.  Rick was pretty darned angelic!  He had huge brown eyes, a little fat, round face . . a cute little naive 5 or 6 year old.  Here’s what I remember from the visit (I wasn’t there . . I was told).

Streeters:  We don’t mind if Rick plays here with Craig but if Mike comes over, Rick is to leave!  We’ve told him and he understands why and he will leave but we just wanted you to know.

Dad:  OK.

Streeters:  We’ve just heard so many things about Mike and we’re just shocked! We know what kind of people you are and we trust that Rick will not be exposed to anything detrimental while he’s here playing with Craig.  And, Craig is welcome to come to our house any time.

Dad:  Ok.

So, life goes on.  Rick and Craig play often.  If Mike comes over, Rick leaves.  Dad doesn’t get in the middle of that . . not his problem.

One day Craig and Rick are out riding their bikes.  Craig had a wreck.  Craig was very dramatic.  He was screaming and crying and oh, he was so hurt.  Dad went running out there.  Craig couldn’t even stop screaming long enough to tell Dad where he was hurt.

Dad:  Craig, you have to tell me where you’re hurt.

Rick:  Big, innocent brown eyes looking up at dad – He said he busted his p—-! (another name for cat!)

Rick was scared to death . . he thought Craig was really hurt and Rick wasn’t exactly sure what part that might have been but where ever it was, Craig’s was busted!

Craig was fine!  Not sure what happened after that.  Rick probably went home and explained verbatim to his parents what had happened to Craig.  They probably donated their home to charity, sent Rick off for intensive therapy and none of us ever saw them again!

Now, I’m going to take more aspirins and go back to bed and hope that by this time tomorrow, I still have a few blog readers! 🙂


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    Your story kind of sounds like the internet joke that is going around. A child did a drawing of his Mother. In the picture she is holding onto a pole that is sitting on a base. Then there are drawings of people all around her with dollar signs near them. Use your imagination here. Turns out the picture was nothing that it appeared to be. The Mom works at Home Depot and what she was standing on was the last shovel to be had. She had her hands around the pole attached to the handle. And the people with the money? They were customers who all wanted the last shovel in the store. Pretty cute, huh?

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    Cindy says

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day. Great story. Poor Craig. Great story.

    You’ve got a virus. I had it last week, except I had sinus trouble too. I can see why you didn’t suspect at first. It’s darn cold!

    The snow was pretty though, about 5. I’m glad Chad lives on campus and doesn’t have to drive to class.

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    Brenda B. says

    So sorry you’re not feeling good. I wish I would have read your blog before supper. We had left over potato soup. 🙁
    Vince said he was going to get you some soup, I figured you were wanting chicken noodle soup. Anyway here’s my potato cheese soup recipe – really easy: 3 Cups Raw diced potatoes, 1 1/2 C water, 1 1/2 C Milk, 3/4 c celery, 3/4 c carrots, 1 Tbsp minced onion, 1 tsp Parsley Flakes, Salt Pepper to taste. Cook till veggies are tender, then add 1 envelope of Cream of Chicken Soup (cup of soup) and 1/2# cheese. If you didn’t get any soup let me know and I’ll make up some more. Get some rest!

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    Evelyn says

    KC Quilter has a GREAT potatoe soup recipe somewhere on her blog that you make in the crock-pot. I made it last winter lots and it was yummy – sure to cure what ails you – remember, feed a cold.. starve a fever. I hope you feel better soon. About “church people” – I grew up without a TV. We never had a TV, but Mom would rent one for the winter Olympics or if one of us was very critically ill. When the school found out that we didn’t have a TV (because I couldn’t do 1/2 of the homework assignments) they offered to take up an offering for a TV for us. Mom was shocked. But anyway – the “church people” would give Mom a hard time because she would let me listen to anything I wanted to on the radio and go to concerts. They really gave her grief over that. (That would be members of our own church). Finally she started telling them that the day they got rid of their TV would be the day she would start thinking about my music choices. Funny thing – no one ever took her up on that offer! All I can think of to say to that is … Roll the Bones!!! (Rush). Cheers! Evelyn

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    I did not see anything off colour about your story!!! It was just plain funny and just like two kids would say/do!!!
    I am feeling off today to, but not like you are. Nothing really wrong but I just wish that truck that comes around would stop hitting me!!! Took me awhile, but I did sew!!
    You stay bundled up and don’t worry about your not sewing. Your body is letting you know, you need to rest – so grab someting hot to drink and put up those pretty feet (don’t you have some sponges you can play with???) and just baby yourself!!
    We will all be here waiting to cheer you on when we hear that motor humming and thread leaving the spool – we will know – JUDY’S BACK!!!

    Take care of yourself.

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    LOL cute story… Sorry about you being sick… tell that boy of yours to leave the germs at college when he comes home to visit. You don’t want no stinking germs!

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    ha ha…totally busted!! Kids will say the dardest things. When our oldest was about 3, we were driving home in St Louis traffic. As we merged onto Hwy 40 (horrible highway driven on by rude people) someone gave my DH the finger as he tried to merge into traffic. From the back seat came a small little voice saying, “Yea, blow it out your ass!”. Um….do you think she learned that at Casa De Montessori School??? LOL

    Our family passed that virus around a couple of weeks ago. Son had it for one day, DH had it for 4 days and I was down for 2 hours…..although we did have vomiting and other nasty things with it….

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    Sorry you’re not feeling well. The story was funny & I don’t mind off-color stories at all. Do people like the “Streeters” really exist?????????????? I just wonder how they survive in this world of ours……………….And now I’m hungry for potato soup 🙂

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    That is a cute story, lol…kids can come out with the funniest things sometimes. Sorry you are sick, but glad a couple of people posted about potato soup because I can’t remember how to make it. Hope your get up comes back tomorrow!

  10. 18


    No idea what potato soup is [ well I did want to buy a house with NO kitchen!] but do you think if I put a tin or packet of soup in the post it will help? OK it might take two weeks to get to you and have leaked a bit on the way but I guess you are about 3000+ miles away from me!
    Perhaps a better idea is to just wish you a speedy return to the sewing machine.

    Here in England a couple of days ago it was suppose to be the most depressing day of the year!

    Happy Room Diana

  11. 19


    Hope you are back to your own self soon Judy!

    Cute story. . . guess Rick picked up more than his momma & daddy realized, huh??!!

  12. 20


    Wish I was closer-Imake really good potato soup. It’s got a little kick to it too. Enough to make that virus go pffffftt fast. Your story is funny and I too wonder how people like the Streeters can exsist in our current world. They must spend all their time on their knees praying for the rest of us. Must miss a lot of fun that way.
    Rest up!

  13. 21


    Hi Judy. Hope you’re feeling better. Loved the story – have to share one of my own – I was driving kindergarten car pool one day (a hundred yrs ago). My son and a couple of his friends were in the back seat. They were talking about ‘bad words’. Can’t remember what precipitated that discussion but one of them said ‘shit’ is a bad word. One of the others said “no, shit, isn’t a bad word, vagina is a bad word”.
    It’s a wonder I didn’t have a wreck.
    Here in St. Louis we got the snow – about 10 inches in our back yard. We have a small maltese – Bob & I spent yesterday shoveling a path and clearing her favorite ‘potty’ spots. She’s still in bed this morning – putting off the inevitable as long as possible! Feel better soon