Sock Progress

This morning I was able to finish the brown/green socks.

Then I found this pair that was finished but only needed the thread ends woven in so I did that and have two pairs finished!  Well, I actually have quite a few pairs of knitted socks now but two finished as of this morning.

These are the remaining socks that need a 2nd one made.  Don’t ask me why I did ribbing all the way down the leg of those two middle socks.  I do not like doing ribbing!

The sapphire looking sock on the bottom left, I’m working on its mate now. Here’s a closer view of that one sock.

That yarn feels so good!  It’s Mountain Colors Bearfoot Yarn and it’s 60% Superwash Wool, 25% Mohair and 15% Nylon . . which explains why it feels so good! And, it’s a bit heavier than most of the yarns I knit with so I’m using 2.5 needles instead of the 2.0 needles that I normally use.  Love that yarn!  I’ve had that yarn for a while but if Simply Sock Yarn carried it, I’d definitely be ordering some more of it.

But for now . . I’m off to sew.


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    Wow! These are outstanding Judy! I’m so envious! I like to knit but I can’t control all those needles at once. I’m all thumbs!

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    I, as a rule, don’t wear socks (I used to have to wear them as a kid – exema – and they would make my feet hot and sweaty, so I just usually go sockless…. unless I am using them as slippers!! Or,it’s really cold outside and I can’t seem to get warm, I will wear them to bed!!
    You make beautiful socks!!!! this is a skill I have thought about learning, and I still might just find my knitting needles and give it a try. I inheritied my Grandmothers tools, crochet and knitting, so I am not in the need of the tools, just the know-how!!
    My DD want to learn to knit, and I have been seriously considering putting us both into the beginners class. After all these years, I belong there!! Great job on making the pair for those poor little singles!!! although, I still don’t see a reason why you can’t wear socks that don’t match!! 😉 !

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    Good job on the socks. I tried making a pair of socks last year… I think I need tutoring in sock making. I finally ripped it out and decided I’d make them when/if I find an instructor.

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    Cindy B says

    I think socks are my favorite item of clothing to wear. . I am taking a class to learn to knit but I’m have a terrible time getting the hang of it. I can crochet like a pro but knitting is getting the best of me.

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    Elaine says

    I too love the red, white and blue ones! You are on a roll now Judy, you should get caught up soon, and all of those socks will become pairs!


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    Wow, look at you go! I just love my knitted socks. I had a gal ask me if I would knit her a pair of wool socks in exchange for fabric and I said no. I only make them for myself. Just ask my 3 daughters and 3 oldest granddaughters!!!
    Now I want to get going on my next pair but not today, I have quilting to do!!!

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    Wow…all these knitted socks always impress me so much because that sort of knitting is one thing I don’t know how to do but would love to learn someday. My favorite of all your socks is that second pair.

    Keep in mind that if you don’t feel like making the mates to all those single socks, you could just wear them mix and match!

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    cutecute.. love the colors ! but Thats one hobby Gramma didint bless us with.

    thats ok.. roflflol Im still an addict of funky socks on the market .
    ~~ have fun ~~K

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    That is a skill I would like to have, but I have a tension problem. I don’t care much about anything else knitted, but I would love to make me some socks. Maybe I can find someone who can sit with me and help me with my tension issues.

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    Becky in GA says

    I sure do like those socks. Especially the RWB one! You amaze me with all your vast talents.

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    I was inspired by a previous post you had on your sock knitting to start my own. I finished my first pair and have started on my second pair. It is addicting. I was wondering, do you wear your socks with shoes? Do you wear them for everyday or on special occasions? I have not worn mine yet. Do you block your socks? I read in one of the books I got that they block their socks. I just love the colors of the socks you have made. I knitted two pairs at the same time on double point needles. I just had two sets of the same size needles and knitted on one sock to a certain point then switched to the other and worked on it until I reached the same point then I went back to the first sock and worked on it again. That way when I was finished with one sock then I only had a little bit to do on the matching sock to finish it. Fast and easy! Terry

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    Eve says

    Judy, I love your socks! Your inspiration on the socks bit me BIG TIME! I started with that shopping spree for yarn and needles the Saturday after Thanksgiving and now have 6 complete pairs of socks and two other pairs in the works. One of the ‘in the works’ pairs is on the circular needles. I love the thought that when I get to the end of them, both socks will be done. But one of the needles has those “loop-de-loops” in the cable that I can’t seem to get out of it. And having to hold the second needle cable to the first so it doesn’t strain/stretch where they meet makes my hands cramp. So all of the others have been done on DPNs. I handle those lots better.
    And I love the yarns you posted in the other post, too! YUMMY!!!
    Oh, and I recently hit a big sale on yarns at several branches of Big Lots. They had yarns for $1.00 a skein, and a few at $1.50 a skein. These weren’t sock yarns, but the “Boa”, “Fun Fur”, “Boucle”, Lion brand “Suede”, etc. type yarns, as well as some Cashmere blends. I’ll be making scarves, hats, fingerless gloves, etc. for family this year (and next, probably). Ended up w/ 153 skeins of yarn for $159.00. Such a steal!!
    I made one of the “Boa” scarves for my DD, just in time for her move to NYC for the next 3 months—she loves it!
    So, thank you again for the ‘inspiration’!! I don’t have the strength to handle several aspects of the quilting these days. But I can handle the knitting, and get stuff FINISHED, too, so that’s a BIG plus!!! ILY!!!! Eve

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    OK, I used to knit socks but the pattern I used before is long gone. I went out today and bought some sock yarn and really wanna start knitting. Do you use a pattern or just wing it? If you use a pattern can you please let me know where I might find it?? Thanks!