Sock Yarn

Stashbusting on the fabric side is going great but I can’t say the same for my sock yarn stash.  I’m not buying as much as I was but I’m still buying way more yarn than I’m using.  I guess it’s because I never seem to take the time to sit and knit, though I love to knit socks.  Guess I love to quilt and cook more!

This is some yarn that arrived yesterday from my favorite yarn shop, Simply Sock Yarn.  I had one more skein here that needed to be wound to a ball so I did that and now it’s all ready to knit.

But, I have to finish up some second socks because I tend to keep knitting one sock and not doing the other sock.  I believe I can finish a second sock (brown/green yarn) if I knit just a bit this morning.  Then I’ll tackle another pair (deep turquoise) that’s already started, then maybe another brownish tan pair, then maybe . . Oh, you know I’m going to start something new before I get all those second socks done!

Yesterday I woke up feeling pretty good but as the day went on, I felt worse.  I ended up in bed early and am really hoping I feel good all day today and can get some sewing done.


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    Vivian says

    I know some of the teens today wear mis-matched socks. So if you go with that idea, you won’t ever have to worry about finishing those second socks. A new trend?

    I hope you have a great day. I teach and was off yesterday so I got a new Christmas wall hanging pieced. Such joy to sit and sew and watch movies.

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    Evelyn says

    Nice yarn! I just finished my last skein of sock yarn!!! But I have yarn to make a sweater AND have a sweater on the needles, but only a few more inches left to go. So, I won’t be buying any sock yarn until those 2 projects are done. I usually buy yarn to make 2 pairs of socks at a time and limit myself to that – it works pretty good for me, except for times like these when I find out that there is no sock yarn in the house! LOL. Cheers! Evelyn

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    pdudgeon says

    those yarns look yummy! it’s amazing to see the difference between what the skeins look like and what the ball of yarn looks like.

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    pdudgeon says

    forgot to ask, have you knit any lime green sox yet?
    and yes like Babs says, take a day off and just knit and snuggle.

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    You should learn how to make socks two at the same time on either
    • two circular needles or
    • using the magic loop method.
    I am currently working on a barter of 3 pairs of socks in exchange for some yarden labor come springtime. I am knitting the socks using the magic loop method because I have been known to make the socks two different lengths. Ahem. Anyway, there is a video on youtube on Magic Loop in case you are interested.

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    Sheddy Reese says

    I love to knit socks too, but only one. I wear missmatched socks and pretend it makes me quirky. I think quirky is cool!

  7. 8


    Sorry you weren’t feeling well again and hoping that today you are all better and it STAYS that way. AND…if you find you end up with a lot of odd socks with no mate (since you didn’t MAKE the mate), I’ll take them off your hands. I don’t know how to make socks (hardly can knit…that’s why) and have been wanting hand-knit socks…so I’d be happy to wear them in unmatched pairs…really!!! LOL

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    CindyC says

    This may be dumb….I am not a sock knitter or knitter at all. If the socks are made left or right, are you making only left or right socks. Maybe one way is easier for you to work with??? If anything maybe this dumb thought made you laugh.

  9. 10


    Is the skein on the front right the James Danger colorway from the 3 month sock club? I’m knitting that one up now and it makes some beautiful stripes!

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    Marilyn says


    Hope that your feeling better , could be that one of your feet caught cold from
    not having a sock.


  11. 12


    Feel better soon, Judy! That’s a great (and scary) sock link: like you I have a big collection of sock yarn and several single socks…… This site sure has some beautiful colors; I can see why you succumb to the temptation.

  12. 13


    Hope that you are feeling better! Some type of viral crud is making its way around here. I felt so bad Monday that I stayed home from work on Tuesday. I slept most of the morning and just read the rest of the afternoon. Hot soup, my favorite quilt and my favorite dachshund helped.

    Love your socks! I really must take a sock-making class. I love socks!

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    carol fun says

    I hope you are feeling better. You are killing me with all that gorgeous sock yarn. I have quite a stash myself and some how starting a new skein is so much more fun than finishing the second sock, isn’t it? I think I’ll jump over and check out the new sock yarn at Simply Socks —