Queen of Procrastination

How long can it take to make one simple quilt top?  Maybe a month?

How many times can one say “I should finish this top today?”  Maybe 20 times?

This design was shared here on January 17.

The blocks were done on January 26.

It isn’t like I’ve been sewing on anything else . . I have NOT!  This top should have taken me a week at most to get done.  Dare I say that I might finish the top today?  Tomorrow?  Next week?   That’s no way to bust a stash, is it?


  1. 1

    Hazel says

    I love the quilt!! You will get it finished. Did you decide not to continue with The Meal Plan? Just wondering.

  2. 2


    Judy, you need to cut yourself some slack! You are the most productive quilter I know…sometimes it’s okay to take a few weeks (or years!) to make a quilt! BTW…I loved the Gallagher story!

  3. 3


    Well this is an awesome quilt, I can’t wait to see it finished. But heck you’ve been sick, give yourself a break! What’s the hurry anyway? Take some time to smell the roses 🙂

  4. 4


    No, I wear that crown! I have the boys coming Friday and need to clean…but first I want to at least finish the Kaleidoscope blocks before taking down the design wall. So what am I doing on the computer again? I just can’t get motivated today.

  5. 6


    Judy, I’ve got you beat hands down on procrastination.

    I have a wall hanging that has been basted for machine quilting for 3 1/2 years (or is it 4 1/2) and it still doesn’t have a stitch of quilting. I started piecing it in 1994, I think. The wall in computer room is still waiting for that wall hanging.

    There was the attic windows baby quilt that I started for one baby in 2004 and finished for another in 2008. I’m stopping. Better go check my dinner and drain the pasta.

  6. 7


    You don’t even begin to know what procrastination is, much less be queen of it. Pshaw. Less than a month? A drop in the bucket.

    Procrastination is when you’ve lived in one state for 5 years and don’t have a driver’s license yet.

    Procrastination is when you are 3 years behind in taxes.

    Shall I go on?

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    I love that quilt. I hope procrastination isn’t catchy!! I have to finish quilting a table runner, bind it and put a sleeve on 5 other quilts. Plus I volunteered to make 2 quilts for our cub scout leaders by the 22nd of the month. I got the boys blocks tonight.

  8. 9

    pdudgeon says

    if i recall last time we saw this quilt you were thinking of changing one of the red borders for another color.
    So it’s not like you were procrastinating, but that you were busy making a design decision!

  9. 10

    Dee in NE says

    Judy, your Bear Paw with the stripes is great! I had reconstructive foot surgery in early Jan. and am recliner bound with my toes as high as my nose. Non-weight bearing cast for 6 weeks. My DD hooked up a lap top for me and if it weren’t for places like your’s to venture on the internet I’d be stir crazy by now! Just yesterday a friend was here and she brought out a stack of stash from my sewing room for me to oogle since I can’t do anything but hand work and among it was a “why did I buy that” stripe that is sort of in the darker Amish colors. Oh, man when I can get to my cutting table and back to sewing for real I can see that Bear Paw in the making! Right now all I do is read, I’m on my 14th novel since coming home from the hospital Jan. 10, after 10 days there. I’ve also made several hand embroidery blocks, but how I want to get back to the machine!!

  10. 11


    I love the stripe with the scrappy yellows and jewel tones. It would look great in my house! I’ll have to see what I can do with the stripes in my stash.