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I should have put this in the first post today but why say everything in one post when I can drag it out over the whole day, right?

One night I was playing around on Quilting Gallery, looking at quilters in my neighborhood, that being Kansas, Arkansas, and, of course, Missouri.  I came across a blog for a lady who is also a longarm quilter and she lives about 20  miles from me.  I wrote her and said “Did you know you’re my neighbor?”  She wrote me back and said “Yes, I did know.  In fact, I saw your son at McDonald’s in El Dorado Springs one day but figured he would think I was goofy if I said something to him.”  Isn’t that funny . . she recognized Chad from my blog!  Well, I thought it was kinda funny! 🙂

But, you really never know who’s out there.  Don’t think too hard about that . . there are bad people but mostly there are good people – quilters, knitters, people who like to do the things you like to day and they’re very easy to local through Quilting Gallery.


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    I’m always a little freaked out when someone recognizes me – not that it happens all the time but it’s weird when it does. Someone wrote and told me that my Mom looked familiar from the photo I posted the other day. Turns out she lives in the same city as Mom and while she doesn’t know her, has probably seen her at the LQS.

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    I’ve met several quilters through my blog, and a couple more later this month. It is wonderful to be able to connect with people all over the world this way! I’m sure there might be some psycho-quilters out there, but I bet they’re few and far between… give a yell if you come to Northern California!