Any interest in a Quilt-Along?  I was thinking if there’s enough interest, it would work something like this:

  1. I’d show you the quilt you’ll be making and you can then decide if you want to play along.
  2. Fabric suggestions/yardage requirements will be given.  At this point, I’ll take sign ups for anyone wanting to do it.  If you commit and can’t continue, no problem . . don’t feel pressured.  Quilting is supposed to be fun, remember?  Any quilts done with this project will be designed to be made from the stash, unless your stash is very small.
  3. I’ll email the first set of instructions to you and give you a deadline . . plenty of time  . . like a week or 10 days.  On or before the deadline, you send me back a photo of your completed task or post it on your blog and give me a link to your blog.
  4. The next set of instructions will be emailed only to those who have completed the previous instructions.

If you’re interested in this project, send me an email at [email protected]


  1. 10

    Stephanie says

    I’ll play along, I love your designs but I couldn’t do the last one. Thanks in advance for your time.

  2. 11


    I’ll play! I need a new project or 2, but please for my sanity-can it be a kinda little quilt? As in maybe twin? I’ve been quilting some monsters and I really need some little ones for a break. Thanks for everyting!

  3. 14


    I just emailed you! I’d love to try this if it’s not too difficult of a pattern. Like several others who have commented, I’m pretty much a beginner. Thanks for doing this! :0)

  4. 17


    I’m used to seeing the QFAH projects first, I’m not sure how this works…do I sign up first and then see the quilt??

  5. 18


    I’d like to play. Is this a long-ish project or quick? I’ll be gone the month of March. I’d still want the directions, though, so I could continue when I get back.

  6. 20


    Judy, I’m a MAYBE on this. It depends on the quilt and my mood 🙂 Knowing the sizes of the quilts you usually make, I’ll probably do it a bit smaller, more baby size than your almost a twin sizes.