Quilting Gallery

Are you familiar with the Quilting Gallery?  There’s a button for them down over on my right side bar.  It’s a real fun place to visit!  Quilt shops are listed by state, as are bloggers.  I often check there to see what the bloggers in my neighborhood are doing.

Michele, the chief quilter over at the Quilting Gallery, asked me to be one of the guest bloggers for  Guest Blogger Month.  Since I love to talk (bet you hadn’t noticed!), I was thrilled and I think my blurb will show up next week.  Anyway, check it out.  You’ll get to know some quilters you may not know and get to know more about some of the quilters you’re more familiar with.

Thanks Michele for hosting the Quilting Gallery and for inviting me to be a guest blogger.


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    How great for you to be asked to do that!!! I went to look at that site and did a search for bloggers in my little state of Delaware. Imagine my surprise when the first one listed in my state was ME…….LOL I guess I must have registered with them and forgotten about it. How silly I am!!! I will be looking for your post there when it appears.

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    Yes, it is a really cool site. I go there and read quilting blogs all over the world. Very neat to see what others are doing. I’m looking forward to reading what you wrote for Quilting Gallery.

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    Congratulations Judy!!!!!! I look forward to seeing your guest spot…………it this one of your secrets your keeping from us????

    Karen L

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    Hey Judy,

    Thanks for posting about this … and to everyone for visiting my site. I’m happy to see all the new traffic this morning. 🙂

    Judy’s post is scheduled for February 10th. I’ve been thrilled with the guest blogger posts. It’s been wonderful to read about quilters from all over the world. We really are a very special group of creative people.


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    I love that site! I go over there often and just click away to see what everyone is working on. It gives me inspiration.
    Can’t wait to see your guest post!!

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    Judy, you wrote an awesome entry on quilting blogger by the way – I read it the first time when it came out and apparently I forgot to mention it here. Again tonight while searching for the longarm dealer post.. I scanned past it again and reread it 😉

    I just wnated to say, I love your writing style 😉 thanks for being you!

    now better get back to lookin for that post …. thankfully you have lots of Mr. Linky’s along the way – it reminds me to whipe the drool from my mouth as it is watering a lot as I revisit the food photos 🙂 LOL

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie