About the Quilt-Along

You’ve overwhelmed me with emails.  I tried to respond to all of you but there were several hundred last time I checked and I cannot respond to you all individually.  I hope you understand.

I’ve made a page with information that might help answer questions.  It’s listed over in the right hand section under “Things You Might Like” or you can get to it here.

I do not make hard quilts!  The first quilt we will do will have half square triangles!  I will share tips with you along the way.  If anyone needs help, I’ll be happy to help you.  At some point, not for the first or probably the second quilt, we may use the Tri-Recs rulers because I love them and love their results.  But for now, if you can do a half square triangle and a 1/4″ seam, you should be able to make a perfect quilt!

You will always see the quilt and know the size before we start anything.  Unlike Quilt for an Hour projects, you will not get instructions for cutting everything at once.  That way, if you drop out, you haven’t chopped up a bunch of good fabric.  These are really going to be written for using the stash, though you can buy new fabric if you’d like or if you need to do so.

In conjunction with my guest blogger appearance at Quilting Gallery, the quilt and other information about the quilt will be shown here on Tuesday, February 10.


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    Sounds like even if only 10% of the people actually make the quilt, you’ll have a nice variety to look at. I’m thrilled that the response has been overwhelming. 🙂

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    Susan says

    Great – thanks so much for the page update! Can’t wait to start! I didn’t get a personal email but I certainly understand.

    I’m excited – when do we start?

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    Oh cool, I like the idea of getting the cutting directions alittle at a time. Sometimes with my health I just can’t finish a whole quilt and with my little stash, I hate wasting fabric. Thanks for offering to do this for us.

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    Nancy Sieck says

    Judy –
    I want to sign up for your farmhouse “Quilt Along”, but I haven’t set up the Micrsoft email particulars, and will have to do some fiddling with my computer to accomplish the set up. I love the idea of doing the same quilt as other folks, and working from my fabric stash (waaaayyy too large – I found that out when I moved to Oregon… fabric boxes are heavy!) .