Stripes and Checks

Did your mom ever tell you that stripes and checks don’t go together?  I think that’s what my mom said . . or maybe she told me purple and green don’t go together?  I can’t remember.  Mom is probably reading this and thinking . . I never knew she listened to anything I said! See, parents?  You never know when your little angels are listening to you!

So I heard but it didn’t soak in.  Yes, my mother is saying to herself . . nothing soaked into that hard head!

Would you have thought of putting these two fabrics together?

Yep, it’s a stripe and a check!  These two have been aging in my stash for some time (I do not know how long!).  I wanted a red border for the striped bear paw, and as I was digging through the reds, this check jumped out at me.  Mom, please forgive me for using stripes and a check together.  Maybe I’ll make you another pair of socks to make it up to you.

I have no idea why I bought either piece of fabric but they are perfect together . . at least in my eyes!  Start looking through your stash for something that you bought or somehow acquired and just can’t figure out what to do with it.  It’s been fun to use these two fabrics but when I finish this top, I’ll have no more of the red check.  That makes me sad but I can’t use the stash and keep it too . . or at least I haven’t figured out how to do that!


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    Yep I would have done it… I especially love using a stripe in a border and it can sometimes really make the inside of the quilt go from so-so to WOW. I found that a lot of quilters tend to shy away from stripes all together and that is sad because they can be fun… and not just in novelty quilts – they can work quite nicely with lots of different fabric print styles. Oooo and then there is using a strip with a bias binding – nice, very nice!
    I don’t worry about the print… if the colors go together anything can be a possible player.

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    Donna (in MI) says

    Looks good to me. I put lots of fabrics together that I wouldn’t (necessarily!) wear.

    My mom told me that pink and red didn’t go together. Though she also told us that my dad’s favorite ice cream was strawberry. After he died, I realized that it was HER favorite ice cream. LOL.

    Using my smoker today for the first time in a long time. The temperature should be in the 30’s. A heat wave!

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    I think when I first started to quilt, that was one of the hardest things for me….to make myself put fabrics together that in MY head (from years of old-school) didn’t GO together. What fun to be able to do that, though….and to see how well it actually works.

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    I love these fabrics together. I love prints, though and very rarely use solids…there are just too many nice prints to use! Your mom just didn’t want you to embarrass her by wearing striped pants and a plaid shirt! lol

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    Blue and green should never be seen except in the washing machine, was what my Grandmother always said – yet there are some blues that go well with green – I’m wearing blue jeans and a heather green knit sweater today and they look fine. And, she also said stripes and checks should never be seen either – but you know what I’ve also seen that done nicely too and I like your combination!! Have fun with it – it’s the 21st century and all the rules have been thrown to the wind (in quilting anyway!!).

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    I think they look pretty together and often you just have to go for it!! The colours and not the pattern has to decide. You wanted a red fabric for the border, you got it!
    Happy Thoughts

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    The red check and the stripe fabric look great together. I’m a “collector” of stripes and border prints but I don’t have any checks or plaids in my stash, yet. ;>)

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    I would have put them together! They look great! I love stripes, plaids, and checks! I think that they add some interest and whimsy to quilts.

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    I’d have had no problem putting them together either; your decision makes perfect sense.

    Guess none of us listened very well to our mothers, huh??!! he he he

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    Concerning our Mothers…..we always listened……….we just didn’t always agree with what we were listening to. Anyway, as some else said, there are no rules…..and if there were rules, we quilters are aloud to break them.

    I think years back there was a song on Disney Channel (boy I’m so glad I don’t have to listen to that channel anymore)………….Polka dot, checks and stripes are the fashion……polka dot, checks and stripes!!! Yikes!!!

    Anyway, I think your stripes and checks will look very nice witht he other plaids you have in the rest ofthe quilt.

    Karen L

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    I’m with you! The combination of those two fabrics is perfect. Your mom was talking about wearing stripes and checks together, I’m sure. I’m with Donna…I wouldn’t necessarily wear some of the combinations I make into quilts. Your fabric is great.

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    Linda H says

    Oh, yeahhh, those are good together! When I began quilting, all my old rules about what goes together went out the window. I have a whole new perspective on color/texture/print etc. It has even affected somewhat my clothing choices. –But then, of course, my age has affected that, too. hee-hee –one advantage of aging!

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    Billie says

    They look great, but noooo I wouldn’t have put them together until I started quilting. Now anything goes almost…..grin.

    ………cause Momma said.


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    Nan says

    Last summer my DD was teaching in China and she brought me some “interesting” striped fabric. I had no idea what to do with it, but it will be perfect in Bears in the Farmhouse… My mom would never let me wear red and pink together – to this day I “dont do pink”, even though I love it!