He’s Off Again

Weekends go much too quickly . . sometimes!  I always said weekends were too short when I had a real 9 – 5 job and Vince continues to say it but I’d kinda forgotten since I haven’t worked at a real job in 12 years.  But, with Chad coming home on Friday, and leaving on Sunday, weekends are quick . . unless Chad bought himself a turkey call.  Oh, my!  From Friday night til the time he left this afternoon, if he was home, he had that turkey call in his mouth . . whether it was when he got up at 6 a.m. to go to work or whether it was when he came in about 1 a.m. on Saturday night.  He also bought a video on how to use it and what’s he to do but walk through the house, or stretch out in the bath tub or lay in bed practicing his turkey call.  I tried to be sure he took it with him back to the dorm but he thought that would be rude.  What about me, kiddo?

Last night I went to bed about 11:00, went right to sleep.  Then Chad called at 12:33 a.m. to tell me it was going to be another 15 minutes before he got home.  Don’t ask why he bothered to call since I thought he was coming home at midnight anyway and he didn’t quite make it.  Almost went back to sleep when he called about 12:50 to tell me it was going to be another 10 minutes before he got home.  Then he called at 1:00 to tell me he was home.  I’m not complaining because I always ask him to call me and let me know the garage door is down and the lights in the garage are off . . otherwise, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and go check on the garage door.  The lights . . that doesn’t bother me but if Vince gets up in the morning and the garage lights are on, you’d think someone had just bankrupted us!

Between the turkey call and late night phone calls, I’m not going to say I was ready for him to leave but there were no tears this afternoon.  Of course, the night isn’t over yet! 🙂


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    I forgot the basic rule of reading one of your posts about Chad and/or Vince – don’t do it when you are taking a drink of anything…. in this case, I almost had my laptop covered in some nice Shiraz when I saw the big turkey coming up on the screen….

    turkey calls – well, at least he is learning how to find one of those things… I hope he doesn’t expect you to clean and cook it when he finally gets one!!!

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    pdudgeon says

    tell Chad that if he’s going to use it in the house he should at least open the freezer before letting loose with that thing.
    that’s the only place he’ll find a turkey that’s gonna respond to his calls indoors.

    (just think of it as him leaving you more momentos of his childhood)

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    Aw, where was Chad today when we were driving? If I had seen this post before I left I would have taken a picture—a whole flock of turkeys were on the road down in the Missouri River hills, and we almost had to come to a complete stop to avoid hitting them. Several toms with long beards.

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    That’s funny! Hubby has a turkey call right beside his chair–not the mouth kind, I don’t know what it is–but every once in a while I hear turkeys! The grands love to play with it. The dog goes nuts. How did Mr Speck do with the horrendous noise?

    I love that he calls you.

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    So there is hope at my house…Daughter V has been coming up with all sorts of excuses why she was late…we also have the “call mom” rule…I would just love one night of continuous sleep!

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    I think I would find a tent to put up in the back yard for Chad when he wants to call turkeys, lol. I also think he is playing tricks on you for the fun of it, lol, and because he loves you and he knows you love him too, regardless of how many times he calls you in 15 minutes or how many turkeys he calls in 24 hours. You should buy one of those and learn to answer his, that would give him something to think about, lol.

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    Oh does this bring back memories – the turkey calling. Only with me it was my husband – in the bathtub, in bed, in the yard – even in the car. He has a entire collection of turkey calls and when turkey season approached he brought them all out and started ‘practicing’. There were even turkey calling contests that he attended. Fortunately for me in no longer feels the need to practice!

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    This weekend my DH was looking for his “varmint” tape. It has a rabbit in distress recorded on it (I think, and it is awful to listen to). Couldn’t find it. Years ago he used to go varmint hunting. I went with him once (I think). I was pretty much a sissy (cold and late). You go late at night when the varmints are awake (and when we’re supposed to be asleep) use a spotlight and play the tape. And pray you don’t call up any big (cougar, not likely but could) varmint but DH would’ve been thrilled at that time if he had. He hunted turkeys too and had a call for them. If Chad gets one–it’s not like a store-bought turkey. They are much tougher. DH skin it then he would cut the breast (tender) out and we would slice and chicken fry it. There are any number of ways to cook it. With the legs and rest I stewed them because they are tough.

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    The turkey calls, several calls in the middle of the night……..that boy wants his curfew lifted………probably thinking is he drives you crazy you’ll cave in. If he leaves the turkey caller home, you could always put it in one of those boxes in the garage and he’ll never find it.

    And……….when are you going to get your own checking account for your own fabric and yarn purchases. Sometimes what the other half doesn’t know is a good thing.

    Karen L