Week 6, 2009 – Stash Report

Nothing added, even though I made a trip to the quilt shop with a friend.  19 yards used.  I think next week I’ll break the 100 yard mark

How’s everyone doing?  Is it hard?  Do you find it rewarding to work from the stash or is it torture?  I’ve been to a few online shops lately and it is so easy to fill a shopping cart but then I remember that the eyes of my blog readers are watching and I tuck my tail and walk away empty handed.  I find it pretty rewarding to continue to be able to make tops without adding fabric.  Here’s a confession . . sometime probably in November, I was at the local shop and a gorgeous lime green just jumped out at me.  It was Patrick Lose marble and I love the feel and texture and everything else about that fabric.  I bought some . . 3 or 5 yards.  Don’t worry, I reported it.  But . . guess where it is!  Still in my car in the bag.  Today I’m going to bring it in and wash it because I think it has a place in an upcoming project.  Just goes to show you how little I need fabric if a lime green has been aging in my car for 3 or 4 months.  The real problem is . . there are other things aging in the car . . french fries, Dr. Pepper cans, water bottles.  See why I never drive the nicer vehicle! 🙂

Please share your stash reports with us.


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    The report is up – in answer to your questions…

    Stashbusting has not been hard and it is rewarding to go to the stash and think about what I can do, instead of just heading over to the store and buying more.

    Cleaning up the stash areas and my quilting room has been useful in evaluating what I have. I realize that I can do a whole bunch of quilts without going to the store. But, I still go and look and I do buy… just not as much.

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    You know what my favorite part of this StashBusting is?? I am finding things I forgot I even had!! I want to know how much fabric I have, so I am counting it – and in the sorting and pulling things out, I am realizing that I have more fabrics that I can do things with than I thought!! Somehow, other fabrics have covered these ones, and without my pulling them out to see how much is there, I wouldn’t have found them!!!
    And, it’s exciting!! Go and reorganize your stash and see if you have hidden treasures too!!

    And JUDY!!!!!! You left your fabric in the car!?! lol!!! I know you don’t have to hide it, so why would you just leave it out there in the cold!!! Now, you had better wash up that poor helpless lime green fabric and quickly get it into a nice warm snuggly quilt!! 😉 And have yourself a great Sunday!! I am looking forward to the Quiltathon!! Yup, I want to play along!!!

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    Denise says

    Judy I’m sure I saw on my calendar that yesterday was Stash Enhancement Day! LOL I had to shop and that’s all there was to it and I don’t feel the least bit guilty. 🙂 I had to spend a little of that tax refund to bolster the economy and my LQS. But I did maintain a little control, the fabrics I bought were for a specific charity project (and some extra muslin which is always needed in the stash) so they won’t dwindle long in the stash since I’ll be working with them today. 🙂

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    That lime green might be aged to perfection by now! ROFLOL. Wait, I can’t laugh. When I traded in my BMW, the trunk was packed with bags of fabric! And I hear you on that empty-handed tail tuck. I’ve done that a couple of times this year!

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    The stash busting is still going strong. There are some weeks, however, when nothing is getting finished so technically nothing is busted. It’s nice to get around to using some of my old favourites, though.

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    Yes the stashbusting is good……for me, I’m shopping the stash first, instead of just assuming that I don’t have the fabric I need. And I have gotten all my fabric in one area (yes several of those boxes I hadn’t unpacked after my move 3 years ago were fabric) which I thinks aids in shopping the stash first.

    Karen L

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    I find it very rewarding using up my stash, and like Brenda, I’m having a great time discovering fabric I had forgotten about. There is no LQS in this area, and I don’t even look at fabric websites or eBay anymore so I won’t be tempted. We are planning a trip later in the year to a major city with a famous quilt shop, so I’m saving all my money for that. Then I’m going to have some REAL fun!!! 😀

    Here’s my Stash Report

    Take care,
    Dianne B. in England

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    Report is posted. I love the fact that I am keeping track of my stashbusting efforts. It adds to the feeling of accomplishment when I really know how much of my stash I am using. And it gives me the push I need to finish some of my UFO’s too.

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    The biggest thing that this program has done for me is I think long and hard before I purchase anything now. I am not busting as much of my stash I thought/hoped, but at least I am not adding to it at the rate I was prior to joining! I would never have dreamt that I would attend a 4 day Quilting Retreat and return home with money – let alone only 8 purchased! I am so pleased with myself!

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    I was ready with my report early……I wanted to be first to post and Judy wasn’t ready before I had to leave this morning. Maybe next week. This is fun keeping track of what is used.

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    I haven’t done a whole lot of busting yet… but I hope to work towards a ‘strip club’ at the shop starting in early summer. The nice thing about scrappy is that I can use my stash and not worry about using shop fabric for the samples. I suppose if I quilted more tops then I’d be racking up better yardage totals… but it is what it is… LOL

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    Way to go Judy…..almost 100 yards!!! So far busting has been easier than last year, but quilt shows are coming soon. Plus once the weather is nicer I won’t mind driving around more. But I think I will do better this year than last in the “buying” department. Normally I worry about my pulling fabrics, but I’m doing better so that will help use up stash. Now to find more hours in the day so I can actually sew without hubby getting miffed that I’m spending too much time in the sewing room.

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    Well Judy, you’re burning up the spread sheet with your totals. But how could you leave some LIME GREEN in your car? ROFL My husband brought a package in yesterday, but all it had in it was a package of rotary blades! I have been sewing, and soon will have some finishes.

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    Stashbusting is going great!! I have been careful in my purchases and it fits my goals, budget and space nicely. I still have purchased some but unless it is really something I NEED, I don’t buy it. The projects are slow and steady for me but coming along.

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    Thanks for being an inspiration. In response to your question, it is getting easier in that I love having a place to report my progress, but still hard when I see something I just have to have! I only broke down though for the Brown Bear fabric. Susan V. (A Quilted Pear)

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    When my cutter arrived on Monday, I cut into 3 pieces of fabric that had been in my stash for a long time and made a small quilt from the pieces I’d cut and then I started the Kaleidoscope so I could play with cutting that one out … again from fat quarters that I’d had for years. I always feel great when I’m using fabric from my stash!

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    I find thinking of the ‘eyes of bloggers’ seeing what I buy sure makes me pause and decide that it is worth it to check and see if what I have will work first. The binding on my latest quilt was almost a new purchase but I decided it was good enough and before I finished sewing it on I loved the 2 different checks together; the back is a black and red flannel and the binding is a different red cut on the bias.

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    At last I had a decent Stash Busting report to share this week. I would love to purchase some new fabric, but with a retirement budget I am learning to shop in my own stash.

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    gardenpat says

    This week I stashbusted 18.25 yards bringing my year to date total to 48.75 yards out with no purchases of more fabric yet in 2009!! I’m happy!!

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    I didn’t get to sew on one blame thing this week.
    But … next week will be a different story. I’ll make up for this past week.
    Ya’ll are doing just great with this challenge. Such wonderful motivation. I will try and check out other blogs this week from those I did last week to snope around and see what everyone is up to.

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    Susan ~ Patchkat says

    Nothing Earth shattering to report.

    I’m slowly working on my Civil War stash. I figured a little over 1/2 yd for the paper pieced blocks (yep, probably lots of waste, but I’m crumb piecing the scraps).

    Not only that, but I emptied out 3 large skeins of yarn to a co-worker.

  22. 25

    Susan ~ Patchkat says

    another 6 yds out of the stash!

    Year to date purchases – 0
    Year to date yardage used – 11.50

    and 7 skeins of yarn!