Things like this appear in my inbox!  Those certainly aren’t the only tempting emails I receive daily.  Is it hopeless?  Am I destined to continue adding to the fabric and yarn stashes?  Believe it or not, I’ve stood strong and have not bought any fabric.  I even went to the quilt shop here in town with a friend last week.  I only did it because she begged.  And, being the nice girl that I am, I didn’t want her to have to go to the shop alone.  I’m so nice (and maybe a bit of a fibber!).  Nothing against the quilt shop here . . I like it a lot but I know that the voices of the fabric requesting to come home with me are stronger than the voices I hear telling me not to buy fabric!  (Stop worrying . . I don’t really hear voices . . unless I do buy fabric and Vince sees the credit card bill . . then I hear loud, grumpy voices . . or just one voice but that one is enough!)

When I let go and do buy fabric . . it isn’t going to be pretty!  I can feel it building within.

But the yarn voices were too strong.

Simply Sock Yarn has such good service.  I just love ordering yarn from them.   The second yarn from the right – that’s Seacoast Handpaint (50% merino wool/50% tencel) Black Hills Gold.  I’m going to make Spring Forward socks using this yarn . . as soon as I finish up one more sock!  Hope you noticed that self-discipline! 🙂

All wound into balls and ready to knit.


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    I know exactly where you are coming from – bought lots of fabric in the last two weeks (did I need it? Of course I did!). It’s on it’s way here – will take pics – it’s all beautiful! Love the sock yarn! Can’t wait to see the socks!

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    Marilyn says

    You are too funny ! That is really a good excuse to buy (because they have
    such good service) I will have to remember that one. The yarn looks so pretty.
    I sure wish that I knew how to knit.

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    Rita Engard says

    Your sock yarn really is so pretty. I used to crochet a lot but I used the yarn as it came off the skein (well from the middle). I’ve seen a lot of sites where people are knitting socks and it seems that they always wind the yarn into balls before they use it. I am just curious why they don’t sell it already wound into balls if everyone does that before they start knitting the socks. Maybe it’s a difference between knitting and crocheting?
    You make me want to learn to knit socks but I fear I couldn’t cope with another stash monster of sock yarn.
    Rita E in AZ

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    becky rhodes says

    I agree about the socks.I’m not a knitter but you’re starting to get me interested in learning how to knit if I could do the socks. Would that be the wrong beginner project?

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    Ok, so I know why you roll your hanks of yarn into balls but I do not know how you get your balls of yarn to look so professionally rolled! Do you use some kind of core? What’s your secret? I really need to learn how to knit socks. I’m just a beginner knitter although I learned when I was in high school. Just only know the very basics though. Among other things I don’t buy bread or laundry soap any more because I make my own for soooo much cheaper (and better). I’d like to say the same about my socks!

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    Bobbie says

    I’m getting so close to try again on one of the 2 pairs of socks I have started-hit a place where I ended up in tears because I couldn’t figure out what in Gods name were they talking about-I used circular needles, but I’m going to try the double pointed needles this time and see if its way better. I’m knitting on a felted knit purse now, so when thats done-I’m good to go on the socks. Of course still quilting-got my Bear Paw all basted and statred the hand quilting-my 1st. big quilt to hand quilt. Hugs, Bobbie

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    Sometimes fabric talks to me too. Can I claim insanity when I give in & buy it?

    I really like that yarn on the left in the first picture. Could you knit me a pair of socks out of it?? Pretty please?? 😉

    When Vince growls over your fabric &/or yarn purchases just tell him he should be glad it keeps you out of bars & casinos. There you could really do some damage to the budget. (Especially if the casino has a bar too.)

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    Thanks, I think, for the online sock place link. Sounds dangerous! ;>) Love the pattern, too. Did you see the link to Bluemoon Fibers at the top? I LOVE their yarn. Your new stuff is terrific, especially that spring color. With tencel, they’ll probably wear well too, important after all that hard work!

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    I try to delete those emails without even opening them. I’m going to the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in Virginia at the end of the month and I will be stocking up on some fat quarters then so I’m determined NOT to buy fabric before then.

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    I am going to be good and avoid following that yarn link. I have done VERY well so far this year and haven’t bought any yarn as well as not buying any fabric. I don’t want to break my good behavior.
    I think when a friend encourages you to go to a quilt shop with her you should help her spend HER money. All the fun and none of the loud grumpy voice.