It’s Really Not Funny

. . but I’m laughing a whole lot!

The setup in this house . . well, you can see it here . . the fateful day Google took the picture of my house with the garbage can out front.

I’ve added names to the garage doors so you can see where we all park.  Vince parked his pickup behind the Honda.  I never quite figured that out because if we were ever going to use another vehicle, it was the Honda which meant the pickup had to be moved but if he parked it behind the Toyota, we were afraid Chad would hit the pickup as he was backing out.  I always thought the Toyota should have been parked where Chad’s car was parked, with the Honda in the middle and Chad park where the Honda is parked and Vince could park behind the Toyota since it never gets used.  But, when we first moved here we didn’t have the Toyota and Vince parked the pickup in the garage where the Toyota now resides.  Who would have thought having one vehicle more than you have garage space for could be such a problem?  Well, there is the downstairs garage but you know what it looks like!  You don’t know what it looks like?

Anyone see any room in there for parking a vehicle?  OK . . Back to the upstairs garage.  On Sunday night, the trash toter gets hauled around to the front.  For two years now, Vince has said “Chad is going to hit that trash can!  He backs up without paying any attention at all!”  Grumble, grumble, grumble!

With Chad gone, Vince has been parking his pickup in Chad’s spot in the garage.  This morning was the third Monday that Vince has been parking in the garage.  Guess who backed out, hit the trash can and ripped the mirror off his pickup this morning?  That means that two Mondays he made it out of the garage without hitting the trash can . . just two mornings!  It was really hard for me not to laugh . . only because Vince has been so sure Chad was going to hit the trash can and he never did.  Vince said “From now on, I’m parking the trash can on the grass!”  Great idea!

There’s good news though.  Vince took his pickup to the body shop this morning, the new mirror will be here and installed tomorrow and the body shop has had a part in for my car for months and I’ve just never gotten around to getting it back in there for them to work on it.  I still have a wind whistle after my accident in July and they’ll fix it this week too.  We’ll get both vehicles in to the body shop this week and get them fixed.  I never think about my wind noise til I’m on the highway . . which rarely happens since I mostly drive the Toyota when I’m traveling.  It will be nice to get the wind noise fixed on the Honda because I do love that car!


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    I look at your downstairs garage and think, “Rummage Sale……………..”. I probably shouldn’t though because I have a basement full of stuff and two garages with so much stuff you can hardly get the cars in. But all the stuff in the garages is my husbands “good junque” that must be kept at all costs. How many old non-working push lawn mowers does one man need? “Parts” he says. I don’t really have anything out there but my car. As for the basement, everything of mine I considered unneeded or unused was thrown out or sold or given away a year & a half ago. He lives in fear I’ll throw some of his precious “junque” away. I’ve actually seen him look in trash bags when I’ve been on a cleaning spree. If I happen to leave something out & he throws it away he pretends not to know anything about it. I suppose if war should break out all the guns & ammo might come in handy, but what are the chances?

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    Golly Judy, that must be a mansion you live in, upstairs and downstairs garages. LOL. Sorry to hear about Vince’s mishap. (snicker). I bet he hopes that Chad never hears about it.

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    Whew…once I got past trying to follow which car was behind which other one and why, the story WAS funny!!! (Actually, it was pretty funny when I was trying to follow the first part, too.)

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    We can relate to the trash can mishap at our house. Ours also gets placed at the end of the driveway on pick up day. And it has been backed into multiple times, most of them by my daughter. But, my husband refuses to place the can anywhere else on pick up day. Since it is on the opposite side of the driveway from where I park, I have decided not to worry about it. Sooner or later, one of them is bound to learn a lesson from this.Right?

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    I can relate to this backing up problem. I stopped by a friend’s house and parked my less than one month old Explorer in the driveway. I did not park close to the garage.

    Turns out that her husband, Scott, was going to a meeting, I told him I would move my car. He looked outside, said it was no problem that he could back around it. Since he was a sailor and had loads of experience backing up boats on trailers, I said ok.

    You guessed it, he rushed out and in about one minute, came back in with his head hanging down. He had backed into my new car. At least, he did pay for the repair, And now, I always park in the street or on Pat’s side of the driveway.

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Oh come on now Judy…didn’t the trash can jump out and hit Vince? That’s the story in our house. Everyone was always minding their own business when SUDDENLY….LOL. Does Chad still read your blog? At least no one was hurt.

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    I’m just impressed that you can park your vehicles in your garage! Ours are fated to remain outside (yes I know, trashy) but the garage houses 3 motorcycles, 1 ATV and a lawn mower :).

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    I’m…giggle….not….heehee…laughing….giggle…at….Vince….snortlaugh….I…am….hehehehe…laughing with him!

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    Evelyn says

    Oooh, a garage – true luxery! I think there are a FEW (very few) houses around here with garages. Not only that – because of water issues- most the houses don’t even have basements. Talk about being cheated out of space! We have an old wood shed that we keep the tractor in if that counts? My neighbor put a line of HUGE landscaping rocks along the property line – those things are a PAIN to remember to be looking for when backing up – I would rather hit a garbage can than one of those rocks! But – lucky for Chad that it was Vince that hit the can and not him!!! Cheers! Evelyn

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    Kelly E. says

    Oh this is hilarious!! Sorry for the expense of fixing it but hahahah I love it when men do something like this!!

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    Marla says

    That is funny! My beloved brother in law backed into my brand new car while it was sitting in his driveway. The trouble was that he did while leaving for work in the wee hours of the morning but did not call back to the house to tell me or my sister that it had happened as he did not want to wake us. Therefore, I found it when my sister and I were leaving later in the morning to go antique shopping and was horrified. Boy, did my sister rip him a new one, poor man!