Everything Under the Kitchen Sink

Someone (and it wasn’t me and it wasn’t Chad) put unpopped popcorn kernels down the garbage disposal yesterday.  He didn’t mean to do it . . let’s just say yesterday wasn’t a good day for Vince!  During the night, those popcorn kernels soaked up all the water that was down in those little curves of the drain pipes and they blocked everything!  It was gross! Vince took everything apart and all is well now.

But, why was there so much junk under my kitchen sink?

The really funny (or sad) thing is this:  See those two boxes of Glad Small Kitchen Trash Bags?  One of them has a coupon.  The coupon expired in 1993.  That was 15 years ago!

If these garbage bags were mine before our marriage in 1997, which I doubt, they have lived in Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky and now Missouri.  They have lived in 9 different houses.

If they were Vince’s before we got married, which I suspect they were, they’ve lived in Georgia, Mississippi, Kentucky and Missouri and they’ve lived in 5 different houses.

Do you think most garbage bags are so well traveled?


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    I will deny it if you tell anyone I said this, but when I moved this past October my under sink cabinet looked the same way. I had stuff I forgot I owned! I am such a keeper; as in I keep everything! LOL

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    LOL, poor Vince…not really. When men do these lame-o things, they have already left the scene of the crime. Aren’t you glad that HE had to clean up his mess?

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    Toni says

    Still laughing!! Ok, here’s what you do. Go to the dollar store and buy two cat litter boxes. They are the perfect size to go through the doors under the sink and you can slide them out when needed. I have used them for this purpose for years. I also use the small size bags in the shredder trash can.

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    hmmm, I like that kitty litter box idea…… I might have to see if that will work in my house!! And I love that you have coupons that old!! I wounder if they would realize they were that old if you tried to use ’em??? lol!! BUT!! since the last two boxes someone bought lasted 15 yrs, why would you want more?? 😉

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    Linda C says

    LoL! The ones in my fifthwheel trailer are as well travelled, having been to New England and down the Georgia, but they’re not anywhere near as well aged.. 🙂

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    Evelyn says

    My Mom used to love buy one/get one free sales – and she usually dropped the extra item in the food bank box at the store. Maybe you could gather up all your extra items and donate them? Unless you still are thinking that you might use those garbage bags within the next… oh, say 15 years! LOL, that is a funny discovery! Cheers! Evelyn

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    How funny! That says two things to me … either you guys don’t make a lot of trash … or Vince really buys his garbage bags in BULK!

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    meredith says

    Okay Judy, I give up. Why WAS there so much stuff under your sink? And it doesn’t even look as if could all fit there in the first place.
    Isn’t it nice to be able to blame someone else! I’m sure you were very nice about it, but it definitely wasn’t poor Vince’s day.

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    Hey at least it was just trash bags. Sometimes when I visit my folks I unearth something in the pantry with a date that old… talk about scary!

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Poor Vince…he had a REALLY bad day and it dribbled into today. The trazh bagz are good yet.

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    I’ll bet you have the best traveled garbage bags in the country. Maybe Guinness World Records would be interested…………….And, you keep your liquor under the sink?? I sure hope you don’t mix up the bottles with the cleaning supplies some dark night when Vince and/or Chad have driven you to drink!!

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    I can’t fault Vince… I’m cleaning out a bathroom closet and I found the toilet seat adaptor from when my youngest was toilet training!! He’s almost 17! Should have remodeled earlier. :o) In my defense, it was on the top shelf at the back of the closet, and there’s no way I’d see it from where I stand.

    What’s Vince’s defense?

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    When we moved to our new house, I was sure I would not have a cluttered assortment of stuff under my kitchen sink. Well, it’s two years later and guess what’s under my sink? Yep….. However, no bags that are as old as your bags. I cleared the cupboards and fridge of outdated items right after New Years. I was surprised at how unobservant I was about dates on items in the fridge!

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    I can match you on some well-traveled kitchen items: there’s a roll in my cupboard (almost gone now) of aluminum foil that came from Beijing (which means it lived in Saudi Arabia for four years before ending up here in Ohio! There’s maybe enough for one more use in it… I sort of hate to see it go!