Quilt Along #1

Welcome to any reading my blog today who have ventured over here after reading my guest blogger post on Quilting Gallery.  Thanks again to Michele for allowing me to be one of your guests!

Bears in the Farmhouse is the quilt we will do for our first Quilt Along project.  It finishes at 71-1/2″ x 86-1/2″.  This is the bear’s paw block from Electric Quilt and the pieced border is simply half square triangles.  Nothing you can’t do on your own but it will be fun to do as a group.  If you’re wanting to Quilt Along with us and haven’t already done so, please send me an email.

And, about that name . . Bears in the Farmhouse.  When I had the blocks up on the design wall, Chad was home.  I was thinking to myself that he seems to like scrappy quilts and maybe he would want this one.  I really do like it when he or Vince love a quilt and “claim it”.  It used to be a big joke that whoever saw it first would claim it and then Vince and Chad were constantly joking about who claimed which quilt.  Anyway, here’s our conversation when I was hoping he’d claim this one.

Me:  Hey, Chad . . do you like this quilt?
Chad:  That’s nice.
Me:  Do you want it?
Chad:  NO!
Me:  Why??
Chad:  It looks too . . hmmmm,  farmhousey!
Me:  Farmhousey??  What the heck does that mean?
Chad:  Duh!  Like something you’d find in a farm house.

I can see why he says that and I can see how it would be a great tablecloth on a country kitchen table (which I don’t have!).  If you click on the picture, you’ll see this is where I used the stripes and checks.  And, you can see that it’s already quilted!  I was going to bind it with the check but I have just enough of the check leftover to make another quilt so that’s what I’m going to do.  When I do get my farm house (I’m not holding my breath), I want two twin beds in the guest room and I want Vince to build the beds and use old wooden gates for the headboards.  Wouldn’t these two quilts be cute in there?  OK . . all I need is a farm house and two old gates.  Want to bed it will be much easier to get the two old gates than it is to get the farm house?

On Friday I will send everyone an email who has signed up for this project.


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    I really love the way this turned out Judy, the stripes and the dots are perfect together! (My apologies to your mom, LOL).

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    Judy in Michigan says

    I LOVE your quilt. Who says checks and stripes don’t go together? It is so lively and happy!! I can’t find your guest blogger stuff…what page is it on? Thanks Judy.

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    becky rhodes says

    I’ve always loved striped fabric because cut on the diagonal it makes a striking binding. Since you’ve shown these blocks I look at them for two purposes now.
    Can’t wait.

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    **waving hand frantically**..I have an old barn, lots of old gates, and use to have the old farmhouse..does that count? It would look cute hanging on my clothesline with the barn in the background.

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    Love the quilt, love the article. After enlarging the photo to see your fabulous quilting, I’m curious about what color thread you used. I love all your quilts but especially love your quilting.

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    I would love to participate in your “Quilt-Along”, but cannot email you because I am on a shared computer which is not set up to use links for email. If there is any way you can use the info from commenting to email me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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    Well you did a great job on the Quilting Bloggers. It’s hard to say all the thngs you want without going on forever. You did really well. And I do love the bears paw although I can’t start another project, I’ll save photos and instructions for later. Onward.

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    Maybe it’s the yellow. I love this quilt and I know that the border is just HST but they are perfect for this quilt. Since Chad didn’t claim it, is it too late for me? Loved your guest spot.

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    I’ll play! This will make my 3rd Bear’s Paw now. I made one 3 years ago for a charity quilt donation, and a REALLY big one last Christmas for my dad. I love that block, and I still haven’t figured out why. 🙂

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    What a fabulous job you did in your guest appearance! When I was asked to write something last July, not many had gone before me and it was so hard to know what to say…plus I only had a fraction of your experiences, abilities, quilts and talents. It was still fun, however, and now I know anyone who ever knew me by any name can find me on that website with only my name put in as key words 😉 I was asked to contribute as a guest ‘Charity Quilter’ blogger…big difference! I always say my quilts are ‘good enough to give away!’ Yours, are absolute treasures…’farmhousey’ or not. Don’t you just love that boy? Keeps you both humble, busy and awake until he gets home! But…he’s never hit a trash can…yet 😉 He’s lucky to have you as his mom, and you, him…as a son!

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    I see you’ve been busy while I was away 🙂 I love it when I miss a few days and get to read a lot at once from my top favorite blogs (includes yours) 😉 🙂 🙂

    I knew from the first photo of this quilt that it was gonna be cute and boy was I right! It is a very striking stripe and looks great with the pattern you choose. I think it would be a perfect little boy quilt 🙂

    One day a little boy I know will be wanting a quilt… and although I am in no shape to do a quilt along with you guys… I’d love to follow along 😉 I will save the photo you just posted as an inspriation for a quilt for Paul Thomas one year when he gets his big boy bed… now that I just typed that I realize that Nora got her toddle bed for Christmas when she was 2.5 – and the twins will be 2.5 this comining Christmas!!! aak! how time flies!!!

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    Great post on the Quilting Gallery! Love your Quilt-Along design – wish I could join on this but can’t — maybe another time. Hope you all have a lot of fun with this one!