Thread I Use

Several of you have asked about the thread I use and I think you’re specifically asking about the thread I used in the Bears in the Farmhouse quilt.  If that isn’t the quilt you’re asking about, please let me know which quilt you’re asking about.

Here’s a post where I talked about my thread preferences.

My life is controlled by spreadsheets.  I love spreadsheets.  Too bad I don’t have one for what’s under my kitchen counter, huh?  Anyway, here’s the one I keep for the quilting I do.

If you click on the image, you can read which threads, batting and quilting design I’ve used for each quilt.  I used Superior Sew Fine #419 on top  and Sew Fine #404 in the bobbin for the Bears in the Farmhouse quilt.  I really like Superior Thread!


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    Julianne says

    Hi neighbor.
    I have a question about your spreadsheets. Do you use it for business purposes or just for your own tracking? I am always looking for a simple way to keep track of things. I keep a simple accounting for the business but I am lacking in tracking the other things. I like your spreadsheets. I hope you don’t mind if I use your idea? If you have any tracking tips that you would not mind shareing. I would love it.

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    You amaze me! I wish I were 1/10th as organized as you are!!! Never have I thought to keep track of the thread I used with a quilt. I do write down the batting but never the thread. Only in my wildest dreams would I have as many thread colors as you!!
    Thanks so much for answering my dorky questions. You really are an inspiration. Now I must make a spreadsheet……