Half Square Triangles in EQ

You asked about making half square triangles in EQ.  I did a search on the EQ website (because I’m too lazy and too tired tonight to type it all out and if I wait til tomorrow, I will forget!).  You can find an explation of how to do it here.  Those EQ people are geniouses if you ask me . . but you didn’t ask me, did you?  You can almost always search their website for any question you have and find a great answer.  And  you know what else is amazing about EQ?  The people!  Those ladies (and probably some men somewhere too) are so darned nice and the same ladies are there always and it doesn’t matter what time you ask a question, you almost always get an immediate answer from someone.  They see like family . . they all seem to like each other and get along and they all work together for the good of EQ.  Not a whole lot of places you can say that about, huh?

So, let me say it again . . I love Electric Quilt!

Back to those half square triangles  ..  honestly, I didn’t read that explanation in the above link but it’s probably similar to what I do. I made a project that I call “Half Square Triangles”.  I have all the sizes as separate blocks and on the notecard, I have what size each block is so I can easily see which one is which when I’m looking for the right one.

This probably makes no sense but it may once you start making your own file.  But, really . . every size you need is on the CD that Brenda Henning sells.  If I had known about her CD, I would never have taken the time to make my own.


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    I love EQ too but I usually use Thangles for my HST except, now I’ve bought a Wonder Cut Ruler. I have plans for a triangle quilt here soon.

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    Since my DH will be in Seattle for Valentine’s Day, we stopped at the chocolate store last weekend and got a box of dark chocolate covered pretzels to share. Our favorites….

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    Kathy C. says

    Happy Valentines Day! My husband is really nervous because I put a hastily wrapped gift on his nightstand last weekend. He’s been dying to open it, but he will wait because he likes surprises. (It’s a magnetic football helmet for his car. Goofy, I know, but he will love it.) He said he will buy me something too, but I told him it had to be under $10. I hope it’s chocolate!

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    Does it count if I give the best Valentine I ever received? That would be the birth of my oldest son, 46 years ago tomorrow!
    And I’m still processing your comment earlier this week about everything in your life being controlled by spreadsheets..or something like that? It’s made me smile more than once! As an ex-accountant, I like to be organized, but you have me way beat!

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    No matter what state my love life is in, my dad always sends me a box of chocolate for Valentine’s Day. He picks one out, packages it up, addresses it himself, and makes sure I receive it before V-day. For someone who doesn’t ever show his emotions, this is about the sweetest thing ever and let’s me know he’s thinking about me.

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    My husband used to always – have flowers and candy for me on Valentines, dispite my insistance that I didn’t really need or want a valentine present. Well, I guess he finally listened because I haven’t gotten anything for the past couple of years. Now I miss it – and it’s MY fault. So, now I would really like to have the triangulations.

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    I received a gorgeous picture of a young girl tending a new lamb (while the ewe looks on) and a new diamond ring (to replace my lost wedding diamond).
    I’m still stuck on Thangles. 😉

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    Thank, Judy! I tried to read the article, but my brain just kept telling me to go and buy the cd. So that is what I did! lol Much easier and quicker! :~)

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    We don’t usually exchange gifts, but we do always have a nice supper together, and a glass of wine followed by a quiet evening together.

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    Kathie says

    Since my husband is on travel and my daughter will be going to a high school dance I will not be getting anything unless I take myself to a quilt shop. Maybe I will rent a movie and pop some popcorn.

    kathie L.

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    Laura H. says

    Mmmm, well, I know I’ll get a lovely card but beyond that I’m not sure. When my husband taught I always sent flowers to him at the school, he -loved- it! Seems his female students were always making certain that the posies were from his wife, so it was nice to know my interests were being looked out for. He’s given me flowers in the past as well, and some nice, small gifts like a heart shaped paper weight, so what he has planned for this year is uncertain.
    While I’ve tried Thangles, I’d enjoy learning another method for half-squared triangles…

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    Linda Kay says

    After 14 years of trying to have a child including several years of fertility drugs and finally accepting the fact that I was not ever going to give birth, GOD laughed and said,”Linda Kay is 37, I think I will give her a little surprise.” And gave me the most beautiful, kind hearted, sweet, talented, smart, caring, son. I am so blessed to have him, and this Valentine’s Day, we will celebrate his 17th birthday this year. Nothing can ever top that, really.

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    Teresa says

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and thank you for sharing your life through your blog. Yours is always one of the first I read.

    My husband was a real sweetie and gave me four books from the EQ6 library as well as the Baltimore Album CD. I have lots of reading and learing to do now. He also gave me a dozen yellow rozes and a beautiful card. Tonight we are going to dinner and a movie with my brother and his wife. Its been such a sad time the last two weeks with the illness and loss of my oldest brother, I am looking forward to some happy time with my remaining brother. We are going to see Mall Cop, so hopefully we will have some laughs.

    And just so you don’t think it was all about me, this day, I gave him the book – Medal of Honor, which is about recipients of this honor. He loves genealogy and reading about the lives of others, so this was right there on his list of wants.

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    I hope you have a happy and shiny Valentines Day sink! We do not celebrate Valentines Day at our house, it has been, for many years a cursed holiday. We are taking a romantic cruise next week, but it has no relationship to the dreaded holiday that has brought us blizzards, towed cars, flat tires, and just once, a restraunt that was, regretably, out of food!

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    Joan says

    I didn’t get anything-boo hoo- oh well thats the way it goes. DH is not the romantic kind, but hey he always comes home after work and helps with chores, so I’m satisfied with that. Happy Valentine day to you all

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    Sherry says

    My wonderful husband was quite resourceful this year. Instead of spending money we don’t have now, he left three valentine-theme photos for me to find, and he sent me three e-cards. Oh, and he called twice from work just to say, “love you.”