Because it’s the day before Valentine’s Day and because I’ve already received my present, and because I’ll use my present tomorrow to scrub my kitchen sink and I’ll think about how lucky I am that my husband is so considerate and romantic and all of you will be sniffing the beautiful red roses that have arrived at your door, while drooling over the box of imported chocolates handed to you by your considerate and romantic husband, I’m going to give away a prize here!

Brenda Hennings’ Triangulations™ CD which includes foundations to be printed on your own computer/printer for half square triangles, quarter square triangles and also includes four patterns.

Leave a comment and let me know what you got for Valentine’s Day.  If you didn’t get anything, then tell me what you would like to have received!  Keep it nice, ok?

Drawing will be sometime after midnight Saturday (which probably means sometime before noon on Sunday).

Just for the record . . my considerate and romantic husband took off work one day during the week, took me to my favorite restaurant in Joplin, did not even mention shopping!  We went to three places . . all three were places I wanted to go!  And he bought me a present that I’ve been wanting for a while . . something that I’m not going to tell you about . . some things really are better left off the blog.  But, it was something I’m very happy to have, along with my wonderful sponges! 🙂


  1. 1

    Sibyl says


    I see Vince can be romantic can’t he? But I loved those pink scrubbies. Would have made my day if my husband had thought of me in that way. But here is what mine got me. I have a very nice embroidery machine he is always asking is there something he can get me to make it better. Well someone on one of my lists was selling something called a Hoopmaster. I have been coveting one of these ever since I heard of it prior to my purchase. I knew I dare not even ask for it because of the price. But when this person was selling it for less than half. I asked him, he told me go ahead. I just love it when things like that happen.—yes I do ask him prior to any large purchase (larger than 50.00 that is). Might not be romantic like chocolate and flowers, but it was romantic still. He will be taking me out to dinner, just not this weekend. Too crowded.

  2. 2


    My sweetman of almost 53 years is taking me to one of my favorite places to eat. And I am sure I will receive a sweet valentines card. But this wonderful man gives me most anything I want that we can afford. So for me, valentines is year round.
    And to you, Miss Judy, a very happy valentines. And exactly what did Vince give you other than the scrubbies? Happy Valentines.

  3. 3


    I know you will like those sponges, for me it would be fantastic if I got a box of Dobie pads. I LOVE them. We probably will just hang out and exchange cards. My DH gets mostly what I want all year long. Like a quilting machine upgrade ! Have a wonderful day ! Glenda

  4. 4


    We’ll only exchange cards if dh remembers to stop at the store for one. It’s not important. What I’d really want? TIME with my dh. TIME to just sit and relax and hold hands. TIME not to worry about our jobs..the economy..the messy house. Yeah, I want it all, lol.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. 5


    My gift isn’t one he know’s he’s given. Yesterday I needed to goto the ER and he stayed by my side the whole time, today is getting my antibiotics so I don’t have to go out and propping me in bed before leaving for work. That steadfastness to me superceeds any card as it’s a gift in itself. I’ll be snuggled up and he’ll cook for me tomorrow and we’ll watch a movie together.
    Hope your Valentines day is a special one too.

  6. 7

    Rachel says


    I really enjoy reading your blog, but I noticed just with the last two posts that your full post no longer shows up in my blog reader, which is a bummer because I can’t always click on the website for the full article. Is this a permanent change on your blog?


  7. 8


    A very good friend of mine sings with a local Chorale and gave us 2 tickets to their concert tomorrow so we will go to that and then out for a nice dinner hopefully. I would love to say that I’m getting flowers and chocolate but I know I can keep dreaming…

  8. 9


    Hopefully I’ll get a card. My husband doesn’t really recognize Valentine’s Day on Feb 14th. So on some random day later in the year, he’ll declare “Valentine’s Day” and I’ll get something special then. It might be flowers or a stuffed animal, but its always fun to have a Valentine’s Day in July! 🙂

  9. 10


    I was gonna say the same thing as Rachel – I can no longer get the full post to show up in my Google Reader. Of course I’ll click to get to your blog… but I miss the ease of it all being delivered to my reader. 🙂

    Anyhow, my husband and I were shopping for groceries yesterday and our senses were getting overwhelmed with red, white and pink. As we loaded up the groceries in the car I told him that I loved him for NOT falling for commercialism! 😀

    But actually, on Saturday we’re planning to go for a bike ride to my husband’s work. Encouraging good health for ourselves so we can live better (and hopefully longer!)… what more could a gal ask for? 😉

  10. 11


    Valentines Day is my birthday and Tom and I are off to Disney World with our daughter, son in law and grandchildren. It will be a great day of talking, laughing, and watching the grands enjoy the park. What could be a better gift than being part of all that fun!

  11. 12


    My husband is a space cadet! I say this lovingly. As a matter of fact he was voted Space Cadet of the year in his senior year. Need I say more! lol

    He may not always remember the commercial holidays but he does bring me coffee in bed every moring and on weekends, when I don’t need to get up right away, he’ll bring me a refill! As I get older, Iike the every day niceties as opposed to the specific day niceties. lol So, when I want flowers, I just buy them myself! ;o)

    Happy Valentines to you and yours! Sounds like you had a lovely day!

  12. 13


    So apparently I clicked the wrong comment button and left my comment on your previous post! So, once again…since my DH will be in Seattle we stopped at the chocolate shop last weekend and got a box of dark chocolate covered pretzels to share.

  13. 14

    Elaine says

    We have been planning a cruise to Alaska over the past year, so all birthdays, Christmas, special holiday spending has gone into our cruise fund. Quilt Camp at Sea is in June and one of the classes I will be taking will be taught by Brenda Henning. So I am excited to meet her and take a class from her.

    Cards have been sent to our girls and grandchild, and we will have dinner and wine at home. Happy Valentines Day everyone!


  14. 15

    Darlene B says

    My DH and I generally don’t “celebrate” Valentine’s Day with cards and gifts. When he gives me a compliment “out of the blue,” that means much more to me because it’s spontaneous and not expected b/c of it being Feb. 14. This year we are actually taking friends of ours out to dinner to celebrate a milestone anniversary. Should be fun!

  15. 16


    Hi, Judy. We just moved to Florida in December, so my Dad is down here visiting us from NJ for 2 months. He is taking us out to dinner tonite to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I don’t know what or if hubby is getting me anything, but if not, that’s okay by me. At least he’s still around and that’s gift enough for me. (He has terminal cancer and the Dr’s gave him 3-6 months almost 2 years ago). Quilty hugs and enjoy your Valentine’s Day! :o)

  16. 17


    We made a pact this year not to do anything for Valentine’s Day, but we are going out to eat tonight as a family. If I could have anything it would be time. Time with my family, friends and time just to be.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  17. 18

    Rona says

    Tonight we are going to our kids Homecoming Basketball game. Our daughter cheers and they always work on a special routine for half time. Tomorrow, one child will be babysitting and the other, I am not sure what the plans may be. But it will be somewhat quiet at our house and that will be treat enough. I will probably spend time in my quilting room at some point during the day. Saturday’s are usually spent working around the house and I am sure this Saturday will be no different.

  18. 19


    I’m not sure if he will even know that it’s Valentines Day but he is very thoughtful through out the year to me. He remembers when I say that I want something and I usually get it sooner or later. We will probably get Chinese from my favorite place around the corner, which is just fine with me!

  19. 20

    Maureen says

    I was surprised yesterday with a delivery of 3 dozen roses! DH will be getting a delicious dinner with Chocolate Souffle as the dessert. We are also going to Disney World with my Sister and her 2 boys next week…a much needed vacation.

    Happy Valentines Day and enjoy your weekend!

  20. 21


    I will be getting the greatest gift this year. I just found out that I’m going to get the transfer that I requested, so we will be able to move back to Minnesota and be close to our family and our grandchildren. My sweet sweet husband is willing to do this even though he truely loves it here in Oregon. I love it here, but the pull of family is just t much. Iknow how you feel everytime Chad leaves. I haven’t seen our older children for 3 years, and haven’t met several of our grandchildren yet, so I’m very excited.

  21. 22

    Mary Jo Jones says

    We are headed to Des Moines, Iowa for the weekend…hitting some quilt stores and scrapbooking stores as well as some hunting stores too….that is, if the winter storm does not deposit too much snow. I hope not as we are both looking forward to a weekend away…especially to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

    Love your blog Judy!

    Mary Jo

  22. 23


    Normally, we don’t celebrate Valentines Day…..we were planning a family get away for the weekend…..but with one child sick and DH coming down with it….we cancelled. So this year, I’ll be playing nurse to the “sickies” in the house. I just hope they don’t give it to me.

    Karen L

  23. 24

    Paulette says

    We’ll probably go out for Chinese or Thai food on Valentine’s Day. He is always amenable to eating out and going shopping, which may or may not include fabric. A few bucks spent on fabric means more to me than cards or flowers, and he knows that, so it’s all good!

  24. 25

    Jackie says

    If I get something it will be a total suprise! And it could be something like scrubbies – you just never know!
    We do plan to buy some really nice steaks and he will grill them outside – much nicer that going to a crowded place for us.

  25. 26

    Cindy B says

    I know what I’ll get. A big fancy heart shape box of chocolates. DH picks out the fanciest decorated ribboned, velveted, lacey one he can find. He has given me one every Valentine’s Day. I love the old fashionedness of his gift.

  26. 27

    Donna says

    Just being able to wake up next to one another is our Valentine gift. We have known each other since we were sixteen, back in the days of Elvis, Mel Brooks, the Temptations and all the oldies but he will sing his silly love song to me and I will be as happy as can be. We have never given more than a card to each other but do think about dinner albeit maybe it is at home with a pizza. We are so connected we know each other’s thoughts. Our love isn’t just for one day but every day.
    Donna P

  27. 28


    What a lovely give-away! Well, my hubby is recovering from surgery, not able to drive yet, and he hasn’t been out of the house except to the doc/hospital for almost two weeks (pray for me). So he did what he always does, even when he is able-bodied — he said, get yourself something nice. So I did! I ordered a little bitty Canon camera in chocolate brown, which will tuck nicely in my purse (unlike my huge Panasonic that I love, but don’t routinely tote with me). What a guy *sigh*

  28. 29

    Richelle says

    I know exactly what I am getting – because I am buying it myself. A new pandora bead! We really aren’t that big into these type of holidays and since we are both eating healthier, no chocolates.

  29. 30


    Judy, I love reading about when you go back to Louisiana. I’m from Monroe. With my husband’s Dept. of Comm. job, we lived in Many, Lafayette, La Place and both daughters were born in Baton Rouge. The oldest lives in Indep. MO now and I go up Hwy 71 and through Nevada all the time. DH gave me a wonderful ‘safe’ gift the other day. I have been driving a Ford Focus and both DDs have complained that on my hour drive to town, I’m not ‘safe’. He bought me a Suzuki SUV with wrap around air bags and lots of other safety features. He’s not much on cards (says Hallmark invented the holidays so they could sell cards) but he does wonderful, thoughtful things and after 45 years of marriage that makes me very happy.

    Love your Blog. Gwynette

  30. 31

    Marilyn says

    Oh Judy, my husband doesn’t get me Valentine’s gifts either, not even sponges for cleaning the kitchen sink, so count yourself blessed. I usually wait until the day after Valentine’s to buy up all the leftover chocolate and then eat myself sick.

  31. 32

    Peg says

    For Valentine’s Day I’m treating myself to some lovlies at the Fat Quarter Shop since I don’t have a SO and therefore won’t be receiving a lovely pink sponge. And I did instruct my son to stop with the roses already!

  32. 33


    Since I don’t have anyone to buy me anything, I treated myself to a bag of jube jel hearts. Unfortunately, I have already devoured the bag! And tomorrow, I am treating myself to a trip to Joanns!

  33. 34


    We knew that we had a busy week ahead so on Monday night we went to a new to him Chinese Restaurant in town. Afterward he asked if I wanted to go and look at cards. We go and laugh at them at show each other then put them back on the shelves. He is funny. His birthday is the 15th so I sometimes have combined V-day with his Birthday. I mailed Valentines to my 13 grandchildren and a Valentine Birthday card to his Aunt. Tonight we get to go to a Fancy Adults Dance with our Church and Valentine’s night we will go to one with the Youth at Church. Last Year 3 of our local married children came to the Dance at the Church and the Band sang “Happy Birthday” to him, because it was on the 15th.

  34. 35

    Hazel says

    What I will be receiving is one rose, and seeds for my early garden. Can’t wait for SPRING to be here so maybe it will be just a wee jumpstart. I LOVE spring and I LOVE hubby!!

  35. 36


    For Valentine’s Day, we are going to a couple of high school basketball games (our youngest played. it’s Sr. recognition and one of the girls that played with her will be recognized). Then out to supper-nothing fancy. It works for both of us. We may have dinner with another couple but never plan too far ahead!

  36. 37

    Scarlett says

    I got the flu, so we won’t be going out for supper. But my husband does occasionally bring me the best chocolate from the grocery store, when he buys groceries on Sundays. Frequently I say stop, no more chocolate, then he quits for a while and then starts bringing it home again. It’s Lindt dark chocolate in the blue wrapper.

  37. 38


    My DH isn’t very romantic, but we do always exchange cards. While he isn’t romantic in the roses-and-chocolate sense, he has always been a wonderful provider. That means that our retirement income is as secure as anything can be these days, and what better gift could we have? 🙂

  38. 39


    My DH has promised to make me fish stew for dinner. It’s one of my favorites (and as he says, its red for Valentine’s Day). We haven’t been out to dinner on Valentine’s for years, since the first few years of marriage – its too crowded, and once the kids came along, too hard to find a sitter.

    I may or may not get something else from him – I picked up clearance (but very good quality) chocolates after Christmas for DH and the kids.

  39. 40

    Bobbie says

    We will go out for supper and I’ll most likely get a beautiful card and some roses- we have several rose bushes and all spring and summer he will bring me in a single rose-he is a tough old cowboy and ironworker, but has a heart that most people woundn’t know. He is getting 2 big bags of assorted peppermints-every time he leaves the house he puts some in his pocket-he always gives one to little kids that he knows and eats them almost constately. My name is Bobbie-he either calls me Bob, Hey Bob, or Sweetheart–guess I’m one lucky woman!!!! Hugs, Bobbie

  40. 41


    What a nice give-away! And what a nice hubby you have Judy. Mine is wonderful too! He takes shopping for a card very seriously, and we’ll go out for dinner. He doesn’t like the commercialism of holidays, but always makes them quite special for me. 🙂

  41. 43


    Judy — My birthday is Sunday, so there’s a pile of red-wrapped presents in the dining room. And I happen to know there are some roses to be delivered tomorrow. But what I really want — and am going to get a day early — is a pampered day. I got home early from work (court didn’t go all day) and we’re going to have a nap (the I-wouldn’t-blog-about-it sort), then dinner out at a favorite Mexican restaurant, and watch a romantic movie together. We have guests coming for the weekend, so tomorrow is going to be about cleaning & cooking. It’s nice to have today just for us.

  42. 44

    Sharlene says

    Well, after all of those lovely comments…… We’ll just spend the weekend doing
    ‘chores’ and maybe he’ll remember it’s a special day. Probably not. I’m going to make him chocolate cherry bon bons.

  43. 45


    As far as I know, I am getting a nice movie and a dinner and the kids at the sitters overnight. Since he got me my oliso iron for our anniversary and gave me flowers just a week ago, I don’t want anything else.

  44. 46


    Valentine’s Day is never a big deal around my house (unfortunately). I sometimes get a card and sometimes not even that. Hubby will take me out to eat sometimes but of course the kids come along so it’s not quite the same as if it was just the two of us. What I’d like the most for Valentine’s day…flowers. I love flowers and I never get any. I almost bought myself some today but I didn’t. I probably should have. OK…enough whining! Thanks for the giveaway! :0)

  45. 47


    Today, after a rough week at work, I received flowers delivered to my office. White roses, snapdragons and lilies – something simple and unusual because I prefer that to the red roses. Tomorrow night, we are taking each other to a play – just us.

  46. 49


    Are you really going to leave us hanging there with your last comment: Can’t tell us what your husband gave you? besides sponges! Is it bigger than a bread box? :o)
    Well, my husband had double knee replacement 3 weeks ago so he’s in no shape to get me my Valentine flowers (His usual gift) So, I bought them myself!!! and told him they were from him! Red Carnations and daises. I may have started something huh? We’ll see how he does next Valentines day? Actually after 48 yrs. of marriage I don’t mind buying my own gifts. That way I get exactly what I want! :o) And it’s not sponges!

  47. 50

    Donna in MI says

    You are a tease (not saying what you gift was) LOL!

    I am getting pizza from my favorite place. My gift is having my husband home for a while. He has been traveling for about three years. He will be working out of the house for a while.

  48. 51

    mckie2 says

    The last year I was married I got 2 new toilet seats for Valentine’s Day. Of course, my now ex swore they weren’t my Valentine’s gift, but if that was the case then I didn’t get anything. This Valentine’s I’ve treated myself to lunch and a movie. Both were good.

  49. 52

    Sharon says

    He will probably not get me anything since it is on a Saturday this year and he wont go all the way to town just to get me something for Valentines day. But, we are going to replace my kitchen floor finally and what more can a girl ask for, really unless it is a pink sponge!

  50. 53


    I got a box of my favorite chocolates. This was no easy feat either. My husband has been in the hospital since October, so he had his brother get them for me and bring them up to the hospital so my hubby could give them to me. I even got a card. It was very interesting to read a Valentine’s Day love card knowing that my husband’s baby brother picked it out. kinda weird. Now I know how much my brother in law thinks my husband loves me!!!!!!!

  51. 54


    Red roses………………….imported chocolate………………Not hardly! I think my husband went to the same school of romance yours did, only mine got a worse grade. Nada………………..zilch. Oh, for some pink scrubbies……………

  52. 56


    We try to keep our celebration low key, low budget. Often, we buy each other a bag of chocolate candy. Most often we stay home and my husband will cook some of my favorite items, like steak, baked potato and salad. Today when I got home, he had purchased a white camelia bush that we can plant in our backyard. I had a pink one that I loved. We lost it when we added our screened-in porch. Since Valentine’s Day is Saturday, it will be fun just to spend the day together. Love reading everyone’s comments. Thanks for posting the question!

  53. 57


    After 41 years, we don’t usually exchange gifts…but we will go out somewhere that I pick…for a nice ride…maybe out for breakfast or lunch or both….just a relaxing day to do something that I would enjoy doing. So…no roses or chocolates here for you to envy!!! LOL

  54. 58


    We have been together for 11 years and my favorite valentines gift is going out for a nice meal or a nice walk along the beach together. My husband has just began 10 months of training interstate which we are both hating and it has only been 1 week! He is home for the weekend and when he got off the plane he ad a beautiful red rose made of Dark Chocolate (my favorite!) and when we got home he gave me a beautiful gold necklace with an opal in it to wear every day and think of him!!!!

  55. 59


    There’s a parcel at the post office for me which I assume is from my family in Toronto. I’ll be able to pick it up tomorrow. Always filled with fun goodies.

    I would like to have received a cleaning lady.. my housekeeping has sufferred trying to get caught for work. Oh well, making some progress at least.

    Have a fun day,

  56. 60


    DH is taking me to the beach for Valentine’s. 3 years ago we moved from FL because of hurricanes (5 right over our house) but I love the beach. So we will go, walk on the sand, sit and talk while we watch the waves and look for dolphins. It is very romantic, even after 47 years.

  57. 61

    Vivian says

    I don’t know yet what I’ll get for Valentine’s Day, but I got my hubby a nice card (romantic) and a box of imported chocolate truffles. 🙂 I told him not to get me flowers (I can’t see the expense for something that will only last a few days), so we’ll see tomorrow what it will be.

  58. 62

    Evelyn says

    Holidays means special food in my household. We have our Dollar Store decorations up. Tomorrow I will make home-made pizza and try to shape the crust into a heart shape (my little boy will love that!). And we like to have a small mini chocolate fondu. Tomorrow night will be extra busy at work, so we will have ours at lunch. I got a card for our son too. We were thinking that we would have to live apart this winter, so being together is an extra big gift!
    Cheers! Evelyn

  59. 63

    Muffet Schroer says

    I think the sponge is great! Maybe Vince is related to Bob? SpongeBob?

    DH brought home 4 Valentine cookies from our favorite bakery. I made coffee and we’re now sitting side by side each surfing the web on our matching laptops. LOL
    Love your blog. Wish I had time to join the fun as all of you start the quilt. Maybe next time. Have fun, everyone! M

    Judy, thanks especially for the recipes… I bought the pressure cooker & LOVE it!

  60. 64

    Nan says

    We are planning to go out to cut more of the big Oak tree that knocked out our powerline the week before Christmas (the power is back on, thanks for being concerned… it was only out for a few days) and then I’ll make some Truffles as a special treat. H loves Truffles, but I can’t make more than about a dozen at one time, he eats them all within about a half hour – they are awfully good, though. I only make Truffles for special occasions, and geting this big ol’ Oak tree cut into 24 inch logs and having it all stacked up at the barn waiting to be split will be a very special occasion. Happy Valentine’s Y’all.

  61. 65


    OK, it’s not Valentines Day yet but what do you want to bet I don’t get anything? Not even a card? Keith is VERY good to me but he’s not so good about celebrating on holidays. We do have plans for brunch in the morning but I bet he doesn’t even remember it’s Valentines Day.

  62. 66


    I don’t think I’m getting anything, but he did the dishes and folded the laundry, washed the bedding and made the bed. If I could have anything-more time.

  63. 67

    Donna in Maine says

    We don’t usually do much for Valentine’s Day, but did go out to dinner last night…a nice treat now that we, too, are empty nesters!! Thanks for your blog, Judy….it’s always one of my first stops in the morning to start my day.

  64. 68


    We generally don’t celebrate Valentines Day or Sweetest Day. My husband is taking his mother out to lunch today and I was invited too if I want to go but he is leaving that up to me. (I will) Thanks for reminding me about the baking. He has been hinting recently about a cheesecake so I will make him one today. Have a wonderful day!

  65. 69

    Connie says

    Your pink scrubby story cracked me up. Our Valentine’s Day is usually quite laid back. I got up this morning and my hubby had left a huge gift bag on the kitchen counter. (He had to work). Inside was a beautiful card, small box of chocolates and a new coffeepot just for my decaf. I’ve planned a special quiet dinner for us at home including a Strawberry Pretzel Salad, because it’s red! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

  66. 70

    Linda Marie says

    Love your quilts, you really are an inspiration to step out of the comfort zone!

    This Valentines Day is the happiest in years. We decided to be very kind to our
    budget, and just celebrate our love by being together. With one very dear exception. My husband of 6 years has been opposed to a pet of any type. I have
    been out of work from a disability, and the days are long as I can not do all that I would like. Out of his love for me, my husband decided I needed the puppy that I wanted so badly, and got me the the cutest little cotton ball with little legs (Bischon) to keep me company. The unexpected reward? He fell in love with the puppy and gets as much pleasure out of him as I do. What better gift could there be then a husband who patrols the yard, pooper scooper in hand, for a pet he bought out of love and kindness for me… and then losing his heart to this pup?
    I am convinced that there is nothing more romantic then a man with a pooper scooper.

  67. 71

    Mary Carole Allen says

    No Valentine goodies here. After 48 years of almost wedded bliss, my husband finally got the message. NO cards, NO flowers. Such a waste of fabric money! He will get a pot of cabbage soup and cornbread for dinner. I was thinking that I could do the cornbread in a heart shaped cake pan! Happy Valentines day!

  68. 72

    Cynthia says

    No gift. But I can, or could, get pretty much anything I want when I want. I say could because my husband was laid off Monday. At age 61 that’s not a good thing. Well, it’s not a good thing at any age but the older you get the shorter amount of time is spent looking at you as employable. Something will turn up. So, I will cook a nice dinner and give him a marshmello chocolate covered heart for desert.


  69. 73


    Judy thanks for making me stop and think about some things. My sweetie has always been the gushy one on Valentines – I am more practical and his birthday is in a few days so I always figure he will get the gifts then. After reading the many comments I am reminded to be grateful for everything I have and I seriously love the broccoli transplants he got me last night. We are planting a garden and I really like broccoli and he does not so it was a gift of love.

  70. 74

    Deb says

    Well, I don’t have a sweetie so I won’t be geting anything today. But it doesn’t matter — I have great friends and family and I’m thankful for all of them. Happy Valentines Day to everyone.


  71. 75


    Happy Valentine’s Day to all of The Patchwork Times Family.
    DH & I have been married 33 years and getting cut flowers for Valentine’s Day was thought of as a waste of $. Now all of a sudden his thought process has changed. Last night he presented me with a dozen of beautiful red roses, which my cats thourghly enjoyed. The siamese “BeBe’-kins” chewed off the leaves and carying them off like she had a mouse in her mouth. The black cat “KiKi” was eathing the baby’s breath like popcorn. DH just laughed and it was funny. All I really want for Valentine’s Day is DH mysterious illness to be diagnosed and for him to get better. He has unilateral swelling of the knees and ankel joints. When one joint gets better it moves to the other and it’s not on the same leg at the same time. And, what does sweet silly man do, gets me flowers for Valentine’s Day. DH has an appointment with a rheumatologist Monday. We have been given two possibilites and I do not like either diagnossis; rheumatic fever or rheumatoid arthritis. FYI, the roses are lovingly placed on the fridge so the cats can’t get to them.

  72. 76


    I have not received anything yet. I would like to get some of that sock yarn that you’ve recently gotten. And then be able to knit up a pair of socks lickety split (that’s the tough part). You don’t think I’m asking too much, do you?

  73. 77

    Joan S says

    This year, Valentine’s Day won’t be the usual “exchange cards and go out for dinner and a movie” date. We both have severe bronchitis, and probably will order in pizza and watch a movie on TV. But we’ll be together and after 53 years, it just gets better!

  74. 78

    Michelle says

    Well, it’s VD and I was told that the lunch we had last week was our vd lunch and I got a bottle of ginger ale today….yipee 🙁 I wanted a lobster dinner or help redoing my sewing room…paint or paneling, hanging shelves? What ever….better than sponges for sure!

  75. 79

    Jeanne Rumans says

    My sweetie got me a jellyroll and some fat quarters! He surprised me yesterday by taking a detour by a quilt shop and told me he knew I’d rather have fabric than chocolate (a close second to fabric) Today he said he’s going to clean the house! I’m in heaven! By the way, Judy, how is your back?
    Jeanne in KC

  76. 80

    Kristin says

    This is a sweetheart-free Valentine’s Day, but I lived vicariously by watching the British series LOST IN AUSTEN. If I’m haven’t found my Mr. Darcy yet, it’s nice to know that someone else has!

  77. 81

    Pam says

    My husband gave me a beautiful card as he has for the past 40 years. He ran acouple of errands for me and then (without asking) vacuumed the den as I have a friend coming over to work on quilt guild programs this afternoon.
    For lunch, I made him a BLT and a heart shaped coconut cake. Both of his favorites, next to me!

  78. 82

    Gloria Y says

    My DH and I exchanged cards this morning – before he did the laundry, folded it and put it away! We were considering what we would like to have for dinner tonight so he helped me clean and organize the freezer! Such as big help to me as I am still working full time. Today he would drive me to the fabric shop if I asked and he doesn’t enjoy shopping at all. No chocolate or flowers, he knows I would rather have fabric. We will be married 49 years in June and he is a sweetie! I think he has learned “don’t buy me anything for the house/housework unless I ask for it!!

  79. 83


    My husband knows me well…he gave me a beautiful card and a small cross to add to my collection. I’m not one to want flowers or candy but I do love small things that show he’s been paying attention. I love him more today than ever…after 44 years! blessings, marlene

  80. 84

    Linda says

    I received a beautiful card, a box of chocolates (even though I am desperately trying to lose weight), and a lottery ticket. My birthday was the 12th so my gift is an overnight trip mid-week to Lancaster, PA to shop the outlets and hit some quilt shops.
    I hope that your back is feeling better.
    Love reading your blog,
    Linda T.

  81. 85

    Becca says

    Dh and I don’t exchange gifts for Valentine’s day so I’m not getting anything from him. DD colored me a Valentine’s picture to decorate my fridge.

  82. 86


    Valentine’s Day is my mother’s birthday. So, when I met my DH I was not in the habit of really celebrating Valentine’s Day (in lieu of my mom’s b-day). Anyway, it’s taken us 11 years but we have established that we do a little something for each other on this day.
    Today I got the best gift…..unliminted sewing time today. I’ve been really busy lately and have had many meetings afterwork. I’ve commented how I miss my sewing time and my DH comments that he misses seeing me. So, even though he missed me much of this week, he gave me all day to play in my sewing room w/ out 1 complaint from him! Isn’t he the best!?!

  83. 87


    I made out like a bandit this year! Yesterday I got a facial – ahhhhhhhhhhh, and dinner out last night. We had a gorgeous morning with a low tide and we went for a walk along the beach – DH found a blue agate and handed it to me saying Happy Valentine’s day! I made his favorite – lasagna for dinner tonight. DH used to travel alot with his job and send me roses for Valentines. Do you know that if you buy flowers in the south and they are being sent thru a northern shop you may not get 12!?! I often wondered what the meaning of 11 roses was! My DS once wrote love notes on my heart shaped post-it pads and stuck them to the staircase wall on Val day! Too cute from a 4th or 5th grader!!! The best part of Feb 14 – is you can remember all the other Feb 14s too!

    doni @ Oregon coast

  84. 88


    I don’t have a “valentine” to exchange with. It’s just me and “the pup”. But she has been exceptionally attentive today. So she is giving and getting plenty of extra hugs and pets today.

  85. 89


    My husband of 36 or is it 37 years! gave me a hand made Valentine card which I love. He also made dinner while I was out at a quilting workshop.What more could I ask for?

  86. 90

    ewellette says

    I’m thinking that valentines day this year is going to cost my hubby a new sewing machine. Doing the research now.


  87. 91


    I have had such a wonderful day so far. My husband and I seem to gravitate towards the thoughtful gestures for Valentines Day rather than the expensive gifts. We did exchange cards and I made him a new pair of fleece pj pants (all from stash I might add). He picked out a beautiful bouquet of flowers yesterday and gave them to me just because he thought they were pretty. Tonight we are having fettuccine alfredo that he made from scratch and it is even more special because he went to 5 different stores to find fresh pasta. He is a great guy, and my best friend.

  88. 93

    Bessie Hardison says

    Romantic devil that he is, my DH took me to Louisville, Ky for the National Farm Machinery Show. Eight hours of man shopping among acres and acres of everything farm related.My poor feet are hurting as I type. Usually we do something better, but this was the only day he could get off work to go to the show.

  89. 94

    Amy says

    My DH of 23 years gave me a beautiful necklace that I had wanted along with a nice card. And he cooked us a wonderful dinner complete with my favorite chardonnay and homemade white cake with chocolate frosting. I’m a lucky girl!

  90. 95


    My Sweet husband took me to see a movie and then he wined and dined me at the Krystal! We had a ball! I would love to be part of your give away.

  91. 96

    Jill says

    My husband spent the day working on the house. A present I really needed. I made him a great dinner. No money spent here and that is great in this economy.

  92. 98


    I got a very sweet pink card and I didn’t have to cook ALL DAY LONG–that’s right, we went out for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I also got a foot massage at the end of the day!

  93. 99


    I vouch for the movie Fireproof—it is great. Everyone who is married or thinks they will be one day should see this movie. It is so real like today—hurry, too busy, this marriage is not going to work, etc.