Knitting Socks

Every time I post a picture of socks I’ve knitted, I get several comments or emails from those who want to make socks.  Do it!  If you don’t try it, you know you’re never going to do it.  If you do try it, and feel like you’re all thumbs, that’s what it’s supposed to feel like at first.  Don’t give up!

I’ve shared here before how I began knitting socks.  The story is here.  If Susan hadn’t sent me that package, I’d still be sitting here moaning and complaining that I want to learn to knit socks. But she did and I did  and now I love knitting socks.

I almost always knit my socks using 4 dpns (douple point needles) and knitting cuff down.  I have tried working toe up, The Magic Loop method and using two circular needles to do both socks at one time.   My favorite method is using dpns and working cuff down.

If you’ve never ever knitted, you might want to take classes or get someone to show you how.  If you have knitted, even if it’s just something straight and easy, you can knit socks!  Search online for videos on turning the heel and binding of with the kitchener stitch.  For the longest time, I had to watch a video in order to do the kitchener stitch.  The videos that helped me most are those at

Yarns are as addictive as is fabric.  Simply Sock Yarn is my favorite online yarn shop and Penny Rose Yarn is my favorite etsy shop.  I like her yarn a lot.  Both have excellent customer service and fast shipping.

I finished my Monkey socks, the first time I ever tried following a chart.  The yarn is from the Penny Rose etsy store and I love working with it.

And, when I posted back here about all the single socks I have, I made a commitment that I will finish two unfinished pairs before I start anything new.  Here’s one and I think I’ll finish the second sock in the Bearfoot yarn today and . . I can start a new pair!  Yippee!


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    Oh, what yummy socks! I am working on my second sock of my second pair. Sock yarn is absolutely addictive. I just ordered more from Simply Socks on Monday, and there was some on sale! The variety of yarn is endless. I want to try the Monkey Socks, and I printed the instructions out when you mentioned them before. Very nice! Thanks for all the inspiration. (What is it about knitters and quilters? Yesterday I sat by a lady in a dr’s office, and she was knitting a scarf with her yarn in a beautifully quilted bag. Yup, a knitter and a quilter.)

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    Love the socks and encouragement…I too am a DPN lover. I do like the way the last pair patterned…great yarn. Since I’m stuck with a heating pad today I’m going to get some sock yarn and a pattern and give it another try. Thanks for the encouragement….OH and that Farm on the drawing board sounds heavenly. Good Luck

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    Those are just wonderful Judy! I so want to try that… but I’m afraid I may truly be all thumbs! I’ll go check out those videos.

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    Bobbie says

    O.K. Judy-I just got yarn I ordered for socks-San Francisco Sock Yarn-from Mary Maxim. I have about 3 pair of socks going, but on circular needles and I am at a complete standstill–so, I am going to try my VERY BEST to do this on the double pointed needles. A pattern came with the yarn- I’m good to go. If you don’t hear from me again, it wil be because I went “bonkers” and won’t be able to function. Remember tho-“Thanks for the ride”–LOL Hugs, Bobbie

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    pdudgeon says

    ok, question form someone who hasn’t knit sox–yet!

    what are the blue foot forms in the socks for?

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    I am a cuff down DPNs kind of girl too! I am addicted to knitting socks. They are so portable and fun and there are so many great patterns you never get bored! I just finished my first sweater and may become addicted to sweater knitting too. I will have to check out the website you mentioned. I have always used It will be great to have another place for reference.

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    My favorites are bamboo dpn, metal needles make my hands ache and the stitches slip a bit too freely. I no longer do the kitchener stitch since I learned how to graft on the knitting needles from Knitting Daily; it is much easier and you don’t have to a sewing needle.

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    That was really mean, sending me over to Penny Rose Yarn…I could do some serious damage there! I’ve never used a chart…can’t figure out how to read them. Is there a place online I could learn?

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    congratulations on finishing the monkey socks — I have one done and just can’t get excited about doing the second! I’m about to try my first pair of Cat Bordhi toe-up socks, and I want to try the two-at-a-time technique too — but I think the cuff-down on dpns will stay my favorite after all.

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    I’m afraid I have sock-o-phobia.
    I think I have at least 20 skeins of Sophie’s Toes sock yarn from Emily.
    I’m afraid to start as I’m afraid they won’t fit my fat feet!
    Hopefully one of these days I’ll overcome my fears!

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    I just found out there’s a knitting shop close to me — within walking distance but I’m not going to go — I have to much quilting stuff to do to even think about knitting socks. And if I wanted to knit or crochet — I have yarn here for at least a dozen projects.

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    I have to ask………..Can’t you just buy socks in the store?????

    Karen L

    PS…as you can probably tell, I don’t knit……I do crochet…..but that 2 needle thing….I just can’t do it.

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    I can’t believe you’re getting me hooked on another potential UFO!!!! I love the web sites – I’ve knitted for years – even used dpn – but never tried socks. But, I’ve been looking for something new and portable. Looks like I found it. I watched a bit of the kitchener stitch video – easy to follow. I can’t wait to get supplies and get started.