Quilt Along

Everyone who sent in their fabric selections should have received Step 2 in your email by now.

Some People just want to make more work for me!  I received a call this morning:  Judy, I really, really like it when I can see the Mr. Linky and visit the blogs of those who are participating!

That’s fine . . whatever you want . . your wish is my command!

If you want to have others visit your blog and see your progress in the Quilt Along, please add your link here.  Add the link to the post where you showed your fabrics please!


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    Thanks for doing this. It is fun to see a little more about the fabrics and who is putting them together, plus have one place to see everybody’s — even those without blogs. You’re the bomb! (My adult sons wondered why I kept misspelling “bomb” when I would blog about your Star BOM.)

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    Thanks for doing this! I haven’t received step 2 yet…..if I did something wrong, let me know….I’ve loved seeing the fabric choices on photobucket too…..

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    I’ve added my blog with Mr. Linky. I’m actually getting myself ready to do the next step this weekend. Looking at my picture, I’ve decided that I need MORE fabrics. So now I’m digging thru my scrapbuckets looking for more tone on tones so that my quilt will be more scrappy.

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    I was helping my son who got into some weather and missed the 17th deadline. I didn’t read the whole clue when I got it evidently. I’ll have to miss the rest I suppose. Have fun ladies.

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    Oh goody – I like Mr. Linky – I hope it’s not that big of a problem…

    I bet we’ll be seeing a lot of overlap of reports. Let’s see, I am doing the quilt-along, busting my stash on a quilt-a-thon weekend.

    Now, if you add the block of the month as a quilt-along…..wow a ‘four-fer’.

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    I sure am glad Some People asked for this. I now have those on Mr.Linky on a blog roll on my blog and I have something else I can get behind on.

    Quiltathon weekend and Saturday Sewing Society at the same time. That insures I will get to sew………..

    Thanks Judy, you are the Cats Meow.

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    Hello, Ladies (and the occasional gentleman, possibly) –
    This will be fun! I posted my fabrics on Mr. Linky, and then saw some truly pretty stripes in a shop window… so I broke my “No More Fabric Purchases Until You RADICALLY Reduce Your Stash” rule… (Yeah, “Hello, my name is Nan. I’m a Fabri-holic.”) I really don’t like stripes, but the colors on this one were so nice, I just had to. Thank you, Judy for hosting this Quilt Along, I’ve always wanted to do a Bear Paw, but never got around to it!

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    Stephanie says

    Finally I have my fabrics chosen, lets just hope I don’t change my mind again. And I hope that I have done this link right as well.

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    gardenpat says

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    I’m finally posting! Wow, what a month this has been! Looking forward to trimming blocks tonight and getting set up for the next step. Just got to remember to keep my camera battery charged ~Nancy in MI

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    Susan ~ Patchkat says

    I have to admit to defeat. With work and my Bonnet Girl quilt (which I”m hand quilting and it has to be finished next month)….I’ve only got 4 Bear in the Farmhouse blocks completed. The rest of my bear claw blocks done but not sashed for the last 8 blocks. The other 8 blocks will have to wait until tomorrow after work. I’ll miss the next set of clues, but I’m sure I can “wing it” to complete my top 🙂 Thanks, Judy for offering this pattern. It’s been fun working on it as a group!!!