Brown Deer Can’t Jump

I find this so amusing!   This afternoon I received an email from a blog reader telling me a way to string up a solar electric fence for deer.  Thanks Tracey!  I can’t have any kind of electric fense but you know how google has ads on gmail that are relative to your mail.  Kinda like my blog these days .. anyone notice?

This is a picture I took not long after we moved here.  At times there are as many as 13 or 14 deer in my back yard.

Anyway, one of the ads on the email was for a company that sells deer fencing.  I’m not even going to say their name but I clicked on their ad.  Nice website but . . here’s what I found on there.  This is not verbatim because the info is no longer there . . thanks to me!

This is part of what was on the website:

The first thing you must determine is how tall you fence must be.  Deer cannot jump higher than 5 feet so a 5 foot fence is sufficient!”

It honestly said that!  Have you ever watched a deer step over an 8 foot fence with ease?

I felt the need to write them and basically ask them if they had ever seen deer in Missouri because they’re big and they can jump much higher than 5 feet.

They wrote me back and said “That’s on our webpage? Where?”  So, I took my precious time, went back to their website, copied the URL, sent it back and told them it was just left of the last picture.

They then wrote me back and said this .. honest!

“We’re taking that information down because it is incorrect.  Deer can jump 10 feet.  Our fencing is 7 feet and that is sufficient to keep them out of your garden!”

Huh?  I don’t think I’ll be doing business with this knowledgeable company.  Maybe this might be as effective.


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    ROFLOL. Let’s see, 10 minus 7 ….. hmmm……

    But I really really really think that lime green neon sign should do it!! LOL

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    I had an 8 foot high netting around my old garden at my parents house. It kept the deer out just fine… but the squirrels and mice had a feast! And the birds gobbled up my sunflower seeds as soon as they were ripe.

    Oh yeah, one time a deer with a nice set of antlers got into my garden cuz one of the ties busted apart by the “gate”. I went outside yelling at him, and I couldn’t believe how fast he got out, and didn’t get his antlers caught on the fence netting!!

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    Cindy says

    Oh, never mind. I see now the picture was taken not long after you moved in. I thought you took it at the crack of dawn this morning.

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    Dawn L says

    is your backyard a path to food? usually they will hang around because of apple trees and such. they love apples.
    we used to ask the local hairdresser and barber for human hair clippings. it helped a little as well as they have a keen sense of smell.
    but if there is a food source, that will need to be removed also to be effective.
    good luck! love businesses today dont ya? even when caught in a lie they still persist. and they wonder why we dont patronize their establishment.
    here in MA went to a new drugstore that opened a while back. they had huge grand opening sales. I got a cartful of bandages, shampoos etc at a good price. as I went up to the register a kid says to me I cant ring you out my nails are wet. so I asked if she could call the manager and my reply was he isnt here. so I proceeded to put all my stuff on the register and said to her, well when your nails dry honey you can restock all this stuff and I walked out. Do you believe it? only in America!
    Dawn in MA

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    kathy says

    My husband hit a deer years ago that tried to jump his full sized pickup. They are good jumpers but not that good. Lots of damage.

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    Denise says

    Judy – you forgot one sign that you should put next to the neon green one. It should say “no jumping allowed”. I’m sure then the deer would behave 🙂

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    Leslie says

    Ok, about deer, I am a Master Gardener, and here is how we keep the deer away from some things – actually from most things but there is a trade off. We put deer netting on the ground. We buy the widest width available with the smallest hole. It looks like fine plastic chain link and just lay it on the ground in front of what you do not want the deer to eat. When we lived in the country we put it around the perimeter of our “yard”. By that I mean, not all the property but the planted and pretty area around the house, and thank goodness we had a detached garage outside this perimeter. The deer do not like to step on this and so they stayed away and told their friends not to come either. Some of this was on grass and we had to lift it up to mow under it. The majority was on mulched areas so it was hardly ever moved. It was largely un-noticeable. If you get to move to the country try it. You will love the country – the night noises from the bugs and night birds and toads are wonderful. I still miss them, though I live in a smallish town and on a large green belt where I can see no houses (though they are there)

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    5 ft. huh?? Made me laugh. The deer here in Nebr. jump just a high as the ones in Mo. Maybe a 10-12 ft. fence is more like it. We have fruit trees and they like eating apples and pears. Don’t take them off the trees but really like the windfalls. They’ve been known to come right up to our front door to drink out of the cat’s water bowl when it’s hot & dry out. They’re always walking through our garden & sometimes nip off the corn before it gets to a certain height where they don’t like it any more. Right now have three of them in my freezers. That’s the best revenge, and they taste darn good too.

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    I have to agree with Linda, deer in the freezer! They taste pretty darn good with garden fresh veggies. I do love the lime green sign. You could make a small fortune with those. 😉
    Thanks for the laugh.