February Quiltathon Day 2

Anyone sewing today?  Surely I’m not sewing alone! 🙂

Vince offered to fix pancakes and sausage for breakfast this morning . . what a nice guy!  So, I’ve had extra sewing time.   I have everything packed up for my classes this week but I still have to bundle up the sewing machine which I’m delivering to a repair shop.  Vince’s clothes for the coming week are ironed.  Lunch will be leftover grilled pork chops, chopped up in BBQ sauce, served in pita pockets . . which are already made but just have to rise and bake.  Dinner is beef tips, rice and gravy.  I’ll get the beef in the pressure cooker as soon as Vince is done in the kitchen.  Then the rest of the day can be spent sewing.

Report in when you can.


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    Yes, I’ll be quilting today! I’m going to have breakfast and then settle down at my machine. Oh, and coffee….need lots of coffee…..!

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    I’m sewing and have posted an update from yesterday. Today I am working on the “dreaded” 😉 half-square triangle blocks for quilt-along.

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    mary says

    Judy: I’ve been a regular reader of your blog and decided to comment. I’m from southern Indiana. I was at a retreat you were at with Betty C. at the Leavenworth Inn. I’m not even sure we got introduced. Anyway I enjoy your blog and am joining the sewing today. I’m too am trying to bust my stash. Probably going to work on a log cabin something or other (my speciality).

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    Well Judy, if you can believe it, I sewed yesterday. My mom’s birthday is coming up and they redecorated her room at the nursing home. The old wall hangings do not go with her current color scheme, so I decided to make a new one. Besides, she used to be an avid quilter and she enjoys seeing what I have done.

    I plan on finishing it this afternoon (piecing) then I will quilt it. Lord, it has been six months since I have quilted anything. Wish me luck!

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    Bobbie says

    I am sewing today also-Trying like the devil to get the last rows(they are made) and borders on a mystery quilt our quilt club did last year so I can get it to my long arm quilter . Then making some pink and white blocks for a auction quilt. I am hungry right now and going in to raid the icebox-then get going. Everyone, have a best day. Hugs, Bobbie

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    After taking The Engineer to the Airport this afternoon I’m headed home to finish packing up… a look at the weather forecast for the week makes me want to leave as soon as possible this week and get as many miles under the tires before Wed & Thursday. Monday and Tuesday are defiantly the better driving days. Happy Sewing everyone!

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    Yesterday I got finished:

    1.Block for round robin for the Utah Quilt Guild
    2.Step #1 cutting/sewing for the Utah Quilt Guild Mystery project

    Today…I am home from Church & will start in on my Quilting Along step #2

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    Well, I am not sewing – but still doing some stash busting – the paper kind (a.k.a shredding). But, I stop and read what everyone is doing… since the shredder has to cool off every now and then.

    Boy, when I get home, i am up for a sewing binge!!!

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    Yep, I’m working! Got up at 4AM and worked until 12. I finished the Kaleidoscope top and love how it turned out. We’re going to play scrabble and then I’ll stitch on a label and a binding while we watch a movie later.

    Hope you get lots done today too.

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    I was sewing today, but it was on my cub scout quilts. I finished one of them, the other I am stitching the binding down on the back and it’ll be done. I presented both of them anyway (they are on my facebook). Now I can work on some other things (almost – after I am done with the binding). I am exhausted. My fabrics for the quiltalong are all stacked and ready for me to work on them. Maybe tomorrow.

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    Rosalie Cochran says

    I was pulling fabrics from my stash to prepare for a quilt project during March. I now need to do some strip cutting in 2″ lengths and several differecnt sizw rectangles. Working in green for March. Spring and St. Patrick’s Day are on the way. Whohooo