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    Stephanie says

    Yes please, as I have only got 8 tops to be quilted and 5 in the making I do want to have another project on the go, should be interesting only using lights and darks!

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    Oh of course I am in. I love your patterns and I don’t get all that picky about fabrics. I will pull tonight, after I finish my HSTs.

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    I just hopped over from Okperi’s Place; and just had to comment about your talking about how people need to make things using colors/fabric’s that they like. While working at one of the local fabric stores, people would always say; “What if I make a mistake?”. Straight faced as I could I would say, “Well, the Sewing Police will come to your door, and drag you away!” When they would realize that I was kidding you could always see that they relaxed a bit. Like you said, basically if you sew for enjoyment, then enjoy it! Mistakes happen, color choices are made and not everyone will agree with our choices. Hey, if everyone liked the exact same things, wouldn’t life and this world of ours be boring?

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    Rosalie Cochran says

    Yes. I want to participate in the March quiltathon. I will be working in dark/light greens and tans/creams. I think those fabrics will work. I am eager to prepare and participate.
    Rosalie (luv2qwiltntx)

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    Nancy C Latham says

    I’de love to do this one. I should be back in Washington and hooked up to the internet by then.
    Thanks for doing this. I have a lot of trouble with color.
    Nancy Latham