Tiny Computer

Last week when I was moaning and groaning with my back ache and blaming it on my big, honking Toshiba laptop, Vince went out and bought the tiniest little laptop for me!

Vince likes little bitty computers but I do not.  It hardly weighs anything and I might use it when traveling but I don’t see it ever being a computer I like.  And, I’m not about to mess with loading Photoshop, Paintshop and EQ on it.  Sure is cute, though.

What I am doing is not picking the big laptop up from the floor while sitting in the recliner.  I bought a little table and set it beside the chair so I could leave the laptop on there but really . . the laptop is supposed to be on the desk in the kitchen.  If I’ll just leave it in there, it will solve the picking up problem and I will get more knitting done while sitting in the chair.   If there’s a computer near me, I’m going to be messing with it!  And, that’s kind of a waste of time.


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    Well now you can leave the bigger one in the kitchen, and have this one by your chair so you can surf the net 🙂

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    We have this exact computer too! My husband bought it to take interstate with him for work and it is handy but im still getting used to using the tiny keyboard etc..so mostly use it just to look at things on the net!

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    Cindy says

    I used a laptop only since 2006. Old age and bad eyes made me go to a desktop with a 22″ monitor. Now I can see the monitor without my glasses. I don’t think I would like the tiny laptop except for traveling. Hope your back feels better soon.

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    I’ve been looking at a little laptop like that one. I can’t really justify it but I’m getting one anyway. The price of them are so low, it’s great to have just for doing email. I think I’m going to splurge and get one with XP and a bigger hard drive, just incase I like to put my EQ and embroidery stuff on it. After you use it for a bit, please give us a review…

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    It’s cute, but I don’t know if someone like me with big clutsy fingers could type on it. My Sony Vaio only weighs about 6lbs. & I don’t think that’s so bad.

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    I have an Acer Aspire One and love it. I do 95% of my “stuff” on it, only use the desk top computer because it is in my sewing room. The little laptop is so handy to take along, and I even bought a “kid’s size” laptop bag on sale!

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    Those mini-computers are too cute! I must admit I get extremely covetous when they’re around. Hope you have fun with it!

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    Guys and their gadgets! You are right about having a convenient laptop… too much idle keying/surfing, not enough knitting! It is nice to keep up with friends, though.

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    I also saw that computer at Costco and I said to my husband “Who would want a computer that small?” When you get used to looking at a 32″ monitor that computer is small!

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    i LOVE your blog :o) it ALWAYS makes me smile…. I have an acer aspire also and i LOVE it! i hit the caps lock often tho since the keyboard is so small, but it is just so handy to carry around–it does everything i need it to do and then some. only occasionally do i wish that i had one a bit larger to look at pictures etc.