Change in my Normal Day

Yesterday, I awoke bright and early . . well it wasn’t so bright but it was early and thank goodness it’s not dark when I get up these days.  The fridge repairman was coming at 8:00 so I had my morning planned out in my head . . get the kitchen clean, shower, laundry going and be ready to greet the repairman.  He was working on the fridge downstairs . . yes, the same fridge that was repaired by a different repairman in December but he really didn’t repair it and as soon as he left — same day . . I realized it was still doing what it had been doing.  Called and left a message but it was New Year’s Eve and I figured the office was closed.  Never got a call back.  Called again sometime in early January.  Never got a call back.  Vince went by and talked to them.  Oh, we’ll call your wife and schedule a time when we can go by there. Never happened.  I called them again and left a third message.  Still didn’t get a call back so I finally called Home Warranty and said:  Send us someone else!

Also yesterday, the window man was coming to change out a window for me but he thought he’d be here around 2:00 so I knew the afternoon would be interrupted and the window job was going to take a couple of hours.  So, I wanted to have a good start on dinner before he got here.

And, at some point, the shower guy was coming to see why my shower doors are no longer my friend.  I think I want a different kind of doors.  What I really want is a shower that’s big enough that I don’t have any doors but not much I can do about that in this house.

Fridge man showed up right on time.  I sat downstairs and answered email while he was here.  As soon as he left, I was going to run upstairs and get lunch going, needed to pressure cook some black beans for dinner, grind wheat to make bread, start some Norm’s Rolls (or is it George . . can’t ever remember that!).  Ended up that the repairman had to order a part so we talked for a few minutes and he left.  Just as I was about to start stirring up rolls and put the beans in the pressure cooker (the point of no turning back), Vince called and said “Hey, it’s so pretty!  Let’s go to Joplin!”  Hmm . . let me call Larry and see if I can reschedule the window replacement and let me call Gary and see if I can reschedule his trip to look at the shower and I’ll be ready!

Vince needed something in Joplin that he can’t get here so he took half a day of vacation, came home got me and off we went.  First stop was my favorite restaurant.  Vince gave me a choice of Thai or sushi and I begged him to pick one because I love both.  He chose Thai.  Not sure if this restaurant is typical of a Thai restaurant because I’ve never been to another but I love it!  I love everything on their menu!  Mostly, I love basil!  I got Basil Fried Rice with Beef:

Forgot what Vince’s dish was called but it was good too!

Then we shopped!  Went only to the places on the list; got only what was on the list.  That was good.  We spent the entire afternoon shopping though.  I don’t really dislike shopping so much when you know what you need; go in and get it and leave and don’t walk up and down ever aisle of every store along the way.

Though it seems we shouldn’t have been hungry, as we were coming home, Vince remembered that a co-worker had recommended a little hamburger joint in Lamar, MO, Eastside Station Pizza & Grill.  Not the kind of place we would normally get off the road and visit.  It’s a Shell Station with an added room to the side.  Oh, do they have great burgers!

Pretty darned tacky of me but I’d eaten half the fries and a few bites of the burger before remembering to take a picture.  That’s the kind of hamburger I’ll have dreams about!  Yum!!  And, their “Shake of the Month” was Cashew/Caramel so I had to have one of those.  Vince tasted mine and decided he had to have one too.  Who would ever have thought . . cashews and caramel!  It was so good!

So, for the whole trip, other than Basil Fried Rice and a hamburger and fries, what did I buy?  Sure you’re ready for this?

That’s it!  Don’t worry though . . Vince did his share to bolster the economy.  He was on a mission and his mission was accomplished.  We’ve decided to go shopping again in September  . . whether we need to or not.


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    Well when you start growing your own food don’t forget the orchard! And the bees! They’re the most fun part of a hobby farm! You can make fresh fruit sorbets… Mmmmm!!! And bees are fascinating!

    Stark Brothers is just a few hours away, you’ve got it made. Great trees from them!

    Make sure you add a tractor to your budget. It will make all the chores fun and will save your back and your marriage. Go for the green!

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    I’m so glad you have “guys” to make all these repairs. Every girl needs a collection of “guys” don’t you think?

    Two of the four books/mags are about chickens & one about hobby farms. I’d say you’re serious about those chickens & the place in the country.

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    Guess I can’t even look at pictures right anymore. Chickens, hobby farms & growing your own food. Three on the same topic is even better. Enjoy.

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    Sounds like you had a good day shopping!!! Isn’t carmel a food group……anything is good with that sauce. I hope you get your farm real soon.

    Karen L

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    PS……You don’t even want to know the song that is going thru my head now……….ok……………Green Acres is the place to be……… living is the life for me…………….

    Karen L

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    Dawn says

    You have to get an Anaconda chicken! They lay easter colored eggs! Pink, green, blue! Hmmm raising chickens! Brings back old memories. When I bought my house (1/4 acre lot) it had a chicken coop already in the back yard! I had lived on a farm when I was a child and remembered how good the fresh eggs were. They happened to sell chicks at our local feed store, and I started out with a few ANaconda, Barred rock, and Rhode Island Red. Raised them in the house under a heat lamp until their feathers came in and it started to warm up outside. Once they started producing, I had so many eggs that I was giving them away to family, and to the neighbors. My kids were younger at the time and they thought the easter colored eggs were a hoot! Have fun!

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    Judy, I just wanted to say how sweet I think it is that you put aside your plans for Vince. I would have a hard time canceling repairmen, due to the fact I never know when I could get them back out. But, maybe that is because I live in a big city? I digress…And, it’s even sweeter because shopping was involved and I know how you feel about that!

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    Evelyn says

    Your such a great blogger – I think only a fellow blogger would understand taking photos of food before eating it at a restaurant! LOL! Such understanding DH’s we have. The food looks soooo yummy! Cheers! Evelyn

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    Hobby Farms and Mother Earth News….you couldn’t have chosen 2 better magazines to help the economy 😉 Next best would be Hobby Farms HOME ….it’s awesome, just awesome. Only published 4 time a year, though…not near enough for my taste.