Believe Me Now?

For those of you who think I might be overreacting just a bit to the emails I have been receiving lately . . here’s one I just got.  My first thought was that it aggravated me a bit.  My second thought is that I feel sorry for this poor woman.

It’s obvious that you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when it comes to chickens!!!!
A hen will lay one egg per day – even if it lives in a nice lime green house with purple trim.
There is a rooster – the male of the species.  He likes to be on a high fence, crowing – announcing daybreak.  The neighbours would enjoy this.
What goes in a chicken comes out the other end – kind of juicy.  If you don’t want this all over your back yard, a fence will have to be created to enclose the ‘cute things’.
Flies just love chicken poop – be prepared for an invasion of flies.
A hen just doesn’t come to your back door and deposit her egg each day.  She has to have a nest in the chicken coop – check Google for chicken coop.  Straw is used to cushion the egg being dropped from the hind end of the chicken.  (Cracked eggs harbor salmonella.)  Sometimes the hen will poop on her deposit – so the straw makes it easier to clean.
At night, chickens like to sleep on roosts – check Google for that.
While they are in their coop, they will poop – dirty creatures!  Since it is juicy, you’ll have to put straw on the floor of the coop.  Eventually, it will get kind of ‘high’ with smell, so you’ll have to clean the coop.  This means making a trip to the store for a pitch fork – check Google for that.  You will have to load the straw and poop in the back of the husband’s truck and haul it somewhere – most landfills won’t accept agricultural wastes.
After this, the box of the truck will have to be washed – it will smell.
Oh yes, the chicken coop will have to be large enough so that you can get in there to gather eggs and to shovel poop.
Finally – most towns have a bylaw – check Google for that – where livestock – pigs, cows, elephants and chickens – are not allowed in town limits.
Stick to quilting – something you know about!!!
I guess I should be happy that she at least gives me credit for knowing something about quilting because otherwise, she doesn’t appear to think I have the sense to come in out of the rain!
Anyone else . . got something you want to say . . give me your best shot!  I’m ready for you! 🙂  Whew . . good thing tonight is Friday night because I think Helen has driven me to drinking!


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    Mercy! You would think that if someone didn’t like you or your blog or whatever they would just not read it! You are probably right – this poor soul has issues…lots and lots of issues!!

    Hang in there!! 🙂

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    Hey, I like the mind your own business! And considering all of the gadgets, does she actually think that you DON’T research prior to your purchases? What a nut! Check google for that! he he he

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    Ok – that lady needs to get a life! We just got chickens last year after NEVER having had them – and I am sure the hatchery where we got them from dreaded my calls at times but…..our chickens are a LOT of fun and are treated as pets – in addition to egg layers…….I’m sure you will do a wonderful job raising and taking care of your chickens – you NEED that lime green and purple chicken coop!!! I for one love all your posts about anything and everything!

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    OOOH!!! I have something to add to that! Who in their right mind would WASTE all that beautiful, fabulous compost by hauling it off?


    Only a city slicker would even consider such an insane idea. The rest of us country folk let it compost for a year and then add the glorious stuff to our garden.

    You do not need a rooster to have eggs. You only need a rooster if you want your hens to set eggs.

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    Marla says

    Oh, My God! Where do these people come from? I believed you before and I really really believe you now!

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    I have read, too, that chicken poop is too ?acidic? — too something, anyway, to be put straight into the garden, or straight into the compost bin without being diluted a lot with green waste – it gets so hot it will kill all the good guys that are turning the compost into nice dirt. But if you mix it with plenty of yard waste, plus whatever bedding the chickies are in, it’s fine.

    In the wintertime I don’t clean my coop at all. It sounds gross, but they actually stay warmer that way. Then there’s a giant cleaning job to be done in the spring. I throw the shreds from my paper shredder in there for nesting material on top of the straw and that helps.

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    Pam says

    Sounds like someone didn’t enjoy her chicken raising experiences. My mother-in-law kept a couple chickens in a little pen under her deck for years. The grandkids loved it. I always thought it would be fun to have a few chickens. Have you ever read “The Egg and I” by Betty MacDonald? Really humorous true story of a woman whose new husband’s dream is to have an egg farm in the hinterlands of the Pacific Northwest.

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    When I was growing up my family always had chickens (in town no less) and I don’t remember that the cleanup was all that labor intensive. We still had chickens when I left home and married and I honestly think I would remember if the ordeal had been as bad all that. The worst part of having chickens as far as I was concerned was the rooster we had. He was really mean and would chase us and peck our legs when we gathered the eggs. Fresh eggs are so wonderful, you have almost inspired me to invest in a few chickens. Probably won’t in the near future, but maybe someday. Perhaps this person just wants to keep all the “chicken joy” for herself. She is right about your wonderful quilting abilities. Not that I think we should limit ourselves to one talent. God handed out talents in multiples to those he thought could handle them.

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    Christine says

    OMG! This lady needs some “happy” pills in her life. Some people just go around looking to pick arguments. Makes you feel sorry for what is lacking in their lives. Get over it Helen and find another blog group to hang with!

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    Cindy says

    Some of us love you (yes, I know I have never met you). Some of us enjoy reading every one of your blog entries. For those that don’t, well they need help. I consider myself old enough to know when to have an opinon and my opinon is some people are just mean. Post on, Judy!

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    What a bitch. Geez, we’d still be living in the Stone Age if no one had ever tried to do something different and new.

    So the only thing I have to say to that person ……

    , , /\ , ,

    Google that!

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    Who would have thought that you wanting chickens would cause such a World Wide Uproar? Ha! Do what you want! I wish you only good luck with your life and your chickens. Why are people trying to ruin the Land of Blog the same way they try to ruin everything else? Have fun and keep updating the rest of us. I’m interested in how it all comes out……

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    Chickens, chickens, chickens… loved them when I had them, but don’t miss them now, except for the wondrous yellow yolks and the very freshness of your own eggs. I love you, read you every day… and giggle when the rest of the world just doesn’t get it! I love the coop, not matter what color you paint it. I wish I had one!

    Happy Chickens, Judy!!!!!!!

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    Some people need to know when to keep their 2 cents to themselves!!!! Judy, I have the utmost respect for you so I will refrain from saying what I really think of this person.

    As for your post…… keep them coming and I will keep reading them!!

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    Oh Judy! I just shook my head while reading that letter. I have never thought of you as a lady who doesn’t know “What goes in a chicken comes out the other end – kind of juicy. ” Actually the letter is kind of funny. Makes me think that some people also believe that the only place a person can get food is at a restaurant.

    All I ask of you is if you ever decide to go private with your blog that I be a part of that group. I love reading about everything you do and think about. I laugh, cry and learn things while reading about your everyday activities.

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    Joanne says

    Someone who definitely has “issues”. I for one enjoy your blog, have it book marked and find it a good escape from my routines by visiting yours. I do wonder if you sleep you have so many things on the go. Joanne

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    Katie says

    At first I was apalled, then I started giggling. Google that… I’m sorry people feel the need to send you such e-mails. I may not always agree with you, but my mom taught me how to play nice with others. Please keep blogging – I enjoy what you write and the quilts you share.

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    Hazel says

    That is too funny!!! Looks like the lady truly doesn’t know alot about chickens or she would be using that juicy poop on her vegetable or flower garden, ONE of the many benefits of chickens, which by the way I have had for twenty years( or more). No I am not an expert on chickens either. I am encouraged by the fact that you were trying to find out about chickens which means you have taken the right steps in educating yourself before you commit yourself to something. Chickens can lay more than one egg a day, although it doesn’t happen too often, I have gotten 2 eggs a day from a Buff Orpington and she was just starting to lay, I guess she was ambitious. Pay no attention to the air bags and if you do decide to go with chickens enjoy them!!

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    Oh Judy, first the cops are after you now this! I haven’t a clue about Chickens and if you want some that’s your business. I read your bloq because I enjoy what you have to say and yes I like to comment once in awhile but I hope I would never say anything to hurt you. Guess some people just have too much time on their hands. Hope your weekend goes well.

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    Pat B says

    One point the letter did make was to check out any zoning ordinances first and that is a good idea (it just could have been stated much better as the rest of the e-mail was not very kind either). My husband and I farm and we are in an area where people from the cities are moving in and they wish to regulate when farming can be done. Luckily we are still enough of an ag community where that has not happened, but it has happened elsewhere.

    I so love the sound of a rooster crowing in the morning! What is even better (we mostly have just raised birds to harvest as fryers) is when the male birds get old enough to learn to crow. Yes, they need to learn and we have woken up laughing because it sounds like teenage boys when their voices are changing. I cannot begin to discribe the sound but it is funny to listen to. You will also learn that peeking order does truly exist in poultry and it sometimes is survival of the fittest.

    We had one son who showed chickens in 4-H and I learned a great deal about chickens. Like not to say please bring in a chicken for supper-as I am yelling after him ‘don’t you dare bring in a live one” (freezer was outside in a shed). That live chickens do not like being washed before a show and how to hold a chicken for a show. It was wonderful to learn along with him!

    There are times that you will love the chickens, like seeing them scratching at the ground and other times you will hate them, like when they have gotten into your newly planted garden and wrecked it.

    Ultimely it is your decision and I will so enjoy hearing about your learning experiences.

  21. 26


    Judy, you didn’t tell us you were planning on getting an elephant! Wow, you’d really better be careful where you walk, then!

    You just gotta laugh.

  22. 27


    Just a few thoughts……..

    chickens are color blind they won’t care what color the coop is……If I recall right from my “chicken/egg” years, the average from one chicken in there production phase is 2 eggs out of three days……………the poop left in the coop over winter is what heats the place if you are in a cold climate, I think its a fermintation process…………anyway if you have flies they won’t be a problem as the flies will be around the coop and not in the house, unless you decide to put the coop to close to the house………Anyway, you want eggs, have that rooster for dinner, you don’t need to have a male to produce eggs………the poop is very good fertilizer and with the garden waste and lawn clippings will be more than adiquate to turn that poop into good composte.

    I think Judy, you have a good handle on how to raise eggs, your researching and checking out what you need to do to produce. Its to bad this gal took the approach she did, as she could have been a good reference instead of a thorn in your side.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Karen L

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    Is there a way to just BLOCK her comments? I like your Blog. Keep writing. If it isn’t something I am interested in at that moment, I just don’t make any comment. She needs to remember what Thumper’s mom said, “If you can’t say anything nice , don’t say anything at all”.

  24. 29


    My best friend has chickens so I read your post with interest. The coyotes are getting her chickens so I followed the links on your page and scoped out some of the coops and the effort involved in building, cleaning, moving the coop, etc.

    She could probably tell me what the breeds are for her chickens, I don’t know. I do know that, except for the rooster, they are pretty much quiet and they make eggs. I wouldn’t mind raising chickens though I’m certain that my CC&R homeowners would not allow it. So I just listen to their scratching and clucking when I visit her.

    And here’s the thing, My friend, the one who has chickens, she’s a quilter, too. Hmmm, maybe a person can do both things despite what your emailer thinks.

    Promise me that if you get chickens that you will post photos of them. Some of them are just beautiful. You go, girl.

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    Linda H says

    Aaaack! What happens to comments when one hits the wrong button!!! I had just finished a long discourse and it disappeared. Do you think that was providencial? a bolt out of the blue?
    Well, here goes, I will try to shorten it a bit as I re-type. I think all these negative comments re: chickens are just plain weird. No doubt it will be a learning experience, but it sounds like you already are. Learning, that is. Life would be pretty dull without new things to learn.
    As a kid (a looong time ago), many people had a few chickens out back. Yes, roaming the yard. Inside the city limits. And the dog had better learn to leave them alone! My mom loved her chickies. Dad rigged up a pen (with plenty of roaming room) on one side of the yard. Next year, he moved the pen to the other side of the garage. The previous hen pen became this year’s garden. No need to buy expensive fertilizer. Who ever heard of hauling off the cleanings! Great veggies! In later years, my 4H neighbor’s chickies came to visit with me every time I went out to my garden. Free fert and free bug patrol.
    I wish for you this joy…I bought eggs for awhile from a friend across town.Opening the cartons was pure joy…fresh brown eggs, tan ones, white ones, tan speckled with brown, pale green ones. It was like opening a box of Easter eggs. So fresh and good.
    The down side is that her eggs are in such sharp demand now that they never leave her neighborhood, so I’m left out.
    May you enjoy many years of homegrown fresh eggs.
    And may your sense of humor expand as you receive all these nutty emails about chickens and whatever.
    AND may those folks who feel compelled to write the nutty emails have their horizons expanded, their understanding stirred up and their gentleness enlarged as they read your posts and the comments.

  26. 33

    quilterbee says


    I read your blog every day and enjoy it very much. You are always so interesting and you do a lot for your blog readers. It is a shame that some people do not respect that it is your life you are living and not theirs.

    If you do decide to go private with your blog then I too hope that you will keep me on your list.

    As far as negative posters go I would just consider the source and figure they must make everyone around them miserable as well as themselves or they are not happy. I am always just thankful I don’t have to live with them. Hit the delete button .



  27. 34


    OH Judy, this is something else. I just wanted to see if you had put up the next step for the stash project and see that Bertha BetterThanYou has tried to rain on your chicken parade. Go Away Bertha, leave my friend alone!!! Chickens and quilters are a good match!

  28. 35


    Well, she mostly got her facts right…………………but if she’s so smart why didn’t she mention that composted chicken manure is about the best garden fertilizer there is? Your neighbors will be fighting for it and you’ll never have to worry about hauling it away. And just because you have chickens doesn’t mean you need to have a rooster? And rural towns at least usually have some sort of animal ordinance based on how much land you have and the type & size of animal? Hey, I hear you can have hens in NYC.
    And no matter what, that last crack was totally uncalled for. I wish we could vaccinate people against nastiness…………that woman would be an ideal candidate.

  29. 36


    I’m sure she didn’t intend it that way, but that email had me rolling on the floor of my office!
    Don’t forget the part when the chicken is unhappy about you stealing that egg she went to so much trouble to produce and pecks you…..see Google for bandaids (hee hee).
    Good luck with the chickens.

  30. 37

    Cindy B says

    I grew up with a chicken coop in the far back of the back yard. You don’t need a Rooster for eggs and I don’t remember it being nasty or smelly at all. The floor of the coop and yard was hard packed dirt. The rain took care of the cleaning. The chickens stayed outside the coop until dark so the inside wasn’t very dirty. I don’t recall anyone ever cleaning out the inside of the coop. The chicken wings were clipped so they wouldn’t fly out of the fence area. The only thing you may not know is that chicken snakes love chicken nests. So don’t reach in one without looking first. My grandmother use to put the glass door knobs in the chicken nest to encourage egg laying. I have a big back yard, no city ordinance to worry about, and the desire to have chickens but can’t convince DH that it will be a good thing. Like Vince I think he is warming up to the idea of building me a proper old fashioned chicken house.

    This is a good book for keeping back yard chickens
    Chickens In Your Backyard: A Beginner’s Guide by Rick Luttmann and Gail Luttmann

  31. 38

    Kerstin says

    I don’t usually comment but I had to tell you that I needed a good laugh to get me though the end of the day. Thanks for that. I have had chickens in town for years. No problems except when the ckicks turn out to be roosters, then they go to a friends farm. They are great for keeping bugs down in my garden and rabbitry. FYI…bantams cause less damage when foraging. If you spend a little time socializing them they make great companions while gardening and they’re so funny. I can’t wait until you see your first chicken dustbath!

  32. 39


    All I wanna know is……who peed in her Wheaties??? I just don’t understand whay people have to be so “mean”…..Like you said before….”If you don’t like my blog….Don’t read it!”

    I for one love your blog and enjoy all of our content 🙂 Chin up chickie hehehehe

  33. 41


    Are the stars in some weird alignment? Or is it because of the downturn in the economy, a very few people feel the need to dump on somebody they perceive to be happier than they are? A blog is a personal on-line diary. There are no promises, and should be no expectations. You can write about whatever you choose. I might just post about brain surgery later today. When you go there expecting to read about quilts, and you realize that I don’t know much about brain surgery, you just continue on to something else and everybody is happy.

  34. 42

    Vivian says

    Wow!!! I’m just flabbergasted. I think about Flower on Bambi … “If you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say nothing at all.”

  35. 43


    You go girl! I got a a little chick every year for Easter for many years. No bad comments, I took very good care of my purple chicks. I was a child and did not know that the chicks were being injured. Every year my chickens lived to be too big for a box and had to be shipped off to a farm. It was always very traumatic when I had to give up the chick. But the pleasure that I had when it was with me far outweighed the tortue of giving it up. These were the only pets I had as a child. The thought of them still brings a smile to my face. Makes me want a little yellow chick for Easter this year! Sue

  36. 44


    Oh my gosh!! I don’t understand how someone can be so rude and not be embarrassed about it! Sorry, Judy, that you have to deal with people like this. It blows my mind that there are actually people like this!

  37. 45

    Deb says

    Where would we be if no one tried anything new? How else do you LEARN? Criminy. What about all of us hippies (almost) who wanted to go out into the wilderness and live off the land? Some studied (NO Google) and some just “winged” it. We are in the process of remodeling our house that my husband built himself, and we just laugh at the mistakes he made, but it has lasted for 30+ years. You want chickens-GET CHICKENS. Let’s hope it never gets to the point where she wishes she HAS chickens because she NEEDS THE FOOD they also provide. It is getting to the point where we ALL are going to want chickens.
    I would have chickens too, (and know NOTHING about them) but I like to travel, so getting someone to take care of the chickens could be an issue, but I think they would be fun. And like anything, it is what you take away from it. I am sure they would be comical, and beautiful, and interesting, just like ALL animals, unless you are blind, and dont see it, in which case, I feel REALLY sorry for you. People never cease to amaze me. She needs to take a PILL.

  38. 47


    FWIW, I think my Dad used wood shavings on the floor of the chicken house. And, honestly, I do not remember what he did with the stuff when he cleaned the house. Must of spread it out in the trees?? They do not have to roost, you can clip their wings so they will not fly. Also, you can make nest on the ground for them to lay their eggs. Make sure you give them some oyster shells so the shell on the eggs will be hard.

  39. 48


    wait a minute. chicken poop smells bad? since when?

    if you do even half as well with your chickens as you do with your quilting you’re going to have more eggs than you and your entire extended family and all your friends will be able to use and your chickens will virtually glisten and glitter with good health.

    don’t let the nay sayers get to you girl!

  40. 49

    Glenda in Florida says

    I’m just waiting for a good recipe for egg noodles. Also egg salad, deviled eggs, egg drop soup, quiche, angel food cake, and sponge cake (my mom always made both on the same day, to use up the whites and the yolks).

    I saw lots of pretty chickens at the county fair last week–some of them had feathers on their feet! I was really there to see the rabbits, but they share a barn at our fair, so I have to admire the chickens, just to be polite 🙂

    And now I had better get busy cutting my fabric for the project.

  41. 50


    I think you handled that one good. You just have to sometimes shake your head at people and then laugh cause Come On!!!
    You just keep on quilting…cause that’s what you know best heehee….and raise you some chickens if you wanna. There are bunches of bloggers out there that will be more then happy to answer any question you have about taking care of them. 🙂

  42. 51


    For crying out loud…where DO these wacky people come from, Judy??? I think maybe some of them like the attention (even if you ….and us….are now giving them negative attention rather than positive attention). BUT……I also think we can use a few laughs by having you repeat their drivel here and letting us get a good chuckle ouf of how ridiculous they behave. Of course, I suppose they are sad and bitter people (had wanted to use a much stronger term to describe this type of person…but didn’t want to shock anyone by having a “potty mouth” here) and should be pitied, but I just wish they’d hit the road and go form a Society for Miserable People and keep to themselves! I can tell you what I’d like to do right now with a load of chicken poop (if I had one)….but I’m thinking you might be able to GUESS. 🙂

  43. 52


    Hi Judy. I had to laugh at the ‘chicken expert’s opinions’. She certainly doesn’t hesitate to voice them. Some of the comments gave me a chuckle too. I so enjoy your blog – I think chickens are a wonderful idea – I remember my grandparents having them in their backyard – in the city. Sometimes it seems that some people just can’t stand to see other people enjoying life – the ‘glass half empty brigade’.
    Hang in there and keep on blogging….it’s one of the first things I look at every morning. Starts my day with a smile.

  44. 54


    Call me crazy but I actually got a kick out of reading it. Lol. I’m hoping she really didn’t intend to come across as being so nasty. A few well-placed smiley faces would have definitely helped. You surely didn’t deserve a bad attitude.

    I’m one of those people who has had chickens and doesn’t ever want any more but I’m glad other people do. I gave the eggs away to anyone who would stand still long enough for me to push them off on them. I even took them to quilt guild and gave them away there. Lol. I call them “real eggs” and I just don’t like the taste at all. I can use them in cakes, breads and salads, but I can’t eat them for breakfast. In other words…they have to be “disguised”. Lol.

    Carry on Judy. 🙂

  45. 55


    Oh, for crying out loud! If I didn’t know better, I’d think your blog was a weirdo magnet. I know it’s not because I’m here. lol

    One of the blogs I dearly love to read is “Blue Yonder”. She is the un-schooling mom of 3 boys, and they bought some colored chicks last Easter. It has been a hoot reading how one of the “girls” began crowing, their attack on the armadillo gang, and watching them grow. If you have HALF the adventures Stefani and her boys have, you’ll have to start a whole new blog!

    Just please, take me with you! lol

  46. 56

    Tina C. says

    Give me a break. I can’t believe the energy she put into that email. Sorry, Judy. It’s too bad that she didn’t read it again and hit delete.

    I’m another fan of your blog. I check you daily, and sometimes twice or three times a day. Keep your chin up anc keep posting! Looking forward to chicken pictures! And how fun it that little house!?!

  47. 57


    Wow. Someone has way too much time on their hands. I’m glad to know that you can google PITCHFORK in case you don’t know what that is! LOL. At least now you know an chicken expert in case you have any problems!

    My mother always says “It takes all kinds”

  48. 58


    wow….there’s someone who needs to lighten up…..Judy I am new to your blog and spent a while going back over previous posts and being really entertained……I am looking forward to reading about your chickens….or “chooks” as they are sometimes referred to here (Aus) ………and just checked and you can Google that too!! Have fun with the chooks …they are very entertaining!

  49. 59


    Well, lets see. If this post gets enough hits from the internet, I am sure if we google “mean old lady” her dear little letter might be ranked #1!

    Honestly, I don’t know what people think. I have come across blogs that I don’t agree with what they are saying, but how would it be my place to give them an email chewing them out? And to have this lady chewing you out over chickens?!? For the love of Pete!

    This from a woman who has her blog set to private because of crap like this.

  50. 61


    I really like your blog, Judy… I’m sorry your writer was so mean-spirited. You are right, she is really pathetic (and mean as well) and anti-social. It is easy for us to say “ignore her”, but that sort of thing is hurtful.

    Enjoy your farm and your animals! I’m almost afraid to wish you well with the chickens and your lamb, I’m sure somebody will have something to say about having sheep, so try hard to ignore them.

    Cheers, Judy!

  51. 62


    Maybe she is going through the “Change” or maybe she has PMS! Either way she should just lighten up.Who cares what she thinks. Have fun with the chickens.

  52. 63


    She is jealous of your fun adventrous self. She is jealous of your success. She is just green with envy of your happiness. She needs to find out what is wrong that she has to rain on someone’s parade. I know several folks near us who have chickens and I don’t hear any of them complaining. We get our eggs from one of them. They are so much better that those from grocery store. Did I say fresh? and delicious. You should have chickens and the lamb.

  53. 65

    Evelyn says

    If you do get too many flies – you could always put up a bat house… My Mom grew up on a chicken farm back in the day – back when being a chicken farmer was actually profitable. The big barn had 4 floors – as the chickens aged 1 year – they moved up a floor. When they got to the top floor – that was their last year. This was before big chicken company competition and chicken farmers kept chickens in pens instead of tiny, individual cages. You could only keep so many chickens in a pen because when they got scared they would pile on top of each other and sufficate the bottom layer. When my oldest sister was a baby she had a pet chicken – that chicken is in almost every single baby/toddler photo of her! Having said all that – we never had chickens (Mom was all done having chickens after the fox got my sister’s “pet”) and I don’t know much about them. But my sister-in-law has always enjoyed her chickens and ducks. One day the ducks escaped and made it to the town pier – someone called her and told her the ducks were at the pier so she went down there to catch them and then someone else called the police on her because they thought she was trying to capture live birds – or something like that. Life makes for interesting stories. It’s your life. It’s your blog. And let me tell you, it is one interesting story! I always love to read what you are up to! Cheers! Evelyn

  54. 66

    Dawn L says

    sounds like Helen is not a happy camper. Too bad she thinks she has the right to make others miserable with her “know it all attitude”.
    She really needs to learn to get a life and make herself happy instead of complaining about everything. sounds like a pity party to me. poooooooooor Helen…….
    yeah right! Helen if you can read this, you need help. And may the poop of a thousand chickens land on you!
    Dawn in MA

  55. 67

    Susan ~ Patchkat says

    Looks like you have your fair share of comments on this one! I’m interested in your daily adventures with the chickens as we’ve talked about having chickens since we moved to the country. Ours will need to be completely enclosed due to the high predator population…owls, coyotes, coons, possum, kitties and dogs. I’m going to let you be the guinea pig on this one!

  56. 68


    HAHAHAHA, I am so sorry but HAHAHAHA, what a nut that woman is!! Sounds like she is just a little bitter. (Maybe jealous of someone else’s success and popularity perhaps??) I have followed your blog for some time and anyone that has knows that you would do your research before getting chickens. Oh well, it takes all kinds to make the world go around. I especially liked her use of the word “hind end”. I haven’t heard that one for a long time!! You go girl and get your chickens!!

  57. 69


    It sounds like the writter knows a lot about chickens. Maybe the writter had to clean a chicken coup as a small child and never got over the experience.

    I have to give the writter some credit though, at least she knows where eggs come from. Working in a grocery store you would not believe the number of people that don’t know where their food comes from.

    Without chickens and someone taking care of them where do we get eggs to make cookies, cake, brownies, ice cream and bread?


  58. 70

    Darlynn Venne says

    If what you write annoys someone, why do they continue to read your blog???? I just don’t get it!
    Keep up the good writing….there are plenty of us out here that enjoy your reading about your interests!

  59. 71

    Sandy Gail (Sandra Neel Hutchins) says

    I just reread Helen’s e-mail. That should teach us that we should say whatever we want to say with kindness, whether in person or in written form. She knows her chickens, that is for sure. The “google that”, though, made her advice sound mean spirited. God bess you, Helen. Perhaps you meant well but just got carried away.