Edit to Instructions

Down where I had said to cut the F, G and H pieces, it should have said to cut those from darks, not lights.  Thanks Kathy for noticing that.

If you’re just now seeing it for the first time, it’s fixed but if you saw it earlier this morning, it wasn’t right.


  1. 1

    Kristal says

    Just take it as a sign that having chickens is going to be a grand adventure! I cant wait to read about the entire thing.

  2. 2

    Vivian says

    Can you also “tag” the first post on Feb 23 when you outlined your intentions for this project and showed your fabric choices? I am thinking about trying this project and would like to be able to bookmark the “Tag: Stash Project” link and have all the posts related to it come up when I am ready to work on it.

    Much appreciated if it can be done.