Goodbye February

I’m so ready for green grass and flowers.  These picture were taken at mom’s last spring.  I see banana trees in the background of the first picture.  Don’t think I’ll ever see those in my own yard here in MO but I’m desperate to see green grass and something blooming.  Even Kentucky had daffodils and jonquils growing wild and they’d probably be up by now.  I haven’t seen any hint of spring.  Darned groundhog!

Mom’s plants stay out year round and get brought into the sunroom on the coldest of days . . maybe twice a year.

Have I said lately that I miss Louisiana?  March . . thought it would never get here.  I’m making a trip south in March.  Kristy’s kids, mom and dad, crawfish, flowers . . can’t wait!

The quilt in the first picture was one of our Quilt for an Hour projects and that particular quilt was given to a local young man who had served our great country as a Marine.


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    Judy, I’m with you, will spring ever arrive. We’re in Virginia and expecting 2 to 5 inches of snow Sunday night into Monday and for a girl from North Carolina that’s alot. So I guess March will come in like a lion and keep my fingers crossed go out like a lamb.

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    Hi Judy,
    Don’t feel bad – I miss Florida terribly. I’m in Colorado now (my choice – dumb!). It was almost 70 on Thurs. Then, yesterday I leave work and it is in high 40’s midday. I go to the library & for a quick tour of an antique store and come out and it’s snowing and has dropped 20 degrees! Go figure! Anyway, ignore Helen. I want chickens too but can’t even hang clothes out where I live. I guess I’ll wait until I go back to FL in a few years!

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    I love the visual impact of that quilt. I admire you for giving it to our soldiers. Did you design the pattern yourself and if so, did you use EQ? I’d love to get the pattern if possible. Have a great day! :o)

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    Judy, how do you survive the heat and humidity in LA? Here in central AR, it nearly kills me. I step outside and feel like I’m suffocating! My neighbors must hate me, but I mow and do yard work before 8 am, usually starting as soon as it’s light enough outside to see! Otherwise, I’m just sick.


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    Linda (Petey) says

    Thanks for the refreshing pictures. Let me tell you, it is no better right north of you in Iowa. I am getting so hungry for green, dreaming of getting out and digging in the dirt…seeing the flowers awaken. Maybe I’ll just start my tomato plants today! if the sign is right.
    Patience-where has it gone?

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    Judy – take heart, spring is almost here. I loev your mother’s front porch and how that bouganvillea (?) spills out of the flower bed as if it wants to be seen.

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    Judy, you are just making me long more for summer! It will be quite awhile here in NE PA before we get to that. Spring tends to chilly and MUDDY!

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    Those pictures with all that green look mighty nice to me! Here in the cold northeast we have a LONG way to go before spring gets here. I always dread these first two weeks of March because I know that we always get at least one of two of our biggest snowstorms in March (and often even the first week of April!).

    I do see a small light at the end of the tunnel though, with daylight savings time starting next week at least it won’t be so dark here!

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    I have the opposite problem of most of you. I moved to Georgia from Colorado 4 years ago and all winter I have missed snow. One of my favorite things is waking up in the morning with a new snow on the ground. Everything is so quiet. However I do have to admit that I was thrilled to see that here in Georgia I have a few daffodils and tulips coming up already and it won’t be long until there are flowers up all over.

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    Marilyn says

    Judy, what pretty pictures. I love green and flowers! Our first rose for the year bloomed this week. We are into the 80’s again and it is short weather.

    Glad you get to go home in March. We are going to fly to NO on March 13 for a long weekend. We are really looking forward to it. It will be our first trip (other than a layover at the airport) – just wish it could be longer.

    Marilyn (IQuiltToo)

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    Marlene says

    Don’t give up hope. Spring will come. Love the quilt. I would like to make one like it. Do you mind?