Helpful Husband

Can you read this?  Besides the fact that my inbox has over 29,000 emails . . I really should do some cleaning there . . Vince is finding recipes on the internet for me.  I’m thinking I should draw a map from the recliner to the kitchen!  Think that be nice?  No!  He told me he found some interesting recipes and I asked him to send me the link.

Always nice to have a good helper, huh?


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    Judy, I enjoy cooking……but I enjoy it even more when someone else decides what we should make…….I think the pizza looks great.

    Karen L

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    dawn says

    I think that Vince should go through and weed out the nasty emails for ya! LOL
    then you wont feel so bad when jerks make stupid comments.
    he sure sounds like a keeper. hmm…….loves to shop……….willing to find recipes online……….getting chickens and said lime green chicken coop……WHAT? he isnt getting the Lime coop????LOL
    Dawn in MA

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    29,000 emails? Judy, you just blew my mind! Get some filters, girl! I think if I had 29,000 emails I’d stop opening the account all together!

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    I laughed so hard when I read this…….! I would send it right back with “that looks fine honey……but whatever you choose to make for dinner will be great”…..gotta love him for trying!! I just found some “unusual activity” on my bank statement….grocery stores….yep….had to bite the bullet and actually shop this past week….I got lots of cracks like….”sure you know the way” ….and “do you want me to phone and make sure you aren’t lost in the aisles”….soooo funny!! but wait….I also cooked dinner on two nights! that’s my bit for this year….glad I got it out the way early!!

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    Rebecca says

    “Send (you) the LINK”?? Into your e-mail? Does he have any idea how (mind-blowingly many) e-mails you have?? OMG LOL

    I was lazy and replied to your reply to send you a picture of a quilt from Road to California. It had a lot of lime green. But among that humongous pile of e-mails, I’m guessing it got lost.

    I can’t even think how long it would take to individually delete all those messages, even without looking at them! I hesitate to post this, thinking it’s generating yet another!

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    over TWENTY NINE THOUSAND EMAILS!?!?!?! Have you never hit the delet button Judy??? and here I thought I got a lot of email volume while hosting my Fat Quarter Bingo. It’s my March madness as I get people signed up to play this month. Lots of emails going back and forth and I do keep a lot but I delete most when I’ve read them.

    I would stroke out if I had over 29,000! So that being said don’t feel like you ever have to reply to me, i know you have more importanat things to do 😉

    Love from Texas! ~bonnei