One Last Rant and I’m Done

Last week I was attacked for the things I buy and show on my blog “often”.  I was kind of at a loss and asked her to explain but she would not.  Since Christmas, the only thing I’ve bought is a $29 iron and a 1/4″ foot for my sewing machine.  Vince bought the little notebook on clearance because he thought he was helping my back problems.  I do not feel the need to justify my purchases to anyone other than Vince! 🙂

But yesterday this person wrote a long post on her blog (I have not shared the link here simply because it truly isn’t worth reading) about being compassionate and not showing what you’re buying while others are hurting.  She went on and on about helping others instead of buying for ourselves.  I’m not sure if she’s saying “don’t buy” or “don’t show”.  I thought buying was going to help the economy but then one of her readers said “No, buying is what caused this mess.”  I thought it was people buying what they can’t afford or buying on credit but . . who cares.  I’ll still buy what I want when I want it and all the while I do plenty to help others.

But the point of this blog:  I asked her to please read my blog and get to know me.  Whatever opinion she has of me is wrong.  Here’s her response:  It will be a very cold day in a very hot place before that takes place, believe me!

That’s the kind of compassion I like! 🙁

But I decided to take my own advice and read her blog and see what has happened in her life that makes her such a grumpy person.  I found a huge motor home they have bought.  They’re paying notes, they’re paying insurance and they’re paying to store it . . she said it . . I didn’t just guess.  I’m thinking .. practice what you preach lady!  Let some homeless family live in that big thing!

My opinon and I’m surely no economist is:  Pay cash for what you buy or don’t buy it!  Don’t worry about what someone else is buying . . that falls under the heading of “not your business”.  And, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

I promise . . it’s back to quilting.  I have decided that those who are miserable will not be happy until everyone else is miserable and folks . . I am NOT going to be miserable.  Try as you might . . I’m sorry for those who are miserable but they’re going to have to dig themselves out . . I cannot do it for them.



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    You know, you just can’t make some people happy. I really enjoy your blog and hope that you don’t change it because some people don’t like the content. I love your hubby stories.

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    Cindy says

    Well, I see the problem here. She’s jealous of your ability to manage money. Nothing more stifling to the creative process and even just the ability to enjoy life than to live under a mountain of debt. It’s scary.

    But most peope don’t have the self control you have.

    And you are right. Spending too much money is not the cause of our economic breakdown. Greed is the cause. From the top to the bottom, greed is what got us into this mess. Of couse, back in the 80’s Greed was good.

    Now it’s bad.

    And I feel it is my patriotic duty to spend cash. I told Joe that just the other night. He just looked at me.

    Wasn’t it weird to wake up to snow this morning?

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    There are so many of us that thoroughly enjoy reading your blog – and enjoy the quilts you make – and enjoy getting ideas for quilts – and enjoy getting instructions to help us make quilts – and enjoy getting recipes – and enjoy getting a good laugh now and then – and enjoy hearing your experiences. Thank you, Judy, for not letting some spoil-sport ruin a good thing.

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    I’m with you Judy. Go ahead and buy what you want and then show us pictures from every angle. Those of us who were wise enough not to get into debt still have that freedom. I love you and you blog and your stuff. Mrs. GrumpyMotorHomeOwner can just keep it to herself.

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    I am wondering, how is it her right to condemn you for what you and your family does with YOUR money? Okay, lets say your blog offends her. Fine. There is a little “X” in the corner. Click off, never return. It is as simple as that.

    As an adult, there is one thing that I have realized, there are some people that need drama. If there is no drama in their own life, they go on to create it somewhere else. What is sad is that negativity feeds negativity.

    Judy, just keep doing what you are doing. You have no one to answer to but yourself.

    Okay, soapbox is put away. I am off to attempt to quilt my mom’s wall hanging!

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    Pam says

    You don’t have to explain or justify yourself to anyone. Everybody’s financial circumstances are different. My house looks like a palace compared to some and a shack compared to others. People like that are always comparing themselves to others and when they come up short blame the other person. Ignore them and keep doing what you do. The problem is theirs.

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    Ruby says

    I seldom comment, and for that I apologize. You have such an inspiring blog and are so generous with all your patterns, recipes and life stories, etc. Every time I read your blog I am inspired to do more in my own life. I am so sorry there are such mean spirited people in the world. I just wanted to let you know that you touch people in such a positive way and that we appreciate you!

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    You hit the nail on the head Judy, spending is NOT what got us into this mess, it’s people spending what they can’t AFFORD is what got everyone into this mess, and those of us who didn’t spend what we can’t afford are expected to bail out everyone that did!

    And THAT’S probably where this woman is coming from. If she has payments on all that stuff, she’s probably hurting.

    If those that can afford to spend in this economy were to all simply stop, our economy would go from bad to total disaster. Too bad those down on their luck don’t consider that.

    Once upon a time, everyone understood the concept of “pay cash or don’t buy it”. There was no number crunching involved to see if you could “swing the payments”. If you didn’t have the cash, you couldn’t afford it. Pretty simple. But nowadays, everyone thinks they deserve to have whatever they want. Equality in everything for everyone, even though we are NOT ALL CREATED EQUAL. Some of us are born blind, some are born geniuses, we’re a lot of things, but we are not equal.

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    Cindy says

    I’m so sorry these miserable people have decided to attack you because you love what you do, have a wonderful husband and a great son. Not to mention that you are frugal with your spending, cooking, etc. Like I said earlier the only thing you have bragged about is Chad which any good parent with a child like Chad would do. You are guility of sharing your life with the blogging world and it just so happens your husband makes some purchases. I’m not jealous of what you have because you always have a story to go with it and my husband has been laid off since last June. Thank god for savings!

    P.S. Link to my blog left off because I don’t do crabby.

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    What is it with people and them coming down on you so hard? The nerve some people have!!! What I would give to be able to “reach out (through the monitor) and touch (slap) someone” on occasion!!

    Maybe if she would shut the internet off, sell the computer that is probably paying on and start snowballing her dept she might, just might be a little happier!!!!

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    Some people are just bitter and will never change…sad to say. I guess this gal has two sets of rules…one for you and one for her…..double standard, it seems to me. And……I love to read the stuff you blog about…as do, I’m sure, 99.9% of those who read your blog. So……tough beans for that sourpuss. We can continue to do just fine here without HER input. Maybe she needs to take some melatonin (google that!!!) or something else to chill out and stop being so mean. I’m sticking my tongue out at her now and making the “you are crazy” circle around the side of my head with my finger at her. Can you see me??? hehehe

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    carol fun says

    Judy- you may not be an economist (and in another lifetime I did get a degree in Economics but lets not talk about that ), but you are completely correct. It is not spending that got us into this mess, it is spending on credit that we can’t repay. Our economy vitally needs spending to grow. Don’t buy what you can’t afford, but if you can buy what you want and need. I admit I’m watching what I spend and I am paying cash for most things, and I am stimulating the economy. I particularly like to leave my cash at small independent retailers, like quilting shops, yarn shops and arts and crafts places. These people are trying to stay in business and I applaud their courage to be an independent business.

    And whatever happened to following those wonderful concepts of “if you dont’ have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all” or “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. I never interpreted anything you’ve posted as being braggy. I admire how you research items before you buy and look for the best price. You aren’t shilling for anyone, just passing on the info you’ve gathered, and I appreciate that.

    I believe that some people are just very unhappy and feel the need to pass that on. Thanks but no thanks. Instead of looking at the glass half empty, lets me thankful for the half of glass we have. Life isn’t easy or perfect, but there is is no reason it can’t be fun! And I get a lot of enjoyment reading your blog everyday — so keep it coming. I can’t wait to hear about your chickens. I will be living vicariously through you since my city ordinances frown on chickens.

    have a wonderful weekend
    carol fun

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    When I owned a LQS I did not accept credit cards. This bothered some people and I may have lost sales, but I always said that credit would take our country down. So I am with you Judy. I feel what you buy is none of my business, but I do love that you share your purchases. It is nice to see things that I didn’t know existed.

    I do feel for people who don’t understand how to manage money. I find that it doesn’t help to blame others for your bad luck when luck had nothing to do with a person’s financial position or how they determine happiness.

    Bill and I do not rate how happy we are by what we can or can not buy. If we did that we would be very unhappy.

    We have friends and family who are very, very rich and others who are very, very poor. They are the same in our eyes and we share equally with all. I will give fresh vegetables from our garden and fish we catch equally to any who would like to have either.

    People who blame everything bad on others are not friends of ours.

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    Well said, Judy. I don’t intend to be miserable either and as long as I can afford it I’ll buy what I need or want when I need or want it. My husband & I have always lived by the rule of only spending what we have. I guess that’s why we live in a modest house and drive old cars. But I’m certainly not jealous of those who have better….especially if they are snowed under with debt to have those things.

    Hey, as an extra bonus she’s not going to read your blog any more. Can it get better than that? I just had a critical comment to my blog too, but I don’t even have a name…she commented as “anonymous”. At least she was pretty polite & didn’t attack me personally just the fact that I said I agreed with something that she didn’t.

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    Judy, misery loves company. There are those negative folks who never find anything nice to say to anyone. I have an acquaintance or two that are like that, one family member, and one ex-DH. If I show them a quilt, they’re going to find the one point that I lost in it. If I mention a fabric line, they’re going to say what’s wrong with it. If I mention that I traded in my eight year old car on a new one, I have to listen for an hour of negativities about the new one. But those are the same folks who always have their hands out wanting some of what I have. They never communicate with me until right before their birthday or Christmas. After many years of defending what I have (and paid cash for), I gave up on them. Oh, I’m nice and all when I see them or talk to them, but there’s a part of my life that they won’t ever be in ever again. I was so tired of being brought down by their unhappiness or jealosy or whatever it was.

    You tried with this person. You invited her to get to know you, and you read her blog to do the same with her. So it’ll be a cold day before she visits your blog again? Good! You’re a beautiful, talented, hilariously funny person! I think you have been visited this week by green-eyed monsters! To quote Elaine, “Go away!!”

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    Judy I have learned a lot from posts where you have bought something because often it has been something I have considered buying myself but haven’t yet researched. Blogs are written for the person who writes them and benefits others gain are sort of a side effect. I’ve “visited” other blogs that I loved and I go back. I’ve also visited blogs that weren’t my style and I didn’t return. It never occurred to me that I should or could criticize their blog. I enjoy your blog very much – keep up the good work. blessings, marlene

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    I want to thank you for the wonderful blog you produce. I originally started reading for the quilts but I have gotten so much more – recipes, meal plans, inspiration, instruction and I feel like you are my friend because I know so much about you. I admire you and your family and sometimes I wish I could live in a small town in mid America – of course your current snow pictures have nixed that idea! I feel like reading your blog has enriched my life so I salute you and say keep on bloggin’ sister!

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    Julie says

    Judy: I don’t feel that you are “bragging” about your possessions. You’ve earned them and I enjoy reading about them. Some peope are so jealous of others possessions. As you said – she said in her blog that she is paying on time. So be it – her choice. I am glad you share your life with us, your experiences, your quilting and the wonderful stories about Chad. You have a wonderful life and I’m very pleased for you. I’ve always said that life is what you make it – roses or lemons. You’ve got the roses and Ms. Motorhome seems to have the lemons. Again, thank you for all you do and share with us!!! Hugs, Julie

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    Pam says

    JudyL keep it up. You have a brain and you know how to use it. You know that happiness comes from within yourself. You understand the concept of a budget. You are smart.

    Some people are just plain stupid. We can educate ignorance, but we cannot fix stupid. Same as some quilters just never understand what a quarter inch seam is.

    Love ya. Keep it up!

  20. 22


    Do not worry what others think… I LOVE reading your blog!!! I had the some comments made the other day when I was using my new iPhone…. Of course they were in “fun” (I think)… I heard “spoiled”… “Oh your husband has a job….” etc. But I do not care!! I earned it and waited a long time for it! and in my line of work necessary!! I love reading your blog and others especially purchase!! I find it sometimes enabling to see what I should buy!!

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    Linda says

    I have to tell you, I LOVE your blog…I don’t always agree with you, but that’s okay…you always give me something to think about, laugh at or work on. Just do what you do…and those that don’t like it…well, I don’t use words like that! LOL

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    Oh my goodness….another unhappy “camper”…..what is it with people who feel it is their right to have a go – not doing enough to help others? This really struck a chord with me as I have seen the same thing happen here with regard to help given to the victims of the recent devastating bushfires in Victoria…there are those (small minority thank goodness!) who are having a go at others for “not giving enough”………Despite disasters (natural / manmade) and recession – life does go on…..and as much as I feel for those affected and (as in the case of the recent bushfires) have donated cash and some quilting supplies, the truth of it is there isn’t much esle I can do… will not help those people one bit if I fall into a state of depression and decide that I will not buy anything or have any fun…..and if I choose to share what I have bought on my blog I wouldn’t expect to be villified because of it……I enjoy reading / seeing what people have bought or shops they have visited (with or without sheriff company) and my only advice to Motorhome Woman would be to get in and drive you might have some fun and help out the economy as well!

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    Please know that your blog is one of the first ones that I read each day. I love your sense of humor and how you share your life. Blogging is not about agreeing with every post. The ones that I don’t like I stop reading. Please continue to share. Let’s ignore “the negative ninnies.”

    Take care!

  24. 28


    I am so shocked. I can’t believe someone would say that to you. I guess that shows you how nieve I am. I thought all quilters were so nice. Probably what everyone else has said (she’s an unhappy,jealous, miserable, etc. person) is corrrect. Don’t give this person any more of your time. She’s not worth it. We all love your blog and that’s what matters. Keep on blogging and doing what you are doing. You are great!

  25. 29


    OUCH – everyone has a differen point of view & everyone makes their own priorities. I remember as a child driving to teh gulf for a vacation – we would drive through “towns” where I doubt they had indoor plumbing, but that had bright shiny Cadillacs out front… My mother said, that “‘People have different priorities.’ Some people have nice cars, because that is what people see them in – they don’t have nice houses because poeple don’t see them in the houses.” That has always been my way of viewing peoples purchasing habits ever since… (I don’t have the nicest home, but I am not in danger of losing it either, becasue I bought what I could afford, not what the money they were willing to lend me could purchase…)

  26. 30

    Carolyn Thomas says

    Ya know, Judy, my DH and I are not always wise with our money. We have debt. We are not happy about that debt and are working a reducing it. However, we also don’t deprive ourselves of all treats (fabric for me of course and tools or something for his shop for him). I would never have even thought about chastising someone for showing their purchases on their blog. I mostly don’t comment on blogs, so wouldn’t even think about leaving an unkind comment. I use a blog reader and have occasionally unsubscribed from someone’s blog after reading several posts in a row that rub me the wrong way. And that’s the end of it. I enjoy your blog. I have learned much about quilting and other subjects and look forward to your comments on what goes on in your corner of the world.

    Peace be with you.


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    lori says


    Hop into a happy bubble really, everything mean just bounces off. I noticed it all this week at work. The happy people are making my “bubble” STRONGER. With All of your Happy readers, really will make you stronger.
    I envy you on the smart things you do. I’m married to a spender, but a light bulb went off last week with him, he tells me “he wants to pay of the credit cards, so we don’t give it to the banks” ” you think” I’m thinking. Well he paid off one of the smaller one this paid day. He is attempting to quit smoking to save, all I can say is yeah, after 35 years of smoking.

    Just keep smiling