So, late last night I was yearning for spring and posted the pictures from Louisiana.  Mother Nature heard my plea and said NOT JUST YET!

Isn’t it beautiful?  So much prettier than brown, dead grass/weeds!  We truly live in one of the best places.  We have summer, but not nearly as long as the summers in Louisiana.  And, we have fall with the brilliant colors; we have winter with just enough snow to be beautiful; sometimes we have ice but let’s just throw that in with the tornadoes and not talk about them.  By the time winter is coming to an end, we’re so thrilled about spring with its new beginning!

For now, we still have winter, and Mother Nature will bring spring to Missouri when she is good and ready so . . I’ll just wait patiently!  Not much choice, right?


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    Cindy says

    Oh, you got more pretty snow than I did. But look, it is STILL SNOWING!

    A friend of mine wrote a book and I’m going to his book signing at 1.

    And I read the rest of your entries from yesterday.

    2 things:

    1. I think maybe you CAN train your chickens to come up to the edge of the deck to lay their eggs in your hand


    2. Go sew something. I bet your blood pressure is sky high.

  2. 2


    That’s just gorgeous Judy, our forecast said we might get some snow but it’s too warm, it’s just wet and muddy.

    I couldn’t agree more, Missouri is one of the best places in the US to live, I surely miss it!

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    Very Pretty!! But I’m with you, I can’t wait for Spring to get here, and neither can my Dahlia’s I have planted. You can see how those are doing on my blog, 2 of them are over a foot tall already and I did not think they would get that tall, I’m going to have to stake them before long.

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    pdudgeon says

    our snow isn’t due here until Monday (if we get any). meanwhile we have rain–lots of it–in the forecast.

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    Sounds like what we came home to went your way. Sorry about that! It’s been a really crazy winter in the PNW and everywhere else this year, that’s for sure. Stay warm, and THINK SPRING!

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    Hey, our snow made it as far as MO. I heard it was supposed to head that way. We probably have 8-10 in. even though the radio station kept saying 1-2″ was expected. The wind never came up too bad and today is bright and sunny though cold. A nice winter day, and spring can’t be too far behind.