Stash Project Choices

Many of you have posted your fabrics on your blogs but two I want to point out.  My stash almost entirely consists of tone on tone fabrics.  Seeing my fabric choices might make it harder for some who are struggling to choose their fabrics.  Mine appear to be all matchy . . no florals, no plaids, no paisleys, no kid prints . . I don’t possess those

Vickie posted her choices and it’s a great example of what I’m hoping to see.  Some of her darks could be considered on the lighter side of dark; some of her lights could be on the darker side of light but when darker lights are paired with very dark darks and when lighter darks are paried with very light lights . . it works!  Vickie’s choices are also lots of different prints . . the kinds of fabric I would struggle to put together but that’s what you need to do . . not struggle . . put fabrics together that you wouldn’t normally put together.

As I told my other Vicky friend, and she so boldly put on her blog . . thank you very much Vicky!

“You can do it. You may not like it but it’s time to . . you know what . . or get off the pot! Either use the stash or stop adding to it. You have to decide . . did I buy this fabric to collect or did I buy it to use on a rainy day. USE THE STASH!!!”

Now if you go to Vicky’s picture, she has totally different fabrics from Vickie but they’re going to work and they’re going to be beautiful and it’s going to be a great quilt!

I’m so happy to see the fabrics you’ve all pulled from your stashes and I do hope that once we do a few of these stash projects, you’ll be much better able to use the fabric in the stash.  It’s time to . . you know what . . or . . oh, I’m not saying it again!  🙂


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    I’m almost done cutting. I will be posting my choices on Monday. But I’ll warn you, it’s a little wild. I’m pulling from my brights!

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    You certainly got me going this morning. I woke up 10 minutes before 5:00 alarm clock, and went in the stash room and started pulling fabric — even before I made coffee or showered! You get the gold star for the day!!!!!!!! xo

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    Thanks Judy oh I forgot to mention that all my A and E blocks are different fromt he rest so no repeats..oh my this is scary to think of so much diff colour…

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    Lady you SO inspire me! I’d love to jump in on this one, too…but heck, I still don’t have my HST done for the quilt-a-long yet….only 2 days left to do them AND help Felicity get hers done, too. UGH.

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    Carol says

    Is there a place where we can see everyone’s fabric choices? (am I missing something?) This will be a fun project! Thank you, Judy.

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    Hi Judy, I just spent 15 minutes (I promise only 15 minutes) pulling lights and darks. I took a pic and then looked at the values in B/W. So maybe I cheated a little. But I did pull three fabric from the darks that blended a little too much. You can see my choices on my blog. Off to start cutting. 🙂

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    Pulled my fabrics and am not at all sure about them. I think they may be too much alike. Posted on the blog, though and would love comments 🙂

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    Vivian says

    Another fabric question — Are directionals (specifically stripes) a problem? I’ve got quite a few already pulled. If I can use them do they need to run in one direction or can I cut them randomly?

    P.S. Website: Not yet, but I think I’ll have to make the plunge if I proceed with this project!