Still Snowing

It’s really coming down.  I think this is the most snow we’ve had all winter.  Chad just came home for lunch and he said we’ve had between 6 and 7 inches so far.  I don’t even know how much we’re supposed to get.  Last night Vince and I both wanted to watch the weather and then we were talking and missed it!

The concrete and asphalt was warm from the past few days we’ve had so the snow is melting on the roads and sidewalks but I guess it will all re-freeze tonight and make for some nasty driving conditions.


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    Oh dear! I hope Chad will be safe driving, but if you have no where to go today, bundle up and enjoy the beauty of it. We rarely get snow in Eugene, so I’m enjoying the pictures. As for the meany who’s been emailing you, do you want me to take out her kneecaps? I happen to know you’re a wonderful person and it bugs me to see you treated like this.


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    I wish we had some snow. It’s so darn dry here and now the junipers are in full “bloom” so any bit of wind sends orange pollen flying everywhere. Snow would make things so much nicer 🙂 Settle everything down… maybe that’s why my head hurts today… hmmm…

    Stay warm, Judy!

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    pdudgeon says

    your snow looks lovely!!! we’re still getting the rain.

    the weatherman says our chance of snow on Monday is 60%. i hope he’s right!

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    Cindy says

    Snow is beautiful, in pictures. Today would be a perfect quilting/knitting day in front of a fireplace and window.

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    It’s snowing down in AR now too! It’s too warm to stick here, but it sure is pretty to watch it fall. I think it’s a given in the Ozarks… once the daffodils pop out, you can expect another good snow.

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    Cindy says

    Wow! I can’t believe you got so much more snow than me. It’s been snowing steady too, But I have less than an inch piled up on my deck railing and I can still see grass. Maybe my grass was already longer than yours. My deck railing is how I measure it.

    The wind blew hard for awhile, like the whole time I was out. It’s settled down now and the snow is falling straight down.

    The roads are still ok, but you’re right, it’s going to be bad tonight when it gets even colder. Is it supposed to be really cold tomorrow, I wonder? I have that Free Motion quilting class. It won’t do any good, I’ve been 3 times before, but I’m determined.

    I went to the book signing. It’s a pictoral history of Pittsburg. Really great old pictures. I came home, made tea and looked through it cover to cover.

    Have a nice evening. Keep warm. See? If you were out in the country the nice snow plow man wouldn’t come out and clean your street! That nice snow plow man wouldn’t care a THING about you.

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    Toni says

    We’re still waiting here in Tennessee for the snow to come. The weatherman said we would get snow but no mention of accumulation. Normally we get what hubs and I call air snow!! Just flakes in the air, bummers!!

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    I just love how you casually dropped in the “Chad just came home for lunch”. I don’t remember you saying he came home at all this weekend.

    I do believe Mama Bird is getting adjusted to her empty nest!