A Cake for Vince

Vince has a birthday in a few days.  Goodness, that man is getting old!  I need for my blog readers to help me find a cake recipe for Vince’s birthday cake.  Are you sitting there saying why should we help YOU? Well . . here’s why!

There’s a prize for the winning entry!  Above you’ll see the stats from my blog.  Views have been hovering around 3,000 . . sometimes 3,500 on days when the BOM came out.  I happened to look at the stats recently and the numbers were WAY up!  Must be that new fan club I seem to have attacted (NOT!).  The views for Sunday (today, March 1) were 5,909.  According to WordPress, the day ends at 6 p.m. central time.  That’s weird, huh?

Anyway . . THANKS readers!!  You are the best!  You support me when I need support, you trust me when I say “hey, let’s do a BOM” or “let’s use the stash”.  That means a lot to me and I’ve been thinking all day of some kind of contest to have to thank you all.

So, find me a cake recipe to make for Vince’s birthday and the lucky winner is going to get a gift certificate to The Fat Quarter Shop for $59.09 (because of the 5,909 views today).  I was going to talk to Kimberly at The Fat Quarter Shop before doing this but at the rate you’re going, that gift certificate might cost me $70 if I wait til tomorrow! 🙂  I’m not complaining about the views but . . $70 . . I might complain about that.

Here’s what you need to know to win:

  1. I get to make the decision . . just me!  No input from anyone else and my decision is final.  Doesn’t sound very democratic, does it?  Just humor me . . I don’t get to make many decisions around here! 🙂
  2. You can email me a recipe and then put a comment here that you’ve emailed the recipe.  Please don’t type a recipe in the comments!  But you do have to comment here in order to be considered.
  3. You can paste a link to a recipe in your comment.
  4. About the cake . . not too hard.  A baker I am not!  Probably not chocolate but maybe (I don’t like chocolate and no, it isn’t MY birthday but if I’m going to make the darned thing, I want to like it!).
  5. Nothing fancy . . I don’t know how to decorate a cake . . I want it to taste good . . not good but GREAT!  Vince deserves it!  Sitting in the recliner as much as he does has to be hard work! 🙂  (I’m joking . . kinda)
  6. I don’t care if it’s one layer, two layers and could probably go three layers if . . if it looks really, really yummy.
  7. Don’t forget I live in a very, very small town and if there’s anything “weird” in the cake, I can’t make it because I can’t get the ingredients here.

OK .. send those recipes.  Deadline for posting is Wednesday, March 5.  I’ll make a decision by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 6.


  1. 2

    Christina Drury says

    Hi Judy,
    I have sent a Spice Cake Recipe to you. I’m sure the cake you make will be
    delicious! I would love to spend the gift certificate at the Fat Quarter Shop.
    Christina D SC

  2. 3

    diana says

    O.K., Judy, I emailed an awesome cake recipe to ya!!!! Even if I don’t win, try it sometime, it is so good!!!
    Diana in Illinois

  3. 4


    Just sent ya a yummy sounding cake recipe. It sure made my mouth water, and I now need to make it for my family! Hehehehehe. Hope Vince has a very happy birthday! :o)

  4. 7


    A recipe contest? Oh, great, Judy!!! ROFLOL.

    My cake recipe is going to the local bakery and buying whatever looks the prettiest!

  5. 8


    My recipe has been emailed to you. If it is not the winning cake, at least fix it at a later date, I guarantee you will love it!

  6. 10

    kathy says

    just sent you a recipe from grandma and she was a wonderful cook. You might not live long enough to bake and eat all the wonderful cake being sent to you.

  7. 11

    Pat Carter says

    I’m sending you my favorite cake recipe–how can it be anything but healthy with veggies included?!

  8. 12


    I just sent you a pound cake recipe on your blog e-mail. I bake this cake a LOT. It’s my DH and DD’s favoritre. Enjoy ! Happy Birthday Vince ! Glenda

  9. 13


    Happy Birthday, Vince!
    I sent you our family favorite….German Apple Cake. It is so good with apples and nuts and needs no frosting, just spoon on the whipped topping or ice cream. I got hungry for it just typing you the recipe! Try it sometime even if not for his BD.

  10. 16

    Jay in Nebraska says

    Hi Judy, I just send you a link to my absolute favorite and very easy Coconut Cake. It can be made and stored unfrosted in the fridge upto three days in advance and it only makes the filling taste better with the cake. Even if its not the winning entry, you have to TRY it out sometime.

  11. 18

    Linda J says


    This Recipe for the OK Cafe Coconut Cake is wonderful. It was posted in the Atlanta Newspaper last fall and I’ve made it twice and it was great both times. The first time, I used the coconut icing and the second time I used chocolate icing. It is a bit of trouble since you have to make the vanilla pudding from scratch too, but it’s really worth the effort and only takes about 10 minutes — but note – make the pudding before you start the cake batter. It’s probably the best cake layers I’ve ever had.

    I have a cheesecake recipe too that I’ll send you, but you already have a great cheesecake recipe.

    Happy Birthday to Vince.

    Linda J in GA

  12. 19

    Pat Bauml says

    I just emailed you the ” Whatever Cake “Recipe……….its good good good and shshsh dont tell anyone but it rocks for breakfast!!

  13. 20

    Bonnie T says

    Hi Judy,
    I just emailed a recipe to you for Banana Split Cake. Even if I don’t win, you might try this sometime. It is YUMMY!

    -Happy Birthday to VInce

    -Bonnie T

  14. 23


    I have a super simple cake recipe that is my husband’s favorite. His mom used to make it every year for his birthday and now it is even a favorite of all my kids. I’ll email it to you, but all you need to buy will be a white cake mix, cool whip, strawberry jello and fresh (even frozen will work) strawberries. He grew up in an itty bitty town in Kansas and even these ingredients were available at the one little grocery store. Happy B-day to your hubby!

  15. 24


    I sent you an email with a birthday cake recipe. Don’t know why the first post did not come through, so I hope it doesn’t post twice.

    I enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  16. 28

    Sibyl says

    sent you a good and easy recipe. Thanks for your blog, really appreciate it. love reading it.


  17. 29


    Heres My favorite recipe of all time. Very old, Very simple, Very delish!
    Enjoy! Also sent it in email.

  18. 30

    Sherry says

    Judy, here is the link to a great cake! It is Paula Deen’s “Is It Really Better Than
    S** Cake.”


    I made it for a cake contest for my son’s Cub Scout Blue & Gold
    Banquet and it won first place. Hope Vince has a very Happy Birthday!

  19. 31

    Sherry says

    Judy, I forgot to mention that I omitted the coconut and used Cool Whip instead
    of the whipping cream in Paula Deen’s recipe. Sorry. Got excited!


  20. 33


    I just sent you an email with several recipes…..some VERY interesting ones among them!!! 🙂 Have fun reading them! OH…and an early Happy Birthday to Vince!

  21. 36

    M S says

    I emailed recipe for Lemon Cake. Light & decadent. Thanks for the blog. Thanks for YOUR recipies! I use many of your pressure cooker recipes; keep ’em comin’!

  22. 39


    Judy, I am sending you a cake recipie. Hope Vince’s BD is great. At any rate, you will have all the dessert recipies you will need for a while.

    Beth Scott

  23. 40


    I emailed you a recipe………it gets the Mother-in-law approval, so we know its good.

    Anyway, good cake is all about the frosting!!!!

    Karen L

  24. 41


    I’m sending you the recipe for one of my family’s favorite cakes. This is the one that i always requested growing up for my birthday.

  25. 42

    Pam says

    I couldn’t decide between the Busy Day Cake w/brown sugar coconut frosting or the mandrain orange cake — so I sent you both. I love both of them.

  26. 43


    Hi Judy

    I’m sending you a recipe. What a great idea for a giveaway. I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate all that you share… Happy Birthday Vince!


  27. 44


    Hi Judy I am emailing you my everyones b-day cake want-recipeif it’s their b-day I make it.and it is easy peasy and turns out great everytime and I am yet to find someone who does not enjoy it..

  28. 45


    Howdy –

    I sent a recipe for hot milk sponge cake – not a fancy cake for a birthday, but it is a wonderful comfort cake and easy to make. It uses 6 eggs, so it will be great when you have all those chickens giving you lovely presents every day. I’ll post the recipe on my blog….

    It also sounds like you will be testing recipes for the next year. Tough job – can I help???

    Happy Birthday to Vince…..


    BTW – WordPress posts stats based on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) – that notice is posted at the bottom, in the fine print of the stats page. But, posts are based on the time zone that you list under general settings. All of us that use WordPress will have to adjust the time zone manually for DST which starts on 3/8.

  29. 47

    Ida Lively says


    I sent you an easy-peasy cake recipe! Happy Birthday to Vince!


    P.S. I’m stimulating the economy, too. 😉 I bought a new fridge yesterday. Not because I *wanted* to, but because I *had* to. The fridge that was in the house when we bought it 11 years ago gave up the ghost, and the maker (Gibson) isn’t in business anymore, so getting parts for it were out of the question. Still, I’m sure there’s someone out there who would say ‘It’s winter in the Mid-Atlantic states .. just keep your milk, eggs, and butter outside in the snowbank! 😉

  30. 48

    Rita Engard says

    Hi Judy. This is a great recipe for March birthdays because it’s a green cake:


    After I started making this they came out with cake mixes that say “Pudding in the mix” on the box but don’t use that – just a plain cake mix.
    I usually leave out the nut layer and just put a light glaze of powdered sugar and milk over the bundt cake.

    Happy birthday to Vince – my dh also is a March birthday boy

  31. 49

    Judy in Michigan says

    Oh my goodness…you have a lot of cakes to choose from. I would love to see the recipes from all those cakes…yummy!! My cake recipe is for Graham Cracker Cake. You use graham crackers soaked in milk instead of flour. It is wonderful. The only hard part is whipping the egg whites but the rest is easy and soooo gooood!!! Thanks for all your hard work on your blog – I can’t let a day go by without reading about your latest adventures and thoughts. Happy Birthday Vince!!

  32. 50

    Donna says

    Hi Judy,
    An easy and delicious recipes has been emailed to you. Happy birthday to Vince. Happy baking to you!

  33. 52

    Paulette says

    So many cakes! Hope you,Vince, and Chad enjoy many of these in the years to come! I’ve emailed another one to add to the collection.

  34. 54

    Rochelle says

    I just sent you the recipe for a Hawaiian Wedding Cake. It is my all time favorite cake to make and eat. Super simple and tastes great.

  35. 55

    Jeener says

    Judy –
    You’ve got mail! The 1st Prize Applesauce Cake recipe is sure to make Vince happy! Enjoy!

  36. 56

    Denise/justquiltin says

    Happy birthday to Vince – emailed my recipe.. My all time favorite is a triple layer pudding/poppyseed torte – absolutely delicious but so incredibly putzy even I don’t like to make it so rather than have you shaking your head at me and calling me crazy, I emailed an oh so simple one that is the cake I always requested for my birthday. 🙂

  37. 57

    Cindy says

    I know YOU don’t like chocolate, but just in case Vince does, the chocolate cake recipe on the back of the Hershey’s Coca tin is one of the best I ever ate. Jenna made if for her dad’s birthday in January. I’m not so much a cake person, but it was delicious!

  38. 58


    Judy, I don’t have a cake recipe right now because I’m not a baker but do have some input regarding the spike in views of your blog. I read your blog using Google Reader, and about a week or two ago (don’t really remember when) I started having to go directly to your blog to read your whole post. For some reason I was only gettting the very beginning lines of your text and no pictures. Not sure what changed – a setting on your side, or mine, but others may be having the same experience. Just a thought.

  39. 59

    Scraphappy says

    Wow – You are going to have quite the collection of yummy cake recipes! I sent you the very favorite one in our family – whenever there’s a birthday or any special event, this one gets served – Rich and chocolatey. (P.S. I love fat quarters!)

  40. 60


    Well, I don’t have a cake recipe …and not cake for Keith either. His birthday is the 6th but we’re flying to Chicago for a couple days to celebrate.

    Boy, you’ve been getting some nasty email while I’ve been in VA haven’t you? I don’t know why people feel the need to write mean things. If I didn’t like reading your blog, I just wouldn’t visit.

  41. 61

    Scraphappy says

    Well, I guess I really jumped the gun with the chocolate recipe, didn’t I? :0 I hope Vince likes chocolate, and that you still consider it – the cola and marshmallows give it a whole different taste.

  42. 63

    Rebecca says

    Now I’m wanting to try out cake recipes *sigh*. I won’t, though, because DH doesn’t eat dessert, so it would be just me. Don’t need that!

    I just wanted to say that when we were children, we could always choose our birthday cake, and my brother often chose pie! It was a “double chocolate” pie: the filling included whipped cream, but wasn’t a mousse, and the crust was chocolate and coconut!

  43. 65


    I just sent an easy but good recipe that everyone at my house likes. Gee, now I’m hungry for it too! Guess I’ll go bake. 😉
    Happy Birthday Vince!

  44. 66

    Michelle Cyr says

    Looks like you’ll be reading recipes for awhile with all the suggestions here! I emailed you a recipe I’ve used in the past for my own birthday cake…I do love a spice cake! I, Oh **&&^ I forgot to attatch the recipe in the email….let me get back to you! I scanned the picture and recipe together….you think Vince is an old man….arrrghhh….I’m catching up….me and my senior moments!

  45. 67

    Cheryl L says

    Looks like you’re going to have enough recipes to do your own cookbook!! I’m sending you my Yummy Yellow Cake recipe. If Vince (or you:) doesn’t like coconut, then you’ll want to pass. (Or if Nevada doesn’t have coconut milk.) If you like it however, this is one of the BEST cakes I’ve ever eaten!! REALLY—-just a few ingredients; you can just leave it in the pan and the frosting couldn’t be easier. Really easy and REALLY yummy!

  46. 68

    Linda H says

    Here I am #67 –not too swift, but better late than never. Judy, with all those views, you are becoming a phenomenon! I just emailed you the recipe to my current favorite cake and frosting, family tested and approved. Unfortunately, my family are gone now and baking a whole cake for just the 2 of us is a bit much. But when we have a party!!!! Whichever cake you choose —enjoy!

  47. 69


    This was a real challenge for me to remember a good cake recipe that is easy to make and not chocolate. I don’t bake much now, because my Dad is diabetic with a sweet tooth. This cake can be put into two loaf pans and you can freeze one for later. It gets better as it sits, but it never lasted long at our house.

  48. 70

    Laura says

    Oh, my word Judy! I don’t envy you having to go through all these recipes! I’ve never entered an on-line contest before, perhaps you need to let some of us share the judging duties? LOL!

  49. 71

    Katie says

    Oooh…this was too good to pass up! I love to bake and have an absolutely delicious, insanely simple Cherry Chocolate Cake recipe I’ve sent. My hubby loves it…well, truthfully I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love it. I hope you will allow you and your family the chance to love it too!

  50. 73


    Hi Judy! I just sent off my Hummingbird Cake recipe to you. Even if I don’t win you have to try it…it’s delicious and so easy to make! Have a great day! :0)

  51. 74

    Kay Devaney (K in MN) says

    Hello Judy, This is going to be hard job for you. I sent the recipe Coconut Creme Cake via email to you. My husband loved this, but he loves everything sweet.

    Happy B-day to Vince. Love your blog!!

    Kay in MN

  52. 76

    Bobbie says

    I’m always a tad late in getting stuff mailed, but I sent 2 best cake recipes -very tried and true-just a minute ago. I love them because they are little ones and for you girls that the nest is empty, just right for 2 pieces apiece. Hugs, Bobbie

  53. 77

    Linda Kay says

    I sent you a recipe for buttermilk cocoanut bundt cake. We really like it. I hope y’all enjoy it if you get a chance to try it.
    Linda Kay

  54. 78


    Hi Judy! I’ve emailed a copy of my family’s favourite recipe: Sour Cream Pound Cake. It’s delicious! Happy birthday, Vince!

  55. 80

    Dorothy says

    OKAY, I found the recipes I wanted to send, they were sent this morning. Hope you like them…

    Besides, it is my birthday too, so I should win! LOL Just kidding!

    Dorothy S
    Sterling, CO