Stash Project Blocks

Take your 16 (A) rectangles and pair them up with your 16 dark sets.

I only show 3 in the picture but you’ll have 16.  Here’s your chance to do a little thinking.  You won’t need to think on any other part of this.  If some of your lights are on the darker side (or as some experts would say . . more towards medium!), pair those with your darker darks.  If some of your darks are on the lighter side (towards medium), pair those with your lightest lights.  Get all 16 grouped together.

Sew your 3-3/4″ x 5-1/2″ rectangles together on one long side.  Press your seams towards the darker fabric.

Sew your 2″ x 7″ strips to each side.  Press however you desire.

Sew your 2″ x 8-1/2″ rectangle to the top.  Press towards the strip.

There ya go!  That’s the block!  It should be 8-1/2″ unfinished.  Make 16 of the darks with light centers.

Do the same steps with the light outsides with the dark centers but make 12 of those.

Don’t sew anything else together yet.  Don’t get ahead of me.

Here are the blocks I have so far:

I’m counting this as 6 dark outsides and 3 light outsides.  That lavendar at the bottom of the center row could be a medium but I’m counting it as a dark.  It’s really not going to matter so much now.

Get your blocks done and for the next step, I’ll show you the top I’ve already made and we’ll talk some more before you choose your next fabrics.

Have fun!  Holler if you have any questions.


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    I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow..yeah I’ll be blocking lights and darks , ssems pretty straight forward yeah…..
    hi ho hi ho tomorrow I shall sew..

  2. 3

    Denise/justquiltin says

    Got my fabrics pulled so I can start cutting tonight. My iron died Saturday so have to stop and get a new one today so I can get those fabrics pressed!

  3. 5


    I was up before the birds today, so I got my blocks finished before the dogs were wanting their breakfast. Fast & easy!! So what do I do now?

  4. 6


    Hi Judy, Have you sent out the next clue for the Bears in the Farmhouse? I emailed a picture of my completed HST. I am hoping that you got it.
    Thanks Jane

  5. 7


    These are sew fun to do!!! And FAST…….can’t wait to sew up another one on another day! I’m excited to see how you sewed yours together. Thank You!!!

  6. 8


    Oh, Judy! This is so dear! Good for that boy!!! I remember when my first child left for college…I cried over her for two weeks. The second one left…I saw him every weekend (not so bad!) the third child left, I choked up, got a big smile and just knew I would get so many fun stories to hear about later on that it was almost worth ‘losing’ her for a bit! They always come home again! And that your boy shares…well, that’s just awesome and a sign of a great relationship between the two (three) of you!

  7. 9


    Got my blocks done!! I am pleased with how they look so far! Anxious for the next step and the bears in the farmhouse steps too!! I can’t imagine life without having several projects going at once- I guess I must have a short attention span! lol!

  8. 10


    Mine are done, too! I couldn’t wait to leave work today and get home to sew! Fortunately, the freeway cooperated! I can’t believe I’m caught up on all three of your projects – Stars, Bears and Stash!

  9. 11


    I have mine all made now. Boy these go together fast. Our internet service is down at the house for several days though so I’m posting from work. I’ll post pictures as soon as our service is back up. I can’t wait for the next steps! I have 1 question though, how big does this quilt end up being? I can see myself making a LOT more of these easy blocks. And it’s been a perfect chance to use up some large bright scraps and a few novelty squares. Thanks so much for doing this!

  10. 12


    Got started on mine yesterday. I have made a typical me choice of fabrics, but after all that is what is in my stash. No pictures yet, MyGuy has the camera. I cut all and sewed 8 of the dark blocks, nice and easy.

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    It’s unusual for me to see Adam two months in a row but it will now be probably 6-8 months before I see him again unless I plan a trip to GA sometime.

    Enjoy the visits while you can!