A Look Back

Over the weekend I was reading some of my older blog posts.  Did you know I started blogging in 2004?  Some of the quilts, mostly the ones I gave away, I had almost forgotten about.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, this will be a boring post so you’re free to leave now if you choose! 🙂

Of all the teachers Chad had all through school, Mrs. Orgeron was probably our favorite.  Chad loved her and I really loved her.  This is the quilt made for her and . . it’s hand quilted!  I surely didn’t do many of those.  It’s from the book, Collectibles, by Wendy Etzel.  That’s Chad in the picture with Mrs. Orgeron.

This quilt is one of my favorites.  It’s from a magazine and I saved the pattern and would love to make one for a future grandchild.  It was made for Chad’s 7th grade math teacher who was having a baby.

Another one made for a teacher about that same time.  Are you sitting down?  I hand appliqued all these sunbonnet cats!  It’s from the book, It’s Raining Cats & Dogs by Janet Kime.

This was a fun quilt too.  It was made using one of Bonnie Hunter‘s patterns.  It was given to southern Indiana tornado victims in 2005.

My uncle’s grandson was killed in a car accident and I made this quilt for Uncle James.

He had owned a Gulf gas station for years and I found this fabric for th backing.

This is a quilt I made for a deputy’s wife in Lake Charles.  When Hurricane Rita hit there, her husband was injured and she went into premature labor and was transported out of town.  I didn’t know them but heard their story on the news or read it online.  I made this quilt for the wife.

And this quilt for the baby.

It happens that the lady worked at a law firm and I knew some of the paralegals in the law firm so I was able to send the quilts to them and they got them to the lady and the baby.  Guess I should’ve made a quilt for the deputy since he was the one injured!

OK . . those are the quilts I found reading my blog in 2004 and 2005.  Hope you enjoyed the little “show”.


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    We have some of the same “vintage” books! 😉 The “collectible” quilt is one I’ve always wanted to make… perhaps one day. Thanks for the photos from your blogging “vault”… you have been at this for quite a while!

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    Linda (Petey) says

    What a nice post!
    Sure wish I could have been Chad’s teacher somewhere along the line…and for more than one (quilty) reason. A smidge of credit for the nice young man he has turned out to be is what many of us work for.
    Actually, did you know we are not to accept anything with a value of more that $10.? Thanks for not tempting me (smile).
    All you quilts are beautiful and some handquilted-Wow!
    Always enjoy your sharing, Judy.

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    those early quilts are almost like long ago pets, aren’t they? any time i look back at the first quilts i made i feel a cross between nostalgia and “ohmygod did i CHOOSE those colors?”

    thanks for sharing yours with us, they’re all delightful!

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    Believe it or not, I remember these quilts because I was reading your blog back then. Chad was so little then. Just look at him now! Your quilts look wonderful. You have been very generous with gifting the quilts. Those are the best gifts they could receive. It was fun looking back at the “old days”

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    The quilts are beautiful. Chad is so cute. I know you’re proud of him. All of his teachers would be proud of him, too.

    For someone who has known you since 1997 or1998, I know there’s more quilts in your past. You have always been a very giving and caring person.

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    becky rhodes says

    I wasn’t aware of your blog back then, but sure recognize some of the fabrics or patterns. You are amazing with your gift and so generous to be able to give them away. I’m sure the receipient still treasures each one of these.

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    OMG where has the time gone? I think we “met” on the APQS forum back about then, in 2004.

    You are a wonderful, generous soul Judy, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

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    Yes…I enjoyed the show and hope my blog becomes a long-standing blog, too….as it will be fun for me to look back someday on my older entries. I only started blogging in November but have posted daily and just got past my 100th post. (Stop by sometime and see me there!!!) Anyway…….I love the quilts you showed today since I only discovered your blog a few months back and hadn’t seen those posts previously. Wendy Etzel spoke at our guild last year and had many of her quilts with her. The Collectible book is hard to get at a reasonable price now….so hold onto it! I hope someday to make something like the quilts she shows in that book.

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    Thank you for the trip down memory lane! I didn’t “know” you then, so it was fun to see some quilted treasures from the past.

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    Sharon says

    I have only been reading your blog for about 10 months but I enjoy all of your look backs. I also wanted to thank you for yesterday’s post about the fabric selection help for Vickie. I also do not have very much tone-on-tone fabric and was discouraged but after seeing what she chose, went back and now I’m ready to go. I have a LOT of floral that I inherited and I can use it here. Thank you so much for all that you do for us.

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    Bobbie says

    Judy, you are the MOST quilter and person. How kind and generious you are-I bet all the teachers who recieved a quilt from you couldn’t believe the gift. Our quilt club -on the 2nd. meeting of the month work on charity quilts that we make and give to people that are having hard times, sickness or have lost their homes and belongings in fires. People donate fabric to us or we donate our own and get to work on them ( there are 15 members right now)–I couldn’t even tell you how many quilts we have done. One year, besides the normal, we made 15 twin size quilts to give to Loves and Fishes for their twin beds at their establisment. We just try to give a helping hand. God love you!! Hugs, Bobbie

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    I thoroughly enjoyed your post and viewing your quilts. I was on the internet at that time, but not reading blogs. Think I was subscribed to various quilting listservs, but not really quilting. It’s fun seeing Chad as a little kid. How generous of you to share your talents with his teachers.

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    Judy, I have been enjoying your blog only for the past 4-5 months and always find your work inspiring–it is so interesting to see how quilters interpret designs and colors and I love looking at yours. Thanks for sharing!

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    Those quilts are all wonderful! I love that picture of Chad standing on tippy-toe to hold up his end of the quilt. Look how proud he is of it!!!!!