Quilt Along Project

The next set of instructions have been emailed.  If you sent me pix of your last step and didn’t receive the instructions, please email me and I’ll get the next set of instructions right out to you.  I could easily have missed someone on my list and if I did, I apologize!


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    Ditto.. I have also received my next step, and will try and tackle it tomorrow, as it is evening here in England and I have to teach tonight.. I would sooner be home sewing.

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    And double-check! This is going to be a fun step — we get to see the paws take shape. Thank you, Judy. Looking forward to checking out the photos on Photobucket!

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    Now I have mine ! I’ll pay attention now to the rules. Thanks once again for all the trouble you go through for us ! Glenda

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    Kathleen S. says

    I’ve just sent through my pic. Nothing like the last minute to get things done! LOL

  5. 12


    Got my blocks finished and e-mailed to the correct e-mail address this time!!! Lots of fun and I am really liking the results!!