Snowballs are Done

I have two tops to get quilted before I can start on this one.  I think I’ll do overall feathers, maybe using a variegated green thread or should I use ecru thread?  It’s a donation quilt and I think the variegated thread light make it a happier quilt.  There is more green fabric than ecru. . hmmm . . what to do?  You decide.  Variegated green or ecru thread?  I’ll count your votes (comments) before I load it on the longarm . . hopefully by Friday afternoon.


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    I would vote for variegated green. As long as you are not using a white/ecru fabric on the back. If the backing is more white/ecru, then I would use the ecru.

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    I vote Gatsby or Lime by Signature. It’s a beautful quilt and I know you will enhance it with your beautiful quilting. Glenda

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    Ecru as I’m not sure if green threaad on the ecru corners of each of the snowballs would take away from the ecru….so I”m thinking ecru would be safer and will look fine in the green part of the blocks. Of course, I see I am in the minority here. LOL

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    I vote ecru — it will show more of a feather (or whatever you do) on the green blocks rather than bits of green showing up on the ecru corners.

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    I vote for variegated green with maybe a few shamrocks quilted in here and there. After all, it is March and a green quilt in March screams Irish to me! Hehehehe. :o)

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    I hate to be a party pooper..but how about PINK! ( I just love to rile people up…especially when I know they dont’ live ANYWHERE near me….:::evil cackle::::

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    I vote for the varigated green for St Patrick’s day month. I got my Stash project Blocks posted to my Blog if you care to go and see. I like the pattern, so I won’t be donating it to any charity. I have my Guild Mtg is next Tuesday, so that will be my show and share.

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    Robin says

    Hey!!! Hows about this…..SAND Varigated by King tut? Or something similar. Its a gorgious yummy cream/sand/ecru varigated.

    Robin in Idaho