When attending quilt shows or looking through magazines, I’m amazed at the work that goes into many quilts I see.  I don’t always do the simplest of quilts but I definitely don’t do hard quilts.  Tiny pieces . . not in my quilts!  What can be more simple than a snowball quilt?

For me, a snowball quilt isn’t as simple as you might think.  I use the little flip corner method and I have the hardest time getting everything to line up when I put the blocks together.  I’d like to put a plain square between them . . that would help!  Can’t do that though.

The Lee’s Summit Quilt Guild uses snowballs for their donation quilts and they have a color each month.  March is actually children’s prints but I have none of those so I’m using green, a color from a previous month.  April is pink so I think I’ll do one for a previous month and one for a future month.

Putting these blocks together should be a piece of cake, if I can just get all those seams to line up right.  And, it’s all from the stash!


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    I finished two snowball chairty quilts made from kids novelties a couple weeks ago. What a great guild idea to do the color-coded thing. I love your green quilt . . . another great, easy stash-buster.

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    That turned out really cute. What a great idea for a chairity quilt. I’ve become addicted to fork pins; Clover makes them. With the pin being on each side of the point you need to have accurate it makes a huge difference. You don’t have that 1-2mm shift that you get with 1 pin or even locking seams together.

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    No me, I just keep on stitching and don’t get too concerned about matching exactly. I tell myself that the over all effect will overshadow any seams that are slightly off or points that get lost.

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    Bobbie says

    I’m with Jen on the fork pins–love them and your seams will always meet if you use them right. Great investement. Hugs, Bobbie

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    March is actually children’s prints but I have none of those

    Our stashed couldn’t be more different. :o)

    How long did it take you to make this top? (I need to be guilted into making mine – apparently.)

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    Leslie says

    I like quilt and think feathers dress up a quilt! I would probably use a variegated yellow/gold, or yellow/orange. Can’t wait to see it!

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    I’d probably quilt with green thread but it might depend on the backing color. Feathers will look very pretty. I have always liked your feathers. I never quite got mine looking as good as I had hoped…now I have no longarm so it doesn’t matter.

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    Alexandra says

    I really like the variety of greens in this quilt giving nice movement. I would quilt with the variegated green out of the choices you listed. Although I might even try a purple or orange. It will look lovely and be loved whatever you choose.
    BTW I have had your blog as my home page for over a year and think that you are so open, honest, funny and extremely giving. Thank you so much for giving me inspiration.
    Alexandra in Sydney, Australia

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    Hi, I just found your blog. I love your quilts and your colour choices! Wow, you really know how to put them together. Being a fairly new quilter its always nice to visit another quilter and see what they do…I’ll come back for sure

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    Debbi says

    Love your snowball quilt in the greens. I think I would use the varigated thread to quilt it…but what about a contrasting color, pink? orange? I think that would make it very happy. Whats on the back? Debbi