Grilled Pizza

Last week when we were in Joplin, I bought the book Grilled Pizzas & Piadinas.  Every recipe in this book appeals to my taste buds!  Today was the first time I’d had a chance to make a grilled pizza.  Early this morning I had salmon in the smoker for the two recipes in the book that used smoked salmon on the pizza.  The pineapple on one of the pizzas has a glaze and I honestly could have eaten every single piece of that glazed pineapple.  I’m thinking of making some more of the glazed pineapple and having it over vanilla ice cream.  Can’t do that today though because I just finished a bowl of ice cream with cherries!   When this ice cream is gone, I am NOT buying any more.  If it’s here, I can’t stop eating it.

Anyway, here are the pizzas  . .  sitting on the deck railing waiting to be put on the grill.

I don’ t even know which one I liked the best . . probably the top one because that pineapple was so good!

After having collected cookbooks for years, I’ve kinda sworn off buying cookbooks.  There’s hardly a recipe you can’t find on the internet so why keep all those books?  But this book seems new and different to me! If you like to try new flavors . . there are some really unusual flavor combinations in these recipes . . you must get this book.  I can’t wait to make more of the grilled pizzas and try some of the piadinas.


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    That looks fabulous Judy! I am curious… do you hand toss your crusts or roll them out?

    I don’t do well hand tossing mine… I tend to over stretch the centers and tear them. I’ve taken to rolling mine out on parchment paper with just a light dusting of flour. Even though the dough is totally “stuck” to the paper, after I prebake my crust, it peels right off.

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    My mom loved to collect cookbooks – her favorites were the older cookbooks, with the good classic recipes, as well as the group cookbooks where everyone contributes a recipe. I can tell where she traveled by the cookbooks in her collection.

    Both pizzas look delicious – and I agree with the ice cream problem – it’s hard to resist when it is just right there in the freezer!

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    Nancy W. says

    These look so interesting. I’m tired of all the typical Winter comfort foods and ready for something new and different. I should have known I could count on you to come up with something.