What’s She Cooking?

Anyone have a guess as to what we had for lunch?  I see smoked salmon, spinach, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, fontina cheese, green onions, sliced red onions, glazed pineapple and a bowl that . . could be dumplings, dough, tortillas, pie crust.  All I’m going to say is it was delicious!


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    This is undoubtedly another primo recipe.

    I used your potato soup recipe (with the jalapenos) and made a double batch to take to our Lenten soup suppers at church last night. There were 8 other soups but I garnered quite a few compliments on your recipe, Judy. There was only enough for a small bowl for my lunch today. I’ll be watching, with interest, to see what you do with the salmon and all that cheese.