Stash Project Setting

Before we start on the stash project, I wanted to let you know about a little fabric giveaway over at The Quilting Gallery.  Last month, The Quilting Gallery had guest bloggers throughout the month.  Phyllis Dobbs was one of the guest bloggers and it’s her new fabric in the giveaway.  Check it out and . . if you win, don’t forget to add it to your stash report! 🙂

So . . do you have your blocks all done?  Did you decide which fabric or combination of fabrics to use for your setting triangles and your outer border?  Ready for the next step?

1.  From your setting triangles fabric, cut 4 – 12-5/8″ squares.  Cut these on the diagonal twice so you have 16 setting/side triangles.  (You really only need 14 of them.)

2.  From the setting triangles fabric, cut 2 – 6-5/8″ squares.  Cut these on the diagonal once so you have 4 corner triangles.

3.  You’ve made your four corner blocks now, right (using the setting triangle fabric and the outer border fabric)?  Sew two setting triangles (from step 1) to the sides of one of those blocks.  Sew a corner triangle (from step 2) to the top of that unit.

4.  Decide on a pleasing arrangement for your blocks.  Let’s start setting them into rows.  First row has three blocks, with setting/side triangles on each end.

5.  Continue making the rows.

6.  Make them all and then sew them together to make the center of the top.  In this picture (click on it to make it larger), you can see where the corner blocks and corner triangles are placed.

7. The first border is made from the same fabric as the setting triangles.  Cut 6 – 2-1/2″ strips.  Join them to get the length you need.  Attach the sides first.  Be careful and measure!  You’re working with some bias edges here.  The side border strips should measure 57″, including seam allowances.  Measure your own work before cutting these strips but do not stretch the top while measuring. The top and bottom border strips should measure 49.75″, including seam allowances.

8.  For the narrow next border, cut 7 – 1-1/2″ strips.  Attach to the sides first, then to the top and bottom.

9.  For the final border, cut 8 – 4-1/2″ strips.  Attach to the sides first, then to the top and bottom.

You have one week to get this top finished.  Yes, you can do it!  Once you get your top finished, write about it on your blog or post a picture on a photo site and put the link here in the link box.  Only link to the specific post . . not to your main blog.  On Friday, March 13, some time around 6:00 p.m. central time, I will draw a name from those who have finished and that person will receive the lovely and patriotic Gingher Glory scissors.


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    I’m working on Bears tonight, and will do this one over the weekend! You’ve certainly motivated me, Miss Judy, and a lot of others out there!!!

    Can I ask a favor? Well, two favors. First, could you tell me us/me how much yardage Bears and the Stash Quilt used for our stash reports? I wasn’t keep up with that. And then at some point could you do a blog about mitered borders? I want to do that with the stripes, but the only other time I tried it, it was a total disaster that I ended up ripping out.

    I’m not asking for much, huh? LOL xox

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    Dang Judy, I would love to make this one too but I am still working on the two other quilts of yours. I would love to win those great scissors too, of course. You are just too fast for me. I can’t keep up! It is great of you to share so many great patterns!

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    Step 8 reads “For the narrow next border, cut 7-1/2? strips”. Are these meant to be invisible? 😉 I’m thinking maybe 1 1/2″ strips?? I’m not to that step yet so I’ll check back later. I sure like how mine is looking. Thanks

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    Judy, Thanks for the mention of my guest blog on Quilting Gallery! I love your stash quilt project design. That would make a gorgeous quilt and your color suggestions are wonderful.

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    Robin says

    I hope you put the entire directions somewhere for us ( possibly a category labeled stash Project?) so we could make one of these whenevr we have time- would love to try this one at some point in time whenever I get the fabric accumulated 🙂 – yes there are some of us readers who don’t have much of a stash-yet!!! Love to read your blog! Robin

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    Bobbie says

    Dang the bad luck–first I was in then I was out—-ended up out and I’m regreting it. I loved the idea of getting some stash busting done, but then the guilt set in about all those>>>>>>> over there. I love the quilt and have copied the instructions–somedat. Hugs, Bobbie

  7. 8


    I was in, then got too busy and opted out, then felt like I was missing out and jumped back in. I’m so glad I’m making this quilt! I love how it’s coming together, and for so little time invested and with fabrics pulled totally out of stash, I am going to have a fun quilt. I can see this pattern becoming a go-to pattern when I need to make something up quickly. Can’t wait to see everyone’s finished quilt!

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    I hope to get a chance to make this quilt, but I have to get the instructions for Tuesday night’s quilt class done first.
    Can you tell us how you do those great layout graphics? Is it EQ6 or some other program? I can get the EQ6 meta-files of the blocks but not the quilts.

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    Do you sew the border strips together, end to end, with a 45 degree angle seams or straight seams. I’ve cut them 3 times now and I think I have them right finally. Working into the night since DH went on a Scout campout…

  10. 11


    Yeah I’ve completed my top..ohh how I love it Judy you have woken something in me that I never knew was there, I can make something that doesn’t have to go with this and that,thank you for the opportunity to create a wonderful project,cheers Vickie

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    WooHoo, my Stash Top is finished!!! I have been waiting for a long time to use the butterflies on the lime green print and it was perfect for this top. Thanks Judy

  12. 13


    Thanks for this pattern and the encouragement to just go for it. I spent less than ten minutes pulling the darks and lights. Good to have some of these old, old fabrics in a quilt and not on a shelf.

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    Rita Engard says

    Oh my goodness! DH loves this quilt. I thought I was picking all of my “ugly” fabric. Now I think maybe these were the less feminine fabrics in my stash. This was so much fun. I can’t wait to see what you have planned for the next project. I was thinking I would surely give this one away but after DH’s reaction I dare not.
    Rita E in AZ

  14. 15


    I think I missed the deadline, but at least I finished my Stash Quilt – the flimsy part. It was fun using up some old fabric and lots of scraps. Thanks Judy for the pattern.

  15. 16


    O.k. my Stashbuster is posted and the blog is up! Forgive me for all the creative license taken with the design but had to try to make what I had work!

    And I did use stripes but subtle ones. They were not a problem after all — they worked whether I controlled the direction or didn’t.

    This was fun and will push me to try to “start from stash” more often in the future. Thanks for the start on both counts Judy!

  16. 18


    Just finished mine, but wasn’t able to finish by the 13th. Will post a picture tomorrow along with my stash busting report.

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    Susan ~ Patchkat says

    Here’s my center section. It will have border added today and my top will be done! Thanks for a cute project. This one will go to MOH.

  18. 20

    Susan ~ Patchkat says

    border is on and I’ve named the quilt top! “Gourmet Jellies” as the colors remind me of Jelly Beans.

  19. 21


    Well, I finally finished mine! This was definitely a challenge as it was the first time I’d ever worked with setting triangles. And I used Orange as my background color which was way “outside the box” for me. Thanks for the pattern!