Lucky Chad!

This morning I was going to write a post about how proud I am of Chad and then I didn’t because I didn’t want it to sound like . . well, you know . . like a mom!  But he’s doing so good . . he comes home and works Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday here, then goes back to school Sunday evening.  He has a job in the evenings there working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening.   Thursday is fishing afternoon! 🙂

Last week was time to pick dorm rooms for the Fall semester and his two roommates both wanted to room with him again.  I had so feared that he wouldn’t be happy with his roomies.  Chad has never shared a bedroom, bathroom, computer, TV or anything . . only child, you know!  They have the biggest room of all the dorm rooms on the whole campus but it’s on the 4th (top) floor and they’re always hot.  They sleep with their windows open but the dumpster is right down below one of their windows and the trash man comes every morning between 4 and 5 a.m. and wakes them up.  There’s another room almost as big as their room across the hall but the dumpster isn’t right under the window.  Chad has had his eye on that room since Day 1.  He was in line bright and early and got that room so the three of them will room together there in the Fall.

The guy from Saudi . . you wouldn’t believe the deal the Saudi government gives their kids!  He’s bought a 42″ TV for the room, a Play Station 3 and whatever the newest Nintendo game system is.  I do hope they find time to study!  So far Chad’s grades are good.

The mail man came while Chad was home for lunch today and Chad had a letter from the community college he attended here.  There was a CAAP test in November and they told the graduating kids if they scored above the national average in all the categories, their names would go into a drawing for a check .. a large check . . a four figure check!  And . . guess who won!  Chad!!  He’s so happy.

He’s on the phone telling his friend . . cell phones don’t work inside our house so that’s why I snapped a picture of him outside.


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    Congrats to Chad, Hard work, dedication, well now that is the American way. You should be proud and shouting it from the roof tops.

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    Yeah for your winner!

    I noticed one of your store links is my once favorite place to shop! In my past quilting life I was at Betty’s shop anytime I had the opportunity. And her husband’s tea room above was my other favorite! His Tomato Shaker Pie is fantastic!

    Now, I am more a knitter than a quilter or cross stitcher. One day I might get back to all those UFOs and planned tops.

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    Congratulations to Chad for working and studying hard!! And, to you Judy for instilling good study habits in your son!!

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    You have many reasons to be proud of your son!!!! Great job Chad! And he had great role models. Excellant news!! Great way to start the spring, and looking forward to a great fall!!!

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    A. L. says

    Chad is such a great guy. But I give more credit to Mom and Dad.

    We raised 4 kids and everyone would tell us–” you are so lucky to have such nice kids”.

    My response–“it wasn’t luck, it was darn hard work”.

    Good kids most often do not just happen, they evolve from a wonderful home enviroment.
    Congratulations to ALL of you.

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    Wow, that’s fantastic. I agree with the comments above, it’s not luck, it’s hard work, with a tiny bit of Karma thrown in.

    Way to go Chad!

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    GREAT news about Chad…and don’t ever hesitate to brag about him on your blog. It’s YOUR blog…remember??? (Gosh…you nearly make me feel guilty that I was bragging on my blog recently about our daughter’s pop-rock music CD that was released a week ago!!!) If we can’t brag about our own kids on our own blogs, then something is really wrong. Tell Chad we all said CONGRATULATIONS, and…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! You have every right to be proud of him for the kind of young man he is!

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    Pam says

    Congrats, Chad.
    Judy, I’ve always said that the best investment for the future is in the education of our children. Job well done.

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    Cindy says

    Do you think Chad would let me rub his head when I could use some luck? I promise I would feed him, probably not as good as you though. Congratulations to Chad on the check and the new room.

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    Bon says

    Way to go, Chad.

    It’s fun to read about him. I’ve been hearing about him for a good many years.

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    Evelyn says

    Oohhh! A 4 figure check will certainly help with that tuition.! It IS nice to see hard work being rewarded – a much surer path than lottery tickets! And, glad to hear that the room-mate thing is working out AND that Chad was in line earlier enough to change rooms. Looks like everything is looking cherry (and not just Vince’s cake!). -Evelyn

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    YAY – You better watch out telling people that cell phones don’t work in your house – that shows a chink in your perfect (life) armor! :o)

    P.S. I am cooking your stickey chicken for Passover… (I like the idea of cooking it all day long with out fussing over it – I have that to do for the rest of the meal…)

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    And here I thought I’d been lucky lately. Congratulations to Chad for being not only smart but lucky too!! That check will be a big help with college. Sounds like he got lucky with his roommates too.

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    I am so proud of Chad! He is tenacious, that is what it takes to get that dorm room, hmmm, you mean he didn’t just hope he would get it but actually worked to get it. Wow, what a great yound adult. I see great success for him in the future. Congratulations–Enjoy.