Spring is Coming!

Yesterday I turned on the air conditioner!  Hard to believe after all that snow we had just 6 days before.  I went outside to check on some of my plants and the asparagus is shooting up.

And look what popped up in one abandoned bed.

There’s a bed that runs halfway across the back of my house and it has pampas grass in it.  I don’t like pampas grass!  I can tolerate it for a hedge type plant but certainly not in the flower bed next to my house.  It’s toast!  I suppose the previous owner planted anything that deer wouldn’t eat and I may be re-planting pampas grass this time next year.

Vince is going to dig it up for me and I’m going to extend that bed to the sidewalk.  I should’ve taken pictures to better explain what I’m going to do but how about I just show you once it’s done.  Don’t hold your breath!  Vince has to dig up the pampas grass  . . I tried yesterday and couldn’t do it.  Anyway, I’m going to plant herbs there and let Vince figure out how to keep the deer out.  Oh  . . I forgot . . I’ll just grab my sign! 🙂


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    I need one of those signs, too! Liquid Fence is a superb product, beware though… it smells awful and the dog loves to roll in it! Yep, Spring is on the way…

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    I bought some organic spray thats “supposed” to keep deer away, for our fruit trees. It just needs to not rain for a while so I can apply it!

    I love pampas grass, if I were closer I’d come dig yours up and replant it!

    I reveled in having all my windows open yesterday (and today!) it felt great! I think it got a little hotter up by you though, I know my folks said it was 89 degrees (they’re just outside of Branson) and it was about 82 or so here.

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    hmm glad there isn’t any deer here I just have to contend with the wallabies that keep drinking the water out of the fishpond..oh and they do attack hubby’s vegie patch’s when he gets them going….otherwise they just stand or lay around and watch us it truly is quite relaxing to watch…..deer on the other hand are just a tad too big looking for me,hope your plan works
    cheers Vickie

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    Gee…soon you may need another sign that says “Chicken Crossing”…….LOL Good luck keeping the deer away….maybe they don’t like herbs???

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    Joan was telling us yesterday at breakfast that her daughter used long stakes with fishing line strung knee high and chest high. The deer could not see the fishing line but the would brush against it. Not being sure exactly what was there the only ate her sunflowers as far in as they could stick their head.

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    Judy, My MIL gave me a “recipe” for a deer solution that she uses and it works like a charm. She used to live in southern CT and they had so many deer that the deer weren’t even afraid of humans anymore. The solution can be made from just household items and you just need to use one of those sprayers to spray it around. You usually don’t have to spray every plant you have, you just need to create a perimeter around your yard. If there are certain plants that the deer have been known to eat, definitely spray those to make sure. We’ve found that if you have wood chips or something like that, spray the wood chips because it holds the smell longer.

    I posted about the recipe a while ago on my recipe and I give some tips on how to use it. Since we started using it, we haven’t had a problem with deer and my MIL no longer has deer problems either.

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    Well, that works for the adult deer, but what about the kids who can’t read? Or the illiterates? I think you need a sign with pictures, just to cover all your bases. Maybe one with the deer silhouetted in a circle with the big slash mark across it?

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    I don’t know how large your pampas grass is but we had two several years old clumps removed and it took a pickup and chain to pull them out of the ground. Pampas grass roots go clear to China, I think!

    Good luck!

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    Brenda B. says

    Do you know what type of flowers the yellow ones are? We have them, but they quit flowering a couple of years ago. Not sure why, thought if I could figure out what they are called, I could research it. Thanks, Brenda