Stash Project Success

When I first came up with the idea for the stash project, it was because Vicky was struggling with pulling fabrics from her stash for the Quilt-Along.  I remembered when I had that same feeling.  As hard as it is to believe, like I mentioned the other day, I was the same way.  I would pull fabrics for an hour (or more), stare at them for days; then go to the quilt shop and buy fabrics for the project.  I just couldn’t put my own stash to work for me.

I received this email from Vickie:

Yeah I’ve completed my top..ohh how I love it Judy you have woken something in me that I never knew was there, I can make something that doesn’t have to go with this and that.

I am still scratching my head as too how this lady (you) got me to step outside my nicely shaped square…. I have enjoyed this soo much

That’s exactly what I was hoping some would realize.  You can use your stash!  It doesn’t have to be terribly planned; it doesn’t have to be totally scrappy.  Whatever works for you is fine!  No quilt police . . I heard that due to this economic mess, the quilt police have all lost their jobs!  Too bad for them but good for us! 🙂

Why did you buy the fabric in the stash?  To use?  To save for what?  To leave behind when you’re gone so your family can deal with it and sell it for nothing at an estate sale?  To have it donated to your guild’s sale table when you’re gone?  Hey . . sounds cruel but that’s what happens!

Make the stash work for you!  You own it . . whip it into shape!  There’s nothing at all wrong with buying new fabrics, to use or to add to the stash but quilters . . don’t let that stash sit idle.

Vickie did it and I’m hoping there will be many more stash quilts coming from her, now that she knows she can do it.  Here’s the direct link to the top she made for our first stash quilt project.


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    oh wow I’m almost speechless–hehehe I said almost,
    but every word is true and hey if you go thru past posts on my blog you will see it’s all “this goes with that” and yep guilty of hoarding that lovely I don’t wanna cut fabric in my cupboard-well dang why did I buy it then, I could of left it at the store to admire-turning a new page use all the too nice to cut fabric (all be it ain’t much).And I will have lovely items made of that all to nice fabric too admire instead of fabric sitting on a shelf, cheers Vickie

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    Vickie’s quilt is fabulous! Judy, you little devil! You’re quite the stash buster leader! Use that stash ….

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    Yes, I agree, Judy is a great stash buster leader. When things settle down for me, I’d love to do that one myself. Though I was very much afraid of the setting triangles, the instructions actually made sense, so I think I could manage it.

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    I was busy all day today and don’t sew on the Sabbath so I’ll have to wait until next Wednesday before I get another chance to finish my last 2 borders. I was stuck in the “no cutting of my favorite fabric” ruts too. I still am hoarding way more than what it took to make this quilt. I’ll be making another one sooner than later.

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    Lately, I have worked about 95% from stash…and it feels good. I am at the stage in life where (don’t like to sound morbid) but I have to accept that I have more stuff than I can ever use AND it will all go to someone else after I am gone….so I better try to use as much as possible now. Also…I am going to cut back on buying books and patterns for the same reasons…as I have way more than I can possibly use now. I guess I have had a good dose of reality set in, huh? LOL

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    Christina Drury says

    Vickie’s quilt is beautiful. My main blocks are done and I am happy with them! Thank you Judy, I would not have done this on my own. Working from the stash has
    been an encouragement for many of us. You’re the Best!

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    I love working from my stash and don’t feel bad about adding to it occasionally as long as I’m using more than’s coming in. I bought some yardage online before my trip and a bunch of fat quarters at the quilt show in VA so now I have to get back to work using some of it up.