Yardage for Recent Quilts

For those doing the Bears in the Farmhouse and stash project quilts, Vicky had asked about the yardage so it could be added to stash reports.  Here is how I calculated it.  Bears in the Farmhouse is probably more correct than is the stash project.

Bears in the Farmhouse:
Top – 7-7/8 yards
Binding – 5/8 yard

Stash Project:
Top – 6-1/2 yards
Binding – 5/8 yard

The pattern for Bears in the Farmhouse is completely written with yardage requirements but for the Stash Project, I re-colored the drawing in EQ like this:

I then let EQ calculate the yardage:

Otherwise, I could have used the quilt as drawn for calculating yardage:

And I would have had these numbers to add up:

They may or may not add up to exactly the same amounts . . doesn’t matter because this is a pattern for using the stash.  I hope this gives you another indication of how useful EQ truly is and can be for you too!  I find that EQ6 is pretty accurate for calculating yardage.  If you don’t have it, please check here!


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    Thank you for posting the figures. I honestly don’t keep track, I feel pressured if I do. Sounds weird I know LOL



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    That new coloration sceams mardi gras to me… Then again, the purple/green/gold combination always does…

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    I always recolor my EQ drawings to calculate yardage too — I think with scrap quilts it can overestimate the yardage if you’re only using just a small piece of a bunch of different fabrics plus as you said — it’s easier to let the program calculate than doing it all manually.