Week 10 Stash Report

For real . . this is Week 10.  Still no purchases.

Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 0 yards

Fabric Used this Week: 6.50 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date: 117.50 yards

Share your stash reports if you dare! 🙂


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    Hi Judy:

    I haven’t done as well as you. . .but I can honestly say that my fabric purchases have defintely gone down.

    I have found that as I have been going through my fabric stash for the re-do of my basement that I really love my stash. . . and can’t wait until the basement is completed so that I can really start working my stash & getting things finished.

    Thank you for the inspiration!

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    Once again I am very grateful to you, Judy, for inspiring me to use up my stash. Even though it was a very busy week for me, I still managed to find time here and there to work on the two projects you are leading. It is fun to know that others are working on the same projects and watch their progress pictures.

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    Next week I should have a BIG report but this week it’s just a purchase of bits for a border. 🙂 You’re doing good!.

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    Here’s my stash report! The sun is just coming up. I hate daylight savings time change. We were up in the dark for my hubby to go to work… ugh!

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    I am almost thinking I should go buy something so my numbers can change!!! But I won’t, even thought it’s this week that I go and get my BOM and get to see “what’s new” out there!! You are doing great Judy with not buying anything this year, considering how much sewing you have been doing. Great job busting up your stash!!! I love coming here on Sundays, even when I don’t have any changes to report – I get to see what everyone else has been doing. Thanks Judy!!

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    report for week 10 is now posted. some progress but not much … at least I have not added fabric yet. Can’t tell in my stash I used 27 yds either. Now that is kinda sad.

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    I thought I had already posted guess it got lost in the shuffle. I made a bit of progress this week – posted my report. So far year to date it’s 27 yds and I can’t tell it’s gone from my stash – isn’t that bad? Now to go gander at the other’s progress.

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    lori says

    I see your “chicken” in the hail, it probably had little eggs sitting around it too, before melting away. LOL
    I’m glad we don’t get tornados, we don’t have any alarms to go off. Oregon had 1 tornado about 3 years ago. I do have a picture of funnel at our local airshow 19 years ago. I think people with tornados would call it a wind spout, like people with earthquakes, we get one(3.0), it’s the talk for months.
    Stay safe

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    Don’t have a blog that I can report in but I do keep a spreadsheet.

    Week 10- Stash used: 4 yards
    Fabric purchased: 0 for 2009

    Total year to date stash used: 82.75 yards

  10. 15

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Since I don’t remember when I last reported here, this is my week: 0 IN and
    2 3/4 yards OUT. YTD in: 19 1/2 yds. YTD OUT: 25 7/8 yrds. I am in the black. Thanks for incentive to keep track and use some stash!

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    Judy, you are doing great in your busting! My report next week has a very real possibility of being in the single digit for yards busted. And it’s barely a positive number. I was bad!

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    I was in such a rush to get this posted before we headed out for the day… I posted in my blog but forgot to come in here and post… LOL

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    I got the stitch-regulator on my Weekender up and running this weekend – hope to make a dent in my stash by doing practice quilt sandwiches this week! They will make good dog beds!!

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    If you have fabric bought for a project, not started but sitting in a bag does that count as stash ? I have too many projects which now I either don’t like or would like to use the fabric for something else. Any suggestions ?