Off with the Facial Hair

Chad is shaving his beard . . portions at a time.  Saturday night he shaved the middle and wanted to know if I thought he looked like someone from the Civil War Era.   Maybe but not so sure the quilters back then had a lime green quilt on the design wall.

If you look at his arm down near his watch, you can see part of the scar from the arrow incident.   Considering how it looked for a week or so after the incident, I’m really pleased with how the scar looks now.  There’s still a piece of the arrow in his arm that’s going to have to be removed . . later . . maybe when he’s paying his own medical bills! 🙂



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    Whoa! You scared me there for a second Judy, your RSS feed simply showed up in my reader saying, “Off with the facial hair”… and well… LOL my imagination went a bit nuts! Hehehe

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    Oh, my…….I think you can imagine what went through my head when I saw the title of this post!!! LOL Chad looks cute with or without the beard! AND…you are right about how nicely that scar has healed.

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    pdudgeon says

    umm, yea, in about another month or two when the beard and mutton chops get a few inches longer….

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    Is he going to do a Civil War thing? Is that why he wants his beard to look like that? As for the arrow, why in the world was it left in there? Too close to something? Or was he in too big a hurry, lol…being a young man that is probably the answer.

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    Judy, have you ever read the ads at the time of some of your posts? They have given me a lot of laughs. For instance, the one at the top of this post says, Tired of a Crooked Goatee, lol.