Done!  Quilted.  Binding on but hand stitching not done.   I was going to go up and sew with the Lee’s Summit Guild today and this quilt is being donated through them but we have a good chance of severe storms this afternoon so I decided to stay home . . near my basement.  It will take a while before I forget that storm that went through here Saturday morning.  When they come up that quickly and that severe . . all the weatherman has to say is “chance of severe weather” and you’ll find me in the basement!

I did use variegated green thread for the feathers.  Not something I would do on a quilt for entering in shows but I think it’s nice and happy for a donation quilt.


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    Someone is going to be so very, very happy with this quilt. And look at you, you did the snowballs and used veriegated green thread. Isn’t that what “they” call stepping out of your box?
    Stay safe from the storm. We are having some snow this morning but not severe. They are promising sunshine for the rest of the week.

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    Love that snowball quilt as I have a thing for green fabrics. Actually, sewing down the binding by hand is my favorite part of making a quilt (and choosing the fabrics). Isn’t that weird? It’s the in-between stuff that bogs me down!!! LOL

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    pdudgeon says

    that’s a great quilt Judy!!!
    looks like that would be a great stash buster for a bunch of fat quarters!