In a Bind

I should say . . I am not in a binding mood.  I let the quilts needing the handwork stack up, always thinking I’ll do them when I have nothing else to do.  That day may never come . . there’s always something I want to do besides binding.  It isn’t that I don’t like binding; I just like other things more . . if I’m sitting, I’m either playing on EQ or knitting.  And, if I’m sitting, Speck is on my lap so I have to cover him with a sheet and then work on the quilt so I don’t get Speck hair on the quilt so binding isn’t a job for the summer.  So, why didn’t I do the handwork during the winter?  Don’t have a clue about that!

I think that’s 13 quilts in the stack waiting to have the handwork done and there are at least 5 more in a pile upstairs.  It’s time I did some binding . . winter, summer, whatever . . these have to be finished.  Many of them need hanging sleeves and that’s almost as bad as doing an extra two sides of binding.

Maybe I should have a binding party and invite all my friends over to help me bind quilts.  Any takers?


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    Beverly says

    I’d love to come just to see your work up close. It looks so luxurious having all those quilts there!

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    Deb says

    I could use a WARM vacation, and I LOVE binding and doing hand work! We (Northern, MN) are expecting winter storms, maybe up to 12″ of snow! Well, if we cant be warm, bring on the snow! Snow days make you feel like sewing!

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    Send them on up here and I’ll bind them for ya! Don’t count how many you send, they may not all come back to you. They are all so beautiful! Giggle! Actually, I have a stack of four that need binding too, but I’m enjoying hand quilting one so much that I haven’t done the bindings. Oops!

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    What is it about binding? I have friends that love the binding at the end of a project and won’t start anything else until it is done. I always tend to put off the binding as well. I think it’s because I have a hard time sitting still to do it. It seems as if there is always something else to do. For me, getting together with a friend is a great time to do a binding. You sew while you chat and before I know it I’m done. I also don’t add a sleeve unless I absolutely know the quilt will be hung. I know it’s easier to add it when I’m adding the binding but then I’m forced to sew down that extra side. The bread looks delicious. I shall mix up s batch right now.

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    I actually have some friends and family who will bind for me. I trade some quilting time for them to bind for me. Usually they bring me smaller and more simple quilting projects and I quilt them up, they take a quilt of mine and bind. Its a nice solution for both of us.

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    Susan ~ Patchkat says

    Binding is one of my favorite parts of quilting. That’s when I’ve gotten to the totally “no brainer” part of the quilt. Hanging sleeves? Not unless the quilt is heading for a show. I would love to help, but it’s a far drive to come spend a day 🙂

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    I’m with you, I hate doing the binding. But if I must, I bring it with me to my Tuesday sewing group or to guild. Everyone brings hand work to do. Plus it is my show and tell for the day. The last two I’ve had, my good friend did for me. She loves to bind at night while she is watching TV. She offered and I didn’t say no. hehe

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    I love binding – I’ll trade you some binding time for some quilting sleeves – hate doing those! Wish I lived closer to help.

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    I love the hand stitching part of the bindings. I don’t like the machine part of it. Wish I could come and help you!

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    Darlene B says

    I love binding quilts – it’s the final step to a feeling of great satisfaction of a having another quilt finished. Give me a heads up when you want me, and I’ll start the trip down from Chicago!

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    If I lived closer, I’d do them in a flash for you. As I told you, I love to do that part of the quilt. I’d work out a barter system with you…..I’d have you do the QUILTING on some of my things…and I’d finish the binding on yours. Now…as for sleeves, I’m not too keen on them. Lately, I’ve gone the route of using a nice drapery rod and using clip hooks and hanging my wall quilts that way…..VOILA…no sleeve needed!!!

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    Toni says

    Love the binding step, it means I’m almost done. We hope to be the the Holden area before much longer for a visit with friends. We could meet!!

  13. 19


    I’ll be over in a minute! I’ll hold Speck, you gals stitch. Heck, I’ll even fetch refreshments. 😉
    I love the look of a stack of quilts-binding finished or not.

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    Beryl says

    I always do mine on the machine since hand work makes my fingers hurt and I just don’t do a good job. I use invisible thread in the bobbin and matching thread on the top, and I think it does a good job. I am in favor of doing what is easiest for me!

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    Lay Ngoh says

    I love to sew the binding – it’s putting the finishing touches, and when it is done, the quilt is completed. I’d love to do the binding for you if I am living closer !

    Love your blog, and your quilts, of course.


  16. 22


    Oh, wouldn’t that be fun! It would almost be worth the trip to get together with other quilters, sit and do handwork — wait a minute, that’s what I do every Wednesday afternoon! We have a lovely group of 10-20 quilters who meet at the local library (reserved conference room) from 1-5 and bring handwork. I either do bindings or knit.

  17. 23


    ha ha ! i just got my binding done! i guess i’m just a fair weather bloggy friend. you’re on your own here. i’ll be happy to oooh! and ahhh! at the quilts when you’re finished with them though. now if you want to trade some binding for some frog stitch, maybe i’d consider that… 🙂

    that’ll be a very nice stack of completely finished quilts when you get them bound. good luck!

  18. 24


    First response – you do mine & I’ll do yours…
    Second response – I dislike binding so much, I “Ahem” pay someone to attach them & still don’t quite get around to the hand finishing part…
    Third response – to day is day 3 that I have been toting a small quilt around so that I could finish the binding…

    Maybe I should just hold Speck for ya?

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    It would be a long way to me to come and help you from the UK but I would, i think a binding party is an excellent idea, and if you serve up some of your delicious looking bread everybody is sure to be happy.

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    Bobbie says

    Send me a couple and I’ll do it for you–only a couple-I don’t like to do binding either, but am glad to help a friend out. Actually, I pretty much get the binding done soon after the quilt because most of mine always have someplace to go as a gift or a “remember me–I love you.” Hugs, Bobbie

  21. 29


    Me, bind a quilt? No way. I send all my binding out to a lady here in town who does a great job. I’ seen one of special attachments for an industrial machine that does the binding. Linda Lang on longarmchat makes it look easy. I would still botch it up. The binding party does sound like fun, though. I’ll bring the chips and salsa.

  22. 30

    Sandy says

    I love to do binding! I especially like to do the hand sewing while watching television. Judy, you need to start watching TV. *smile*

    The part I dislike the most is the borders. Wanna trade?


  23. 31

    Diane H says

    I also love to bind. It’s just relaxing for me after the quilt is all done except the binding. Wish I lived closer.
    Diane in Alaska

  24. 32


    I’ll happily do your binding if you’ll do my quilting! ;0) I’m not so keen on hanging sleeves either though. That’s probably why most of my quilts are crib/lap size or larger.

  25. 35

    pdudgeon says

    have you ever thought of using your long arm to support the weight of the quilt while sewing on the binding?
    that way if you sit in an office chair you can scoot right along the quilt as you sew, your lap is free and cool, and speck can curl up beside you on his pillow.

    just an idea.

  26. 36

    Keryn says

    Put the coffee on Judy, I’m on my way! ‘Course it might take me a while to get over there……

    I did that whole binding mountain thing last year, and I’ve never let it stack up like that again. If the handwork doesn’t kill you the guilt might…..

  27. 37

    Kathy Rockey says

    I’ll help bind, too. I think it might be time to do some of those by machine. Will anybody know but you? My hint is this. Sew the binding on the front, turn it around to the back. Put the quilt edge on your ironing board. Get a bottle of plain old white glue. Run a “bead” of glue just inside the stitching line on the back side. Fold the binding over the glue and stitching line with your left hand (it will get “glu-ey”) and iron down with your right hand. The iron dries out the glue, the binding stays put past the stitching line. No pins. NO PINS. You can even glue down the miter on the corner. Take the quilt back to the machine, stitch the binding on in the ditch from the front. Walahh. Run the quilt through a soak and spin and dry it, glue is gone, binding on.

  28. 38

    Dawn L says

    I love to do binding but I live too far to come down for a binding party. I bet it would be a grand time, all of us binding quilts and looking out over the warm weather and the chickens in the yard. LOL Ok no chickens yet but we would give Speck some attention and just enjoy the commaderie.
    Oh, yeah Dawn, wake up. You’re not in Kansas anymore! LOL You are in cold Massachusetts.
    A gal can dream cant she? If only I lived closer………

  29. 39

    Mary Carole says

    I like binding. I’ll help!! I have 2 friends that I trade binding for them picking me up to go to guild meetings or the quilt show. I think I get the better end of the bargain and they think they do!! Winners all round.

  30. 40


    I love the whole process of quilting except the quilting part. Why, I don’t know. I have trouble envisioning the quilting on the pieced quilt. I wish I could overcome this phobia. Binding===I love it!

  31. 41


    There are so many steps along the way where I get bogged down, backing, borders, basting. But binding — by the time I get that close to being done I can’t the quilt down until I know it’s done done done! Best of all, it’s a good excuse to sit and watch a mindless movie or rerun on TV.

  32. 42


    ok, while searching for your post about becoming a dealer and your machine for sale – I found this blog post about you having so many quilts to bind… and OHMYGOODNESS JUDY you are the 1st person I thought of tonight when I read this funny tutorial on binding on a blog – it’s currently my facebook status… here take a read 😉 and she may get selected to have it published in Quilter’s Home Magazine! 😉

    anyway – back to searching for that info on your mahcine for sale… so I can forward along to the facebooker I saw that is lookin to buy…

    hope I don’t gain 10 pounds scrolling thru your blog, the photos are as good as leftovers LOL (better the 2nd time around!)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie